10 Crazy Moments Caught on Russian Dashcams

Dashcams were made to protect us in case of an accident and to prevent insurance fraud, but in the following videos, these devices hold an entirely different meaning. Their devices tend to capture some pretty incredible sights and we've compiled a list with some truly wild moments.

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We have scoured the internet and found the craziest dashcam footage straight from the heart of Russia itself. These videos might shock you as insanity comes alive on your screen. Keep reading to learn about 10 crazy moments on Russian dashcams!

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10 Don't Worry, It's Just A Fighter Plane

The drive seems nice and calm, until all of a sudden a Russian fighter plane comes out of nowhere and races by overhead. It might not be so alarming, except it seems to be flying fairly close to the ground.

We wonder if this is a common occurrence and wonder about airspace guidelines. Seeing a sight like this might cause you to swerve your car in total panic... or you could become part of a major accident.

9 This Crazed Officer

It seems like an average car chase until you see an officer come out of nowhere. We all want whatever this officer ate for breakfast as he chases down the other vehicle on foot and manages to beat it in a foot race.

He almost seems superhuman as his legs catch up with the other car in no time. He deserves a round of applause for his valiant effort as he managed to take down the other driver and prevent any accidents from occurring due to his recklessness. Check this one out here.

8 Why Did the Tank Cross the Road?

This man is just driving down the road as he jams out to some music when a tank crosses the road directly in front of him. You might have to watch the video a few times as you wonder if your own eyes are deceiving you.

It is also slightly concerning as to the reason behind tanks running rampant in the Russian countryside. The man in the video doesn't seem to be astounded by its appearance as he waits for the monstrous thing to cross the road.

7 Sometimes They See Meteors

Russia had a meteor land in their country back in 2013 and there are several accounts of people catching the event on their dashcams. There are those who were confused by the appearance of the ball of fire in the sky, and many automatically assumed it had to be some sort of alien life form.

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We know this not to be true after professionals investigated the area, but it is crazy to think that people out there witnessed this astronomical event from behind the wheel of their cars.

6 Sometimes Cars Literally Explode on Impact

This was an insane accident that showcases the make 0f Russian vehicles. The red car in the video was obviously in a hurry, but upon trying to pass the second car his tires slipped and he crashed into oncoming traffic.

The driver's vehicle literally exploded before our very eyes and we wonder what went wrong. It is obvious that the vehicle was poorly designed as the vaporized gasoline from its engine must have come in contact with the air which caused the explosion upon impact.

5 Road Rage Weapons Are a Thing

Road rage in Russia is common, but apparently, so are people's stashes of specific weapons. The driver of the vehicles refused to let the taxi over, so as a result, the taxi decided to make it personal.

You can seem him lifting up a secret hatch in his trunk in order to gain access to the bat he had stored there, while the other driver approaches him with an ax. They appear to work out their differences after their subtle threats and head their separate ways, but the encounter still astounds us.

4 Vehicles can Fly

It is unclear why this car decided to launch itself from the ground, but it is now clear that cars in Russia have the ability to fly. This car defied the laws of gravity as it rose high into the air before it came crashing down like a ton of bricks.

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The air time was incredible, but it is also crazy to think that someone witnessed this feat play out before their very eyes. We all fear for the lives of those in that vehicle and it is still unclear if the survivors lived to tell the tale.

3 Drunk Men Are Irresponsible

This intoxicated man decided it was a good idea to take his trolley cart onto a highway. He is having the time of his life as he spins around on his own set of wheels. The man has no fear at all as cars race toward him, despite his lack of safety features and an obvious lack of respect for his own life.

We hope someone was able to help him find his way home.

2 People Fake Car Accidents

Fraud must be prevalent in Russia as this man decides to fake an accident. We want to ask if the form the man used before falling is a signature move in Russia, or if this man is just an exemplary actor. A kind gentlemen came over to help them drag the man off of the road, but the fraudulent victim decided his ruse was up before they had a chance to do so. It is obvious this is a common occurrence as no one pays the man any mind while they continue on their way in their vehicles.

1 They Witness Tornadoes First-Hand

It is unclear what this Russian driver hoped to achieve, but we are pretty sure it saved their life. We watch as a tornado rips through the countryside, but as the driver turns to put their car back into their garage we see the tornado rip it from its foundation. The after video of the vehicle itself is also terrifying as all of the windows are broken out from flying debris and the rest of the house is shredded. The tornado chose to unleash chaos upon this town, and everyone paid the price.

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