18 Coolest Custom Bikes Not Made By Orange County Choppers

Orange County Choppers makes incredible custom bikes, but these customs give them a run for their money.

There are many amazing companies in the world who make a name for themselves due to their ability to customize vehicles. Orange County Customs is one of the most popular, due largely in part to their involvement on the television show American Chopper. But the talented folks at OCC are not the only people in the game who know a thing or two about modifying motorcycles.

Something that will be proven time and time again as you take a look at the 20 coolest custom bikes NOT made by Orange County Customs. While some of the motorcycles on our list are the "chopper style" that OCC has made their name for, any awesome customized motorcycle had the shot to land a list on our list. The result is a list jampacked of motorcycles that is sure to make any motorcyclist jealous of the people who get to ride them. But when you see that one of them took the owner upwards of 5 years to create, perhaps you'll agree that he's the only one who deserves to get to ride around on his awesome bike.

Among our 20 are some of the motorcycles that were considered by others to be some of the best of the past few years. Which means that they are sure to leave a positive impression on you and anyone else that you choose to share this list with. But even if you had no interest of ever stepping foot on a motorcycle, you may quickly find that opinion getting changed as you get deeper into our list. And if that interest doesn't change on a personal level, I'm sure you'll still love checking these motorcycles out from a distance!

18 The Boba Fett Bike

via behance.net

There are surely many characters from the Star Wars franchise that the fanbase loves. But if you had to ask this particular motorcycle rider which character they loved getting to see on the screen, it seems like they may give you the answer Boba Fett. Who, to be fair has been known to do some pretty awesome things.

Boba Fett is set to get his own film.

But that's what you should expect when you love watching a character who works as a bounty hunter! I'm sure this rider is also very excited for the upcoming Star Wars film that will be based around the character.

17 Even Cooler Than Iron Man's Suit

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If Tony Stark had to get around, I'm sure he would agree that the most convenient way for him to do that is by flying. After all, you don't build yourself an amazing suit like that and then never take advantage of it. Even if it may not exactly be the most subtle way to get around. But if Tony Stark did need to pick a motorcycle to ride around on, he'd be hard-pressed to find one that he enjoys more than this fantastic motorcycle that I've tracked down for you. The company who you can thank for bringing this amazing bike into the world is none other than Harley-Davidson.

16 Don't Worry, It's Not Real Rust

via wrapstyle.com

It would truly be a tragic situation if a Ducati motorcycle was owned by someone who did not know how to properly take care of it. Which means it would only be inevitable that it would eventually be left out to rust. But thankfully, this is not the fate that this motorcycle had to endure. Instead, the people over at WrapStyle.

When talking about the bike on the website, the company talked about how the customer wanted something that was truly unusual.

Which, to their credit, they also definitely succeeded in getting. (Source: WrapStyleSydney).

15 The Best Custom Motorcycle Of 2016

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There are a lot of gorgeous motorcycles on our list that I am sure if you had your way, you would be able to take around town for a spin yourself. And when the online website, BikeExif, was putting together their list on what they thought were the most amazing custom motorcycles that were created in 2016, they knew they had many amazing candidates. But you cannot be shocked when you consider just how gorgeous this motorcycle is, that you are staring at the one that they thought was the best motorcycle of the year. It is a customization of a BMW R nineT and has so many stunning features I'm not even sure where your eye chooses to go first.

14 Perfect For Someone Who Made Bank With Bitcoin

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There are many different things that you can do in life to try and earn some money. And if you were smart enough, one of the best decisions you may have ever made was to invest in bitcoin at the right time. Which, if done correctly and sold at the right time, may have left you with a substantial amount of money and the ability to make some purchases that people think would be extravagant. And if that was the case, then maybe you would also want to ride around in an amazing looking motorcycle that also pays homage to your fortune?

13 Superman's Worst Fear In Bike Form

via adorningmetal.co

There are many people out there who think that Superman has far too many superpowers.

But if there is one thing that knocks Superman down more than anything, it is Kryptonite.

And while there are many different types of Kryptonite that exist in the DC Universe, you most often see Superman dueling off against some green Kryptonite. Which was definitely the inspiration for this bike by CovingtonsCustoms, that was aptly named, Kryptonite! Let's just hope the driver doesn't think that they're Superman or it may lead to some silly driving decisions. (Source: CovingtonsCustoms).

12 Pumped Up On This Red Bull Motorcycle

via autoevolution.com

I would not hold it against you if you told me that you would never want to drive around in a car (or motorcycle) that was promoting a brand, such as Red Bull. But what if I told you that you were driving around on a Kawasaki z900? Perhaps the idea is starting to take form a little more. Especially if it is the talented folks over at WrapStyle that were put in charge of turning that motorcycle into a reality. I'm not sure how much red bull the people who worked on this bike had, but their efforts were hopefully well rewarded.

11 Will Smith Would Love The Bike

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If you had to ask critics what their opinion on Suicide Squad was, you'd have to be prepared to hear a great deal of negativity. As the film was approved by only 93 critics out of the 337 who rated the film for Rotten Tomatoes, giving it the abysmal "approval" rating of 28%.

But that didn't stop the movie from making over $700 million, leading to many fans doing things to help pay homage to the movie.

