Counting Cars: 17 Best Cars In Danny Koker's Collection

When you hear the name Danny Koker, the first thing that comes to mind is “Counting Cars.” Yes, He is the proprietor of the show hosted in Count’s Kustoms. The shop is a place where cars, motorbikes are repaired and restored. The name “Count’s Kustom” is derived from derived from Danny Koker's shift as co-founder of KFBT (now KVCW) which is a local independent station. He hosted a low-budget movie showcase weekly called “Count Cool Rider.”

Danny grew up to become a self-taught mechanic, considering the facts that his Cleveland based family are known to be Ford Motoring company employees. Personally, he has over a total of 50 cars in his collection. Koker is very passionate about discovering, purchasing and transforming classic American power motorbikes and cars. Most times, you will find him going out of his way to purchase a vehicle or motorcycle he’s passionate about.

He even goes as far as making instantaneous purchase offers whenever he spots a car he loves while searching through parking lots at various car shows. Despite the fact that Koker has a lot of love for classic cars, he can’t stand newer vehicles and he discards offers to reform them. Before the car show premiered, he had been in the business of purchasing and transforming cars for about 15 years. Koker also appeared on the Pawn Stars show regularly as an automobile and motorcycle repair expert.

Apart from the Count’s Kustoms shop for muscle motorcycles and cars, he has other businesses. He owns a Count's Tattoo Business located at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. Also, he has a Count's Vamp'd Grill and Rock Bar. In this article, we will be listing 17 cars that Danny Koker owns.

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17 The Danny Van

Via Pinsdaddy

Oh yes! A van is part of the list and it happens to be one of Danny Koker’s best vehicles. The Danny van has a paint job that combines red and a dark red accent color separated by chrome linings to enable the two colors to stand out individually.

When you think you have seen the best of it, you will observe proper hand drawn flames that will blow your mind to ashes. The doors on the rear are not left out as they have skulls painted on the bottom of them.

If the devil wants to tour around the world, this van will suit that purpose.

16 1969 Cadillac

Via Ol' Skool Rodz

The 1969 Cadillac is a 4 wheeled vehicle that looks stunning. When it comes to Danny Koker’s collection of cars you can always expect a fusion of creativity, hard work and a touch of magic to make the car top notch.

This is evident in the colors of the bodywork of the car. It has a combination of white streaks on the side alongside the light blue color. The rims are not left out as they are a perfect fit. The rims also have a white outline on the tires. This makes it combine perfectly with the white streaks on the car.

The car also has a tribal type artwork that is situated on the hood.

15 1972 Cutlass

via youtube

The 1972 Cutlass model is a car that is not short on style and beauty from the paint job to the hood. As long as you have eyes for detail, you will appreciate every of what makes up this car.

The 1972 Cutlass has streaks of golden color that complements a pearlescent-white primary color. This makes the car look great and stand out. The golden color was also extended to the hood of the car which has two large air scoops.

These colors will leave you staring for long hours and make you wish that you could have it for Christmas because they fuse perfectly.

14 1972 Monte Carlo

via youtube

The 1972 Monte Carlo is a muscle car that is known for showcasing its audacity openly. It has black highlights and a golden color that is better seen than imagined. The Monte Carlo has chrome rims.

The chrome rims appear to be a nice touch as a result of the front grille and chrome bumper. When it comes to the paint job, it is clear that much effort was put into it. This is due to how well it blends with the whole design of the car.

One look at this car and you wouldn't mind driving it throughout the day or spending long hours in the car because it has a way one's increasing the cool factor significantly.

13 1973 Buick Riviera

via driving line

Danny Koker’s 1973 Buick Rivera is a special breed of its kind. Apart from having a paint job that perfectly blends together, the paint job is very detailed.

The paint has a type of design that gives it a tribal style. It also has lines that flow in a flaming pattern with grey paint in them.

The interior of the car is more comfortable than the bed you sleep on. This is due to the fact that the interior is properly fitted with a fluffy velvet material. No doubt, the 1973 Buick Rivera is a piece of art on its own.

12 1974 Roadrunner

Via Boiq.info

This 1974 Roadrunner is obviously a banger. The way the streak of black runs from the back to the front and combines with the entire purple color overlay is absolutely stunning. The care looks even more magnificent with the way it balances on the road.

Also, the car has got some beautifully-carved patterns that were drawn manually.

At a first glance, you can’t help but notice the well-detailed workmanship that went into the making of the car. If we had to grade this on a scale of 1 to 10, it would definitely be a solid 8.

11 1970 Coronet

via wallpaper abyss

If you think that purple is not a good choice of color to paint your car, you’ll surely re-think that, when you see Danny's version (not pictured here). There is something simply special about this car, especially with the purple paint job.

The overall styling of the car just gives that special refreshing feeling you get when you take a cup of cold ice cream under a hot summer sun. The combination of the chrome outline combined with the sinister-looking headlights will create a rare picture for anybody to stare at.

Beauty is not far away from the engine exterior, with its strident orange color which blends with the purple surroundings.

