10 Coolest Cars That Netflix Stars Own

If you like watching these 10 stars on Netflix, wait until you see what they're driving off the screen.

Ever since Netflix first burst onto the scene, the streaming device has gone from strength to strength to the point where it now creates its own hit shows and movies that have become some of the most popular series in television history.

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The popular streaming service has totally changed the way people consume television, allowing people to binge watch shows at their own leisure, without having to wait a whole week for the latest episodes.

This has allowed certain shows such as House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black to take off, creating megastars without actors ever having to actually appear on the silver screen or the traditional form of television.

Whilst the actors in everyone's favorite Netflix shows might seem like totally different people that nobody can relate to, much like most, the majority of them are major car fans, with some owning some incredibly cool cars in their collections.

10 Keanu Reeves (Porsche 911)

Keanu Reeves is one of the most talked about celebrities in the world right now, and whilst his career is taking a major spike, his love of cars and motorcycles is something that has never changed.

Reeves proudly owns a Porsche 911 But, as you can see, a motorcycle is never far away with Reeves being a major bike enthusiast with an incredibly large collection of them, as well as cars too.

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Reeves joined the world of Netflix by starring in the comedic movie, Always Be My Maybe, which is certainly one worth checking out.

9 Danny Koker (1969 Cadillac)

Obviously, being the main star of a popular car show, it is pretty much expected that Danny Koker would have some great cars in his personal collection, and thankfully he does not disappoint.

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Koker, who is on Netflix's Counting Cars owns tons of brilliant cars, all of which have some fantastic creative flairs added to them and one of the coolest is his 1969 Cadillac which looks absolutely stunning.

The four-wheeled vehicle is visually impressive and has received Koker's fine detailing, which is clear from the bodywork with the color of the car being a combination of white and blue, with tribal artwork on the hood really helping it stand out and feel unique.

8 Miley Cyrus (Porsche Cayenne GTS)

After cutting her teeth on the Disney Channel, Miley Cyrus went on to become one of the most popular singers in the world with hit songs such as "Wrecking Ball," "Malibu," and "Party in the USA."

However, Cyrus never forgot where she started and recently made the leap back into acting, and she quickly decided to become the latest blockbuster name to star in the hit Netflix series, Black Mirror.

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Cyrus has an incredibly entertaining episode on Black Mirror, titled, "Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too.” Which is certainly worth checking out. When she isn't acting and singing, Cyrus can be seen cruising around in a brilliant Porsche Cayenne GTS.

7 Richard Madden (Jaguar F-Type)

Richard Madden made his name through his role as Rob Stark on the hit show, Game Of Thrones, but he has also made a splash on Netflix as well in the popular series, Bodyguard.

The popular British actor has become a household name in recent years and is being strongly rumored to be the next James Bond, which is only going to continue as he drives a very Bond-like car.

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Madden was recently spotted getting out of a Jaguar F-Type, which has a very sleek James Bond feel about it. The impressive £120,000 car is one that wouldn't feel out of place in the popular spy movies, and Madden might be making the leap from Netflix to Bond in the near future.

6 Adam Sandler (Cadillac DTS)

Adam Sandler is well known for his large library of classic comedy movies, from Big Daddy to Happy Gilmore and more, but when his career started going south with some questionable films, he quickly made the jump to making exclusive Netflix movies.

His latest movie, Murder Mystery was watched by 30 million accounts within just three days, showing that he hasn't lost his touch or fan appeal, and that certainly won't be the last film he makes for the company.

As well as acting, Sandler is known for being a big car enthusiast, even going as far as to buy Maseratis for the main co-stars of Grown Ups. He can often be seen driving in a Cadillac DTS in his day-to-day life.

5 Kristen Bell (1994 Buick Roadmaster)

Kristen Bell is a beloved actress that is well known for various roles, including being the voice of Princess Anna in the hit Disney movie Frozen, but like many top actors and actresses, Bell has ensured she has appeared on Netflix.

Bell has had a few episodes in different Netflix shows, but her biggest success on Netflix has certainly come through the incredibly popular show, The Good Place. 

Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard use the 1994 Buick Roadmaster as their family car, often going on road trips in the vehicle. Though, with Shepard being a big car enthusiast, this is just one of many cars in their garage.

4 Will Smith (1965 Ford Mustang)

Will Smith became one of the latest A-List names to become a Netflix star when he signed on for the Netflix original movie, Bright, which instantly became one of the most popular original movies in the history of the platform.

Will has a great collection of cars in his personal garage, but the pick of the bunch is certainly this classic 1965 beauty, which has a brilliant blend of nostalgia and power and speed.

Smith actually drove a Ford in I Am Legend, but the popular actor opted to get an older, more classic version of the car for his personal use, which is something that most petrol heads will appreciate.

3 Ron Perlman (Mercedes E 350)

Even though Ron Perlman spent his time on Netflix on a motorcycle in the incredibly popular, Sons Of Anarchy, that doesn't mean he isn't a fan of cars as well, with Perlman often being seen driving a Mercedes E 350.

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Whilst his Sons co-star, Charlie Hunnam became a major motorcycle enthusiast, choosing to ride around on a Harley Davidson in his own spare time, clearly, Perlman has thought better of it, sticking with what he knows best.

Perlman can often be spotted driving his classy Mercedes E350, which is the main car he uses for day-to-day travel, but with a top speed of 141 mph, Perlman can certainly get around in a hurry if he needs to.

2 Jerry Seinfeld (Porsche 959)

Out of everyone on Netflix, Jerry Seinfeld certainly boasts the biggest and best car collection, with over 100 different cars to his name, with driving and collecting vehicles being a clear passion of his.

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His love of cars is the premise of his Netflix show, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, where he, and a guest, literally do as the show title suggests. They drive in fantastic cars, telling stories and anecdotes whilst getting coffee.

Seinfeld has tons of amazing cars but as a well-known Porsche enthusiast, his Porsche 959 is likely one of the highlights for him personally.

1 Aaron Paul (Shelby Cobra AC)

Aaron Paul is best known for portraying the beloved Jesse Pinkman character in one of the most popular TV shows in history, Breaking Bad. Paul portrayed one of the shows main characters and became a household name in the process, thanks to Netflix.

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Whilst Breaking Bad did start out on normal television, it wasn't until the show was moved to Netflix that it really began to catch on, gaining an incredible audience that saw the show skyrocket in popularity.

Aaron is a big car fan in real life, with one of his vehicles having the license plate of "COOK" as a nod to his time on the show. But the coolest car in his collection is easily the visually stunning Shelby Cobra AC.

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