The 10 Coolest Cars From Monster Garage

There have been some pretty awesome cars on Monster Garage. Here are the best of them.

Who doesn’t appreciate a good modification? Everyone! It’s a fun way to make a car unique to its owners. That is what Monster Garage creators thought as they redesigned cars through the series. The series has come to an end now, but their creations are still out there for the whole world to enjoy. Some are even out there for sale, fans can still try to buy some of the best creations from the show. Although not all were the best, here are ten of their creations that went above and beyond, in creativity, design, and overall purpose. Get ready because some of these are extreme.

10 1963 International Fire Truck Brewery

Children always dream of going on fire truck rides. They are fun and exciting for all, but this fire truck is only for those 21+. The Firetruck Brewery is a one of a kind fire truck that instead of pumping out water, pumps out beer. Teaming up with head brewers from Coors and Stone Brewing Co., builder Jesse converted the truck to pump out beer from within itself. The truck no longer has any hoses or fire fighting equipment. Instead, it has a metal tank that holds as much beer as possible. The truck is fully operational and can be used as an everyday car if beer is involved. This is best for social events where there are a lot of people.

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9 1970 Ford Ranchero Low Bull Rider

If there was a derby nearby, this car would be thrown in. The monster car was designed to be as wild and strong as a bull. The car has an outrageous amount of everything, no car needs six horns. Except for this one. The Bull has twelve batteries, eight solenoids, along with four hydraulic pumps. That alone is enough to send a rider flying. The reason why everyone is too scared to drive it. This car still has no driver, and never will. The machine is extremely dangerous, it’s obvious by the additions made to it. The bull won’t be conquered anytime soon.

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8 2005 MX2 Georgia HS Junior Dragster

Back in the day, drag races were all the rage, with competitive drag racing becoming a popular thing. This car embodies all the aspects of a modern car for the drag race world. The car has no special aspect to it, well apart from its decked out look. The drag car was made to look sleek and polished with their twist to it. The modifications made to it were simple, and thought up by high school students. Who would have thought this creation possible? Apart from its designs, it is a perfectly safe vehicle that can be used by any drag racer.

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7 Custom Baja 1000 Trophy Truck

The Baja 100 is a legendary racing course. The 1,000-mile trip features terrains that no normal car or truck would ever be able to handle. That’s why their monster was created. The truck is fully customized to handle even the roughest terrain, with no delay. Having been a 5-day project it came as a surprise how quickly Jesse was able to have it assembled. The truck not only runs the terrain with ease, but it's also one of the few that could handle it. Many contenders in the race were unable to complete it due to the sheer extremes they must endure.

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6 1984 Porsche Golf Ball Collector

Golfing is a calming past time. Where people of all ages can spend time, hitting a few holes and going for a drink after. Although, collecting the balls is where the challenge lies. But that challenge has just been made easy. This golf ball collector of a monster car is perfect, collecting the balls through a mechanism on the side of the driver’s door. It might not be legal on the course, but it gets the job done. With an added cannon, its launches as many balls as it collects, changing the way people golf forever. This contraption is the golf cart everyone wants but can’t have.

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5 1990 Ford Mustang "Switchblade" Lawnmower

Apart from daily chores, one of the most tedious activities many people must perform is mowing the lawn. It takes time and effort that many are not willing to put in just for the grass to grow back in a month. But, like many problems, there is a solution to it. This one is a bit of an extreme but never one to mince words, the Mustang “Switchblade” is this solution. The car has three lawnmowers attached to it. One behind the rear wheels and two on the sides, these are controlled by levers inside the cockpit of the car. A revolutionary way to get the job done.

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4 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser Wood Chipper

If mowing the lawn is a challenge, chopping wood is an even tougher situation. It seems unimaginable that a car would be able to process an entire tree. But it is possible, at least Monster Garage made it possible. It proved to be one of the most challenging cars. The PT Cruiser didn’t offer much space to work with, so they had to work with that they had. The wood chipper is attached to the back half of the car and the motor is the engine, both connected to synch up when the wood is chipping. Not really the most practical method, but decently a creative one.

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3 1975 Chevy Dirt Track Camaro

To have taken three attempts to make a Camaro a dirt track car is impressive. But not as much as redesigning the whole vehicle. The old car came in shambles, it had to be gutted and they remade into what it is, a monster. The car was reconfigured with all new parts, fuel lines, and even transmission. While the car is not the most impressive one, they had to create it. It does hold its own against all other cars, making it one of the more impressive cars of the lineup.

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2 1994 Chevy Suburban Wedding Chapel

A wedding on wheels is not an unexplored concept. Although most brides don’t want their big day to be in a Suburban. The one who does can have it. The tricked-out car is a fully functioning chapel, complete with a bench piano and an arch. All the items are necessary for a wholesome wedding. The team created this by gutting out a Suburban and removing any vehicular aspect; except for the driver’s area, cause it’s kind of necessary. The passenger seat was replaced with two bottles of compressed nitrogen for the extending platform, and that was the completed scene.

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1 1959 Chevy Dairy Truck "Milk Bomb"

Old milk is a thing of the past, now fresh milk is just a car drive away. All that’s necessary to get fresh, pasteurized or chocolate milk is a cow. This car is the epitome of creativity, who could have thought It possible to get fresh milk in a car. This car comes with a milking station, a pasteurizer, and a chocolate milk feature. The cow can be milked, and after the process is done, milk can be dispensed from areas outside the truck. It is unimaginable that a car could produce such results. Results which everyone wishes they could have.

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