10 1979 Camaro Z28

Via Boiq.info

This baby may just be the baddest Camaro you have ever seen. The flames designed on the body of the car are not just there for design. It has a powerful V8 engine under the hood that is ready to take on the road anytime.

The exterior of the Camaro is even more remarkable than what the engine is capable of doing. The blend of red and orange carved flames is certainly something beyond beauty. On the Camaro, you see the flames running through from the front to the back. This signifies how fast the car moves when you press down the speed pedal.

9 The Rat Rod

via pinterest

There is something creative and special about the rat rod even though many people don’t appreciate hot rods. Hot rods are cars that are usually improved by adding insane amounts of power to the engine with the linear acceleration of the car increasing enormously.

With rat rods, it’s absolutely different. They are an advancement of hot rods. Rat rods typically build on the customizations of the hot rods. In this case, Danny’s rat rod may be looking a little incomplete, but it surely ready to fly on wheels.

One unique thing about this car is the way the engine and the hidden parts are unhidden. How’s that about unique?

8 The Vamp Rod

Via Twitter

This Hot Rod is not called the Vamp Rod for nothing; its “vampire look” and feel obviously got him that name. This beast is fully loaded with a V8 engine and an exhaust customized to align from each cylinder running forward and getting fused at the end.

You can practically guess how this beast would sound like if you envisage how the exhaust manifold is made. It’s obvious the paint job is black since you can only see a vampire hanging out in the dark.

Nevertheless, you can still see some touch of red on the car. The red signifies the blood the vampire is always eager to have.

7 1986 Chevy Pickup

via pinterest

It’s quite difficult to imagine the modification of a pickup. This is because pickups are usually used to do heavy-duty work. At least this is what most people think.

But exceptions like Danny Koker saw the 1986 Chevy pickup as a piece of art that can be modified just like any other car. This is why they decided to do a nice combination of black and a blood-red paint job on the body of the car.

He added a white line between both colors that made the colors stand out. Also, he used chrome on the front grille, borders of the rims and the bumper. This combination made this car a perfect finish.

6 1978 Lincoln

via wikimedia commons

Danny Koker’s 1978 Lincoln (not pictured here) has an explosive modification that makes it look good. A type of ivory-white paint for the hood area and the front grille, this gave the car a facelift. Blood red side paint was added as well to complement the ivory-white paint on the hood area and front grille.

The 1978 Lincoln has a bit of shine and it is backed up with a matte finish. If you are one to pay attention to details, you will observe that there isn’t much going on with this car, but that’s what makes it unique.

In summary, the 1978 Lincoln model spells out the word “elegant”.

5 1968 Charger

via youtube

The 1968 charger is a powerful, fast and gorgeous car. This is the reason why the popular movie franchise “The Fast and the Furious” used this car in its first entry.

However, modifications were done in order to make the car look better. On the verge of this, a brilliant idea of painting the car with a dark maroon color came up. The color on the 1968 Charger gave it an amazing look, high level of awesomeness and absolute uniqueness.

The rims of the 1968 Charger are painted black with chrome hubcaps and cool tires that make the car more badass.

4 1967 Mustang

Via Pinterest

When it comes to muscle cars, the 1967 Mustang completely defines what a muscle car is all about. The 1967 Mustang is also called a “pony car” because it has a small boot and an extended front hood.

Danny Koker decided to imprint his signature on this model. He started out by combining orange and black colors. The orange color was the primary color that did justice to the car and black stripes were added to the sides to finalize the beauty.

Even though the choice of rims wasn’t fantastic, the car is just in a league of its own.

3 1966 Mustang

via youtube

The 1966 GT350 Ford Mustang is one of the lightest of the GT350 models. This car model earned the title “Cobra” because they were manufactured by Shelby American.

When Danny Koker restored his 1966 Mustang (not pictured here), it looked like it came straight out of the factory. This is because he did an awesome job to the car and made it look like the original model.

The engine of the restored version of the 1966 Mustang car is a K-code. It also produces about 270 horsepower, making it fast. Hence, this is a superb ride in Danny Koker’s collection which you might have your eyes gazing at for long.

2 1965 Buick

via lowrider

The 1965 Buick model is one car that’s quite pleasing to the eye from the start to finish. This vehicle has a dark matte-black color. The rims of the car are just the perfect size. They are also dark matte-black which makes it appealingly to the eye, and they emit breathtaking vibes.

An artwork of two skulls of animals is located at the middle of the hood; this adds a “hot desert” effect to the car. From the air scoops of the front of the car, there are pure streaks of red. The tires of this car align with the styling of the body.

1 1962 Karmann Ghia

via mecum auctions

The Karmann Ghia was produced by the Volkswagen manufacturing company. It was produced between the years 1955 to 1974. At the first glance of this particular Koker’s car, you may conclude that the car would have been a mistake if it was not for the beautiful red paint job and the amazing modifications that were done to the car.

Well, you may just be right, as the car originally has nothing striking to catch anyone’s attention. It even has a 1.3-liter engine, which makes it worse than you think. That’s why Danny Koker and his crew reformed the car’s styling, paint job, engine and the overall aesthetics to make the car have that top-notch feel you see now.

Sources: heightline.com, tvovermind.com, pinterest.com

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