The 10 Coolest Cars From Counting Cars

The folks at Count's Kustoms know what they're doing when it comes to vehicle repair, and here are the 10 coolest cars they've ever worked on.

Counting Cars is one of the most popular car shows of all time, showcasing some of the best cars ever made alongside some of the wackier car designs that have been thought up.

With Danny Koker being a well-known name in the car community, he and his team often get to work on a variety of vehicles on the show, restore them, and give them tweaks to help freshen them up with a new look when they leave the garage.

Whilst some of the cars that are shown on the series are a bust, the vast majority are incredibly cool, especially once Danny and his team are finished with them, and here are 10 of the coolest in the history of Counting Cars.

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10 72 Cutlass

Just take one look at this car and you can see why it is one of coolest cars that has ever come from Counting Cars, with the vehicle looking sleek yet also appearing to still have its vintage look.

That is mainly achieved by the color scheme that has been chosen with the white bringing a modern feel whilst the brown/golden stripes give it a more vintage feel, with the wheels really popping out and catching the eye straight away.

9 Karmann Ghia

This was an example of just how good the Counting Cars team are; this Karmann Ghia was in a sorry state when it first arrived at Count's Kustoms.

The 1962 model of the car built by Volkswagen was not in a great condition, and it was clear that the team would have their work cut out in getting it in tip-top condition, and that is exactly what they were able to do.

The team managed to keep the vehicle's original charm with the 1960s styling whilst also making it feel more modern with a fresh, vibrant paint job and some interior work.

8 Ford Mustang GT

Taking place in the very first episode of Counting Cars, the team quickly showed their skills as they tackled the 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback, which was originally brought in by the crew from Pawn Stars. 

The car, which was actually driven by the actor Steve McQueen in the movie Bullitt had some pressure on it because of its heritage, but once the team at Kount's Customs had worked on it, the difference was clear to see.

The Mustang received a totally new paint job, providing a sleek look on the outside that gave it a more modern twist, while the interior was totally refreshed which gave it a more modern feel.

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7 Oldsmobile Cutlass

The Counting Cars team was personally asked by an owner to renovate their classic Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible, which dated back to 1972. As you can see, you cannot tell due to the work that the team did.

In the fourth season of the hit show, the team stepped their game up and made the convertible look simply stunning, even if there were a few disagreements over the cost of things at the start.

The team kept several old-school elements like the 1970s shift sticks but blended it with some very modern twists that improved not just the look, but also the car's performance.

6 Dodge Charger

As the saying goes, sometimes less is more, and the way that the Counting Cars team changed this 1964 Dodge Charger is a perfect example of that, with the team recognizing that there wasn't a need for major alterations.

The team decided that they liked how the car looked, knowing that it was a classic vehicle that would have potentially been ruined. Instead, they made very small tweaks, simply changing fixing up bits of rust and other slight issues.

They did provide the vehicle with a brand new classic black custom paint job, which perfectly suited the car, taking this classic to a brand new level.

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5 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Sometimes the best cars from the show are ones that are fairly affordable, and this Chevrolet Camaro Z28 being a perfect example of that. The team took on the challenge of making over this 1979 Camaro in just the shows second-ever episode, but the team proved they were more than up to the task by providing an incredible new look for it.

The car got a brilliant makeover and certainly set the tone in terms of what fans could expect from the show moving forward. With some brilliant modifications to improve performance and a flame-inspired paint job, this vehicle looked like a million bucks when it was finished.

4 70 Coronet

Counting Cars is a show known for not being scared to take risks and this is an example of one risk that paid off, as purple isn't a common color for people to paint their cars with, yet that is exactly what they chose when they went to work on this 70 Coronet.

Whilst the idea of it might have put some off, it certainly suits the look of the car and just helps everything else pop with the chrome outline, making it one of the most eye-catching cars the team has ever designed.

There are also many other finer details, with a bee being drawn on the wheels and the engine being painted a bright orange color, making this one of the most powerful statement cars they have ever worked on.

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3 Dune Buggy

Whilst the majority of the show is spent focusing on some incredible cars, the team has been known to take on some wild challenges as well. Some pay-off and others do not, but the Dune Buggy that the team restored certainly did.

Most Buggy's have the same standard layout and design, which makes this one of the best looking Buggies in existence. It clearly stands out with the unique color scheme and the three shades of blue mixing together brilliantly.

The rear of the buggy was also given a design element, with Count Kustoms adding lights as similar to those on a 67 Mustang as they could manage.

2 69 Cadillac

This is one of the elements that Counts Kustoms gets right most of the time, with the team always seeming to pick color schemes that fit the design and style of the car they are working on perfectly.

This 69 Cadillac looks perfect with the baby blue and white streaks which can easily be imagined driving alongside a beach at sunset, which is likely the exact type of feel they were going for with this one.

You can see the attention to detail from the team with the fact that they don't just have white streaks on the car, but also on the outline of the tires as well, which is something many would have not done.

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1 78 Lincoln

Yet another brilliant piece of work from the Counting Cars team came when they worked on this 78 Lincoln and turned it into an absolute masterpiece that looks like a brand new car that has never been driven.

The car is just a pleasure to look at and is a testament to the hardworking team who have totally changed the look of this incredible car, with the front grille and hood being painted with an ivory-white paint, which suits the car so well.

The side paint, which is red, has a matte finish with some shine at the same time, helping it gleam with an incredibly elegant look that makes this a classic from the show.

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