14 Copycat Cars We Love (And 5 We Wouldn’t Touch With A 10-Foot Pole)

There is no question that we as consumers are offered a variety of spectacular cars. When seeing how we have some of the best car manufacturers in the world domestically, this should not come as a surprise. The success of these manufacturers has actually led to companies overseas copying them and releasing their own models based on domestic successes. It is clear that people are automatically prone to being critical of copycat models but in some cases, they are actually pretty solid cars. In fact, some may argue that a few of the copycats actually perform better than the cars that they drew inspiration from.

With all that has been stated thus far, in this article, we will be looking at 15 copycat cars that we like better than the original and five more that we would not touch. It is important to note that these cars will be coming from a wide variety of car manufacturers, but it is clear that they failed to come up with their own ideas. There is no question that these manufacturers should receive criticism for copying other vehicles but that does not exclude them for praise if those cars run in a good fashion. This list is going to display just how far these brands went in pursuit of their goals.

Now, let's look at these copycat cars!

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19 Better Than The Original: Chery QQ

via Mercado Libre Uruguay

It is quite apparent that the Chery QQ is a clear copycat of the Chevy Spark. Although this happens to be the case, it is important to note that this vehicle is actually a very solid one and it has been a top seller overseas for a long period of time.

Although it was wrong of Chery to do this, it is clear that this is a car that definitely could be deemed as better than the original. They have seemed to fix the minor bugs that seem to occur with the Spark on a consistent basis, so praise is definitely warranted.

18 Better Than The Original: Zotye SR8

via AutoBuzz.my

The Zotye SR8 is a copycat of the Porsche Macan, so it is apparent that this is a vehicle that possesses a sense of luxury. There is no question that these cars have been able to sell very well overseas, as they perform well and provide plenty of Macan-inspired style.

With all of this being stated, it makes a lot of sense as to why it has become a top-selling vehicle. It is hard to say that this car is better than a Macan but it does have the ability to reach high speeds in a quick fashion, while maintaining a solid lifecycle.

17 Better Than The Original: Landwind X7

via Wikipedia

The Landwind X7 definitely is another vehicle on this list that can qualify as a luxury car. This should not come as a surprise, as it is a copycat of the Range Rover Evoque. This definitely gives it a nice flair, as Range Rover does provide nice profiles for all of their cars.

However, this vehicle definitely has become a fan favorite overseas because it has been able to match luxury with the perfect family car layout. Due to this clear fact, it can be noted that this is a very solid vehicle, as it provides an abundance of protection for its passengers.

16 Wouldn't Touch: Geely GE

via Car Throttle

The Geely GE was a clear copycat of the Rolls-Royce Phantom but unlike the previous list items, they did a very poor job with it. It is quite apparent that this car was extremely poor when it came to its overall structure and this would sink its value.

There is no question that this car could have been a solid one for the people overseas but at the end of the day, the car manufacturer failed immensely with this car. With that being stated, it is apparent that not many people would want to drive one of these.

15 Better Than The Original: Dadi Shuttle

via Avto-Russia.ru

The Dadi Shuttle has mainly been able to sell very well overseas because of the fact that it is a very solid family vehicle. Its protective features are truly elite and this has allowed it to gain a very positive reputation over the years since its start.

What is very intriguing about this car is that it is a clear copycat of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Both of these vehicles have been able to become very solid series over the years but the Dadi Shuttle may take the edge because of how it is structured.

14 Better Than The Original: Jonway UFO

via Wikimedia Commons

The Jonway UFO is a clear copy of the Toyota RAV4, so it is apparent that it is an SUV that is supposed to possess a family-friendly flair. Thankfully for this vehicle, it does a good job of reaching this standard and buyers have definitely taken notice of this.

At the end of the day, when seeing how these cars seem to maintain solid performance, it is apparent that praise is definitely warranted towards them. With that being stated, it does compete very well with its inspiration, the RAV4.

13 Better Than The Original: Huanghai Landscape V

via Wikimedia Commons

The Huanghai Landscape V has done a very good job in terms of its overall sales over the years, as it is a very solid vehicle. However, it is important to note that this car actually is a copy of the Lexus RX, which is a very popular series in all over the world.

Although it is clear that the car manufacturer used the Lexus RX as inspiration for the Landscape V, it is clear that this car competes very well with it. At the end of the day, this vehicle has a very nice style to it and is able to do extremely well in terms of protection.

12 Wouldn't Touch: Linktour K One

via 畅玩娱乐

The Linktour K One is a vehicle that had a lot of potential when it was first released. Although it was a clear copy of the Mercedes-Benz GLA, this vehicle is an electric car, so it did have a unique element to it that could have brought a lot of sales for it.

However, this vehicle would go on to have an abundance of major issues that would end up sinking its value. It is clear that this is a vehicle that is not worth the investment and individuals overseas would be wise to avoid it at this present time.

11 Better Than The Original: Suzhou Eagle Carrie

via AutoEvolution

The Suzhou Eagle Carrie is extremely similar to the Ferrari FF and this is what would actually lead a lot of people to be intrigued by it overseas. However, this car would actually end up being built extremely effectively, so it would grow in value.

