Aston Martin's Sapphire Crystal & 9 More Of The Coolest Luxury Car Key Fobs

As technology and human understanding grows over the years, so too do the respective industries in which they play a part in. Few places showcase these advances quite like the automotive industry, which constantly improve upon and innovate each an every year.

These changes come in many forms: better performance, more creature comforts, and even small features that impress millions. One area, though, that seems to be overlooked by many is the key/fob. Although few companies focus on it, a key can be a great piece of artistic handiwork when designed correctly. In fact, many have succeeded in making iconic car keys, as evidenced by these ten awesome luxury vehicle key fobs...

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10 Ferrari 355 F1 Key

Before touch-screen technology even an option, companies had to find unique ways to change something as simplistic as a key. However, Ferrari was just the business to step up to the plate, creating a stylistic key for their '90s-era Ferrari 355 F1.

The 355 F1 key didn't have crazy secondary features or a unique technological innovation. No, instead it was a simple metal built ignition key. There wasn't a need to make anything complex, just lightweight and cool. Luckily for them, they did exactly as intended.

9 McLaren Carbon Key

Of all the supercar and luxury automotive manufacturers on the market today, McLaren is one of the most 'modern' in terms of their styling and innovations. Apparently, all of this also extends to their key fobs.

Like with the Ferrari 355 F1 key, the McLaren key fob is glazed with carbon fiber. However, unlike the F355 F1, the McLaren's key is actually a key fob, needing no physical entry into the vehicle. Along with this, it's light, sleek, and perfectly suited to the rest of the cars overall design and aesthetics.

8 Ferrari 488 GTB Key

After the triumphant Ferrari 458 Italia series, the Italian automaker would really have to work hard to one-up themselves. The answer to this was a twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter Ferrari V8, named the 488 GTB.

What many fans don't know, though, is that they improved their keys as well. Instead of a normal key, Ferrari joined along and moved to a fob setup. As a result, the 488 (And following Ferrari models) have a wide, well-designed, key fob that can be customized with your particular car, as well.

7 Bugatti Veyron Speed Key

When the Bugatti Veyron blew everyone away with its speed back in the early 2000's, thousands likened it to a jet cutting through the wind. In many aspects, they were correct since the Veyron really does act like a plane; Incredible speed, sharp looks, and an awesome ignition sequence.

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Part of this sequence is, obviously, the key itself. The Veyron isn't a fob (Like most modern hypercars), but a normal key. However, don't be dismayed, as the process of inserting it into the center console, watching the dials move around, and feeling all 1001 horsepower at your fingertips is an intoxicating one to say the least.

6 Koenigsegg Agera Shield

It's one thing to have a uniquely shaped key for your vehicle. Yet, it's a whole another subject when your key is the car's brand logo itself. This may sound like something Lamborghini would do, however, the culprit is the Swedish Koenigsegg.

Not only is the Koenigsegg Agera's Shield-shaped key fob cool as can be, but it's also extremely expensive. If you wanted, you could really customize it to your liking; just prepare to spend well over a couple hundred-thousand for the opportunity.

5 Tesla Model S Model Fob

Although not everybody is on the 'electric bandwagon,' Elon Musk is working his hardest to win people over with Tesla. He's done this in many ways, like creating affordable electric alternatives, as well as neat features to attract customers.

An example of said feature would be the Tesla's key fob. If you've ever met a Tesla owner, or been to a Tesla shop, you are more than likely aware of the car-shaped key. The owners love to talk about it, and for good reason since it really is a cool aspect of having a Tesla.

4 BMW i8 Touch-Screen Fob

Few things in this world continually impress as the years go on. Thankfully, we have a brand like BMW; full of German engineering, racing pedigree, and outstanding models. What's great about Germans, too, is that they focus on perfecting every detail, including their key's.

BMW was one of the firsts automotive manufacturers to implement touch screens into their key fobs. They first did it with the BMW i8 concept, eventually moving it to the real model. The idea itself of having a touch screen on a car key that can start, stop, park, and lock your vehicle in a single touch really does showcase how great technology can be (And what the future has in store).

3 Lamborghini Aventador Fob

Of course, once car manufacturers began to move towards keyless systems, you know Lamborghini was going to try and top everyone with their design. To many, they did exactly that. However, to others, they failed.

The Aventador's (And following Lamborghini model's) key fobs are sleek with the signature Lamborghini logo on the back and name scrawled across the side. Some enthusiasts, though, complain that the Aventador's key looks too similar to an Audi's. Either way, it still looks good and fits in with the Lamborghini style.

2 Pagani Huayra Model Fob

Like with the Tesla, Pagani would use the shape of their own cars as inspiration for their keys. Unlike Tesla, though, they did it much earlier and at a much more exuberant cost to the owner.

Similar to many custom/unique sports car and luxury keys, the Huayra's can get up there in price. Although, it's all worth it when you see the key in person. Saying it's a piece of art seems like an understatement, since it's been masterfully crafted and even shaped more like a flash-drive on the inside rather than your standard key.

1 Aston Martin's Sapphire Crystal

What company is better suited to institute a mix between sporty characteristics and a luxurious atmosphere than Aston Martin? Clearly, not many, as Aston Martin has nearly perfected this market segment; going as far as to make luxurious keys.

Aston Martin has been making luxurious keys for years before their competition. Specifically, their Sapphire Crystal key, found in many of their late-2000's cars. What differentiated the Sapphire from everyone else, though, was its need for batteries, expensive price tag, beautiful design, and interesting placement into the vehicle (Right in the middle of the dashboard).

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