A Big Corvette Dealer Is Taking Deposits For Upcoming C8 Corvette Signalling Reveal May Be Imminent

A New Jersey Corvette dealer might have signaled the arrival of the mid-engine Corvette by taking deposits. Maybe.

A Big Corvette Dealer Is Taking Deposits For Upcoming C8 Corvette Signalling Reveal May Be Imminent

A big Chevrolet dealership specializing in Corvettes has started taking deposits for the upcoming mid-engine ‘Vette. Could this be a sign that the C8’s unveiling is just around the corner?

Kerbeck Chevrolet of Atlantic City, New Jersey claims to be the “World’s Largest Corvette Dealer.” Head to their website and you’ll be bombarded with “HUGE SAVINGS ON ALL 2019 CORVETTES,” and you’d be hard-pressed to find any other Chevrolet product anywhere. We can’t find a Malibu, a Cruze, or even a Bolt lurking around in one of these little links. It’s all Corvettes all the time for this dealership.

And now they’re taking deposits on the C8 mid-engine Corvette.

The news comes from CorvetteBlogger (by way of Motor1). Kerbeck isn’t necessarily the first dealership to open up pre-orders for the mid-engine Corvette, but they are certainly the largest and insiders close to the dealership say that the C7 ‘Vette arrived shortly after Kerbeck started taking deposits.

Getting in line for the C8 involves a $1,000 deposit that you can only get refunded after GM actually reveals the C8’s pricing and specs. You can order online by filling out this form or by calling them up and asking to be put on the waiting list.


One dealer opening up pre-orders doesn’t necessarily mean anything. But a big dealer opening pre-orders AND GM’s boss getting in the passenger seat of a test mule in Arizona? These surely can’t be coincidences.

Additionally to the big pre-order bonanza, GM President Mark Reuss was spotted in Yuma, Arizona riding shotgun in a convoy of C8 testers. It seems hard to believe that the C8 engineers would have the big cheese over to see their work unless they were extremely close to finishing, so that big reveal might really be close.

This is good news to hear after rumors of a production delay circulated earlier last month. Electrical issues were reportedly pushing C8 production back to December. That still may be true, but these events might signal that a C8 reveal is imminent.

Maybe the C8 will take off the camo at this year’s New York auto show, but we’ve also got reports that it’ll have its own special reveal sometime this summer.


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