There is no question that the idea of buying a copycat type of car is always tricky but with this specific vehicle, it would be worth it. There is no question that this vehicle offers a spectacular design while also being very dependable.

10 Better Than The Original: Shuanghuan Noble

via Wikipedia

The Shuanghuan Noble looks like an exact replica of a Smart car but the one major difference between them is that this vehicle actually was productive. In fact, it was built in a very strong manner and had the ability to last for a number of years.

This is one vehicle that can confidently be stated as being better than the original. It took a long time for Smart cars to actually be productive, as the Smart Fortwo is widely considered to be one of the worst cars in the history of the automobile world.

9 Better Than The Original: Zotye Z700

via Wikipedia

It is quite apparent that the Zotye Z700 copies the Volkswagen Passat immensely. Although this may be irritating to some, it is important to note that this car is actually pretty solid. In fact, it has gotten very positive reviews overseas from its owners.

At the end of the day, this car has a great appearance and performs at a great level, so it is clear that many people would love to own one of these today. There is no question that these vehicles will continue to thrive on the overseas market for quite some time, as well.

8 Wouldn't Touch: Dongfeng Hanma

via forevertruck.net

There is no question that Hummer cars began to lose their value as time passed on. It got to the point where people avoided them entirely and it does make a lot of sense as to why the manufacturer is no longer in business. However, the Dongfeng Hanma still exists as a copycat of them.

The Dongfeng Hanma has faced a lot of criticism over the years, as well, because their vehicles tend to have an immense amount of issues when it comes to their engines. They also require an immense amount of gas in a quick fashion, so it is safe to say we definitely would not want one of these.

7 Better Than The Original: Lifan 330

via Wikipedia

The Lifan 330 clearly resembles a Mini Cooper and one can easily state that it is absolutely a copy of it. There is no question that it has actually done a very solid job on the primary market overseas and this is why it has so much value compared to many other cars.

With it having so many positive reviews, it is a bit intriguing to wonder how well it could do domestically. There is no question that it does possess a nice design and the international factor could very well bring in an abundance of sales for it, as well.

6 Better Than The Original: Haima 2

via Wikipedia

The Haima 2 is a clear copycat of the Mazda 2, as its name clearly implies. However, it must be stated that this car still has managed to look very good as a copy and this has resulted in it being able to obtain a very high amount of sales for a number of years to this point.

In terms of overall quality, it is important to note that many people have grown to love this car. This is likely because of the fact that it truly is extraordinary when it comes to how well its structure is put together. At the end of the day, this is a copycat car that many people would like to enjoy driving around here.

5 Better Than The Original: CH Auto Lithia

via CarScoops

The CH Auto Lithia looks entirely like an Audi R8, and this has been noticeable from the very start of its release. This vehicle would end up running as an electric car, so people overseas were definitely intrigued by it and rightfully so; it had an immense amount of potential.

It is hard to say that this car is better than an Audi R8 but it definitely is one that many of us would like to be driving today. Electric cars are definitely gaining a lot of power in the automobile world, and the idea of having this one as an option would definitely be welcomed by many.

4 Wouldn't Touch: BAIC BJ80

via Wikipedia

The BAIC BJ80 is clearly a copy of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, as there is not a single feature that is different about it. What is important to note about this copycat is that this vehicle is a complete and utter disaster when it comes to its overall structure.

There have been numerous reports that this car has a tendency to break down at a very quick rate, as its engine is just terrible. When seeing how the G-Class is such a great car, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to want to drive this copy of it. In this case, there is no argument that can be given over which is better.

3 Better Than The Original: BYD S8

via Wikipedia

The BYD S8 definitely is another example of a car that is a copycat, as it has a striking resemblance to the Mercedes-Benz CLK. There is no question that this car actually is pretty nice, as it has a bit of luxury to it, as well as offering performance at a very solid level.

There is no question that this is a car that many of us would love to test out. It definitely does compete well with its inspiration in terms of overall quality. At the end of the day, when seeing how well it seems to be with its overall structure, it is clear as to why it sells well overseas.

2 Better Than The Original: Shuanghuan CEO

via Car and Driver

The Shuanghuan CEO looks just like the BMW X5 and this has been able to get it a lot of attention overseas. It has become clear from the very start that this car is a very solid family vehicle, as it has very strong protective features to ensure the safety of its passengers.

Due to the fact that it mixes luxury with performance, it is clear that this is a copycat that actually may be worth driving today. There is no question that the car manufacturer focused immensely on making this car thrive, as it clearly is doing so without much trouble.

1 Wouldn't Touch: Huanghai Plutus

via Flickr

The Huanghai Plutus is a clear copy of the Nissan Frontier but even though they look alike, they perform at different levels. The Plutus is a complete and utter disaster in working conditions, while the Frontier received a lot of praise for its overall performance for years.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that the Plutus series has been completely ended, as it was truly awful from the very start. When seeing as how it offered little to no towing capabilities, especially for a pickup, it is clear that this truck was destined to fail from the very start.

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