25 Cringeworthy Parking No-Nos Captured On Camera

There’s a reason parents chide their children when they don’t practice sharing. Part of being an adult is learning to share things, such as streets and highways. Drivers understand there’s a need to maintain order. If they don’t follow the markings on roads, chaos will ensue.

People are always bending the rules though, even when it’s something as elementary as parking. It’s not very complicated. Parking spaces come in the form of two lines on each side that provide ample room to fit one’s car. Regardless of how easy it is, people have a habit of ignoring the lines. They park however they want to, much to the chagrin of others.

Whether it’s because they’re running late, they’re dealing with kids or frankly, because they don’t care, people poorly park for a number of reasons. What makes it so frustrating is that they don’t always pay the price for it. The ones who pay the price are other drivers who are trying to park nearby. This can cause drivers to become heated and filled with road rage. Who can blame them?

In some cases, people ignore parking spaces for emergency reasons. Many cases appear as non-emergencies though. A retail parking lot or in front of someone’s driveway appears more like laziness on the surface.

Gathered here are photos of cars parked in strange configurations all because it’s what their drivers decided to do. Not only is it selfish but it leads to problems for other drivers. It isn’t a pretty sight, especially for those who are sticklers for following the rules.

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25 Taking Up Four Spaces

via autopartswarehouse.com

When one space isn’t enough, why not take four? That must have been this Dodge pickup driver’s thinking. if they had just stopped short or gone on a few feet forward while straightening out, they could’ve landed perfectly in a parking stall.

Instead, they plopped down right in the center point of four diagonal spaces. Maybe the shopping cart occupied the spot they were going for and it threw them off. At least for the driver’s sake, the parking lot isn’t full.

24 Pickup Outsmarted

via Drivepedia

The chicken or the egg dilemma asks the question of which came first? Was it the pickup truck or the smart car? If we had to guess, it seems as if the pickup truck got there first and decided to take up three spaces.

Although cars park straight on, this one decided to stretch longways, taking up as many spaces as possible. If that was their goal, they certainly succeeded. The smart car, in an act of rebellion, pinned the truck in while staying just short enough for cars passing in the aisle behind it.

23 To Protect And To Unnerve

via MyParkingSign

There’re two differing arguments one could make about this cop car. On one hand, it seems acceptable to disobey road markings because they’re the police. On the other, it seems that they should be setting the right example most of all.

Whichever side one takes, it seems this cop car’s front is well over the stall's line. As the site My Parking Sign notes, this blocks the street of what looks like a claustrophobic intersection, which could lead to a potential accident.

22 Not Very Smart Car

via MyParkingSign

A lone smart car sits directly in the middle of two spaces. It’s actually riding the dividing line between the two stalls. Either this driver needs to go to an eye doctor, or they decided to completely disregard the road markings.

Maybe they thought that because they have a smart car, two other cars might be able to still fit on both sides. The driver of this car may fear vandalism if there aren’t enough stalls open in this parking lot.

21 Castle Hassle

via Arcamax Publishing

Those looking