Corvette ZR1 Somehow Breaks Ford GT Fast Lap Record

Chevrolet’s brand new Corvette ZR1 just broke the Ford GT’s record for fastest time around the Virginia International Raceway.

Ford’s time in the fastest car limelight sure was brief. No sooner did the Ford GT take the title of fastest Lightning Lap time from the Z06 did Chevy fire right back with a brand new ‘vette and an even faster lap time.

The Ford GT had a blistering lap time of 2:38.6, enough to shatter the Z06’s time of 2:39.8, but Chevy is not a car company to take their record being broken lightly. They sent the brand new 2019 Corvette ZR1 with the highest trim level available (that is, will be available once the car goes on sale later this spring) and gave it a few minimal modifications to allow for a racing harness and some safety equipment.

With Chevrolet ride-and-handling engineer Jim Mero behind the wheel, the ZR1 crushed the GT with a lap time of 2:37.3 according to Car And Driver.


Via Automobile Magazine

Even without this incredible lap time, you’d be inclined to believe Chevy when they tell you the 2019 ZR1 is the fastest, most powerful Corvette ever built. The new car is built around a 755-hp supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 engine, which puts out 100 more horses than the previous Z06 model and gives the ZR1 a top speed of 212 mph. That puts it on the same level as the Pagani Zonda and McLaren P1.

An aggressive new engine is mirrored by other equally aggressive features, like a hood that seems to struggle to contain the powerful engine it houses along with a rear wing that, according to Chevy engineers, puts out as much as 950 pounds of downforce. It's hard to imagine how the ZR1 manages to reach 212 mph while carrying a cow on its rear axle but apparently it needs all that downforce to stop it from shooting off into outer space.

Combined with an enlarged front spoiler and a gaping front grill, the ZR1 seems to make airflow its plaything, scooping it up and spitting it out as speed and noise.

It looks like Chevrolet will continue its tradition of taking on far more prestigious supercars worth many times the Corvettes price tag and still win.


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