10 Crazy Cool RVs That Make Any Road Trip A Breeze

Road trips can be fun but it's tough to cram your whole family into a car. Instead, try these awesome RVs that will make the trip awesome.

Road trips can be stressful when the entire family and your dog tries to cram themselves into your small car. There's little room to move and it makes it virtually impossible for someone not to grow annoyed by the time you reach your destination, but an RV could change all of that. These large vehicles are big enough for everyone to have their own space and it minimizes the stress of your journey.

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There are so many RVs on the market that will make your life easier, and give you a home away from home. You no longer have to worry about fighting or finding a place to sleep, because your new RV will solve all of your problems. Keep reading to learn about 10 crazy cool RVs that make any road trip a breeze!

10 2020 Foretravel Realm FS6 Luxury Villa Spa

This RV features two bathrooms, a huge bedroom, and plenty of places for your family to lounge about while you travel down the roadway. It has every kitchen amenity you could think of, such as a full fridge and a pull-out countertop, and the bathroom is outfitted with a massaging tub for maximum relaxation.

It is as luxurious as an RV can be, but it will come at a price of about $1.2 million. It might set you back in your budgeting a little bit, but if you can afford it, then this is the RV you should choose.

9 2019 Coachmen Mirada 350S

This Class A motorhome comes with a king-sized bed which will wipe away all of your troubles and backaches. It has another drop-down overhead bunk, but the sofa also transforms into another sleeping area.

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It even comes with a washer and dryer hookup if you want to do some laundry on the road, and the coloring is beautiful. Your family won't utter a word for the entire trip as they escape to different corners of this haven and find something to do until you reach your destination.

8 2020 Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RW

This RV is a class C motorhome for people looking for something smaller to drive around town. You have the option of what decor you want to have in your RV and they have a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. There is still plenty of space to make traveling easy, and it comes with all of the amenities you could have ever wanted.

It comes with plenty of storage and modern appliances that will help you in every aspect of your travels. The hydraulic leveling system and slideout make it easy to set up shop quickly on the road, so you don't have to worry about hotel check-in or pitching your tent.

7 2020 Forest River Forester Classic

This amazing RV comes with a dinette and sofa that you can lounge on during your vacation. It has everything you need to stay happy and comfortable between the tub and shower, as well as the full-service kitchen.

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The interior is gorgeous with wood tones and state-of-the-art electronics. It is what people dream of when they think of owning an RV, and there's so much space you could even think about inviting a couple of your friends to make the journey with you.

6 2020 Winnebago Horizon 40A Diesel

This is a Class A diesel that starts at a price of $434,968 and just the exterior has us already drooling over it. The seating areas are covered in ultra leather and the floor is composed of a beautiful porcelain tile like nothing you have ever seen. It is 41 feet in length with numerous slideouts to maximize your living space.

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It will feel like an apartment and you might even forget that you are actually living on a bus for a short time. This RV is so epic that it even has a fake fireplace that will warm you up on chilly fall mornings or even in the dead of winter. This is one RV that will help you fly through a vacation with ease as all of your worries are whisked away by your mobile living space.

5 2019 Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45W

It's super interactive with wall tablets to help you control all the available features in one convenient place. One thing that makes this stand out from the rest is the dishwasher, so you never have to suffer through a soapy mess ever again.

4 2020 Newmar Bay Star Sport 3226

This beautiful beast starts at a price of $121,674 and this particular model is one of the best for those on a budget. It has a king-sized bed with ample room for clothing storage, as well as a decent-sized shower. This RV has the whole dining and living package with a sofa, dinette, and kitchen stocked with all of the cooking supplies you might need.

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It has three slideouts to maximize the amount of space you have and it was built on a Ford chassis. It is really customizable in terms of different features, so you can build something that fits exactly what you had created in your imagination.

3 2020 Thor Quantum KW29

This motorhome has a starting price of $133,425, and the feature that makes this RV really cool is the fact that it has a built-in skylight. It is on the smaller side, but it leaves plenty of room for you and your family to move around and not fear overcrowding.

They offer customers a platinum package which comes with added features like stainless steel wheel liners, a backup camera, and privacy shades. You will feel like a king in this amazing RV and you will never want to go back to hotel-hopping ever again.

2 2020 Jayco Precept 34G

This RV features an open layout plan that makes great use of its single slide to maximize space. The bed is a king and it even comes with a fairly large bathroom compared to other RVs in its class. There is extra sleeping space on the trifold couch, as well as another couch just for sitting.

You can watch cable, Netflix, or any football games on the road since it comes equipped with a large 50" TV. It won't even feel like traveling in this RV and your family will praise you for this amazing idea.

1 2019 American Coach American Eagle 45A

This is luxury at its finest and you can smell the dollars spent to create it the moment you step onto this RV. The starting price was $710,848, but not that we are in a new year many dealerships have them on sale for around $500,000.

It comes with its own master suite, as well as a super powerful 600 horsepower diesel engine. When you pull into a camping spot, it won't even feel like outdoor living because your motorhome will feel like a luxury small house, and you might actually enjoy driving by the end of the trip.

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