Such as this motorcyclist who was apparently a huge fan of Will Smith's character, Deadshot. (Source: RottenTomatoes).

10 Shark Bike

via wrapstyle.com

There are many animals out there in the world that you definitely want to make sure you can avoid if you can help it. And if you grew up watching Jaws and it left you with a serious phobia of swimming in the water, then I don't think I have to be the one to tell you that sharks can be seriously dangerous. Though if I'm being upfront, not nearly as dangerous as driving around on this motorcycle that has an amazing graphic of a red shark on the side of it!

9 Indian Motorcycle Combined With Detlev Louis Motorrad

via thedrive.com

Detlev Louis Motorrad is one of the most renowned motorcycle clothing and accessory brand in Europe, and has been for 80 years. In order to celebrate, they helped build an Indian Chief Vintage cafe racer that they gave the name Enigma. When talking about the bike, a representative for Indian Motorcycle said "The café racer has been crushing the competition at bike shows all over Europe, winning several awards along the way. The bike was designed by Louis’ gearhead crew comprised of world-renowned customizers, and has been meticulously crafted to harness the full power and performance of the Indian Chief Vintage." (Source: TheDrive).

8 The Punisher Would Look Even More Awesome On This

via amcn.com

You may agree that people who are driving around on motorcycles can at times have a little more of a tougher edge to them than people who are, say, driving around in a Honda Civic. And you may also agree that if you are going to have a bit of a chip on your shoulder, that there isn't a more appropriate motorcycle on this entire list for you to get your butt on than the one that is pictured. The motorcycle, created by Harley-Davidson and Marvel, has a subtle but awesome Punisher logo on it that is sure to let the world know that you mean business!

7 The Jab Launcher Will Launch Around The Streets

via thedrive.com

Winston Yeh knew what his goal was when he set out to customize the Ducati Scrambler, saying in an interview that his hopes were to make the motorcycle look lighter and cleaner, as well as tougher.

The result is the fantastic motorcycle that I'm sure no one can stop staring at that he also gave the awesome name as "The Jab Launcher".

That totally ramps up the cool factor of the motorcycle. While there were several adjustments made to the motorcycle, one of the biggest was the moving of the gauge cluster to where the fuel tank is. (Source: TheDrive).

6 Taking Inspiration From The Old West

via covingtonscustoms.com

If you were living in the Old West, the main way that you would find yourself getting around would be with the usage of a horse. And while that may have been all well and good, there is definitely something nice about living in our current day society where there is no shortage of amazing ways to travel. Heck, you could even go out and buy a motorcycle that makes you think of that era! Such as this Western-themed motorcycle that was created by CovingtonsCustoms.

5 Captain America Would Have A Blast On This

via bikereview.com.au

There are several amazing motorcycles on our list that also just happen to be superhero themed. But if you want to know what motorcycle you can thank for all the beautiful motorcycles that you are going to view, it's this Captain America one that I have featured for you above. Harley-Davidson teamed up with Marvel to create an outstanding line of motorcycles. Why? They wanted to honor Captain America's birthday! Seems as good a reason as any to be pushing out some beautiful custom bikes. (Source: InsideHook).

4 Call Of Duty Fans Would Love This

via thedrive.com

There are many amazing game franchises out there where you can confidently dump hundreds of hours of your life into. Call of Duty is definitely one of those franchises. The game company combined with Indian Motorcycles to create an amazing custom motorcycle. The motorcycle is actually a replica of an Indian Scout 741B that players get to use in Call of Duty: WWII.

This isn't a one of a kind motorcycle, but it is still very hard to obtain as the company decided to only make 5 of them.

Which also may drive the price up if you ever come across someone that is willing to part with theirs! (Source: TheDrive).

3 This Took Five Years To Make

via thedrive.com

Marcel van Hooijdonk admitted in an interview that when he set out to create this amazing motorcycle that he calls "The Madbox," that it was something that he did on a dare! It was an undertaking that lasted 5 years until he had come away with a motorcycle that he was happy with. Though considering the website, BikeExif, named it as their top custom motorcycle of 2017, you know he can rest easy that at least the time put in was worth it. Especially because as amazing as it is to look at, it must be even more fun to drive. (Source: TheDrive).

2 T-Rex's May Be Extinct But This Bike Isn't

via wrapstyle.com

It is very possible that as you were growing up that one of your favourite things to learn about was dinosaurs. And if that is the case, it's possible that you are like Ross Gellar from the television show Friends and had it be a passion that you also carried into your adulthood. And considering the owner of this motorcycle wanted his BMW s1000rr to be themed around a Tyrannosaurus Rex, something tells us that they probably haven't outgrown that love! Let's just hope this person doesn't also struggle with potentially short arms.

1 Imagine Driving This On A Sunny Day

via tigerwrapz.com

There is no denying that when this motorcycle comes towards you on the road, you are going to be well aware of that. As the colour choices that this motorcyclist decided to go with don't exactly scream the words subtle. But they do look pretty awesome if I do say so myself. You just have to hope they manage to keep their motorcycle clean because I don't know if that beautiful shade of purple they went with would be as appealing if it was mixed with some dirt.

Sources: TheDrive.com, WrapStyle.com, AMCN.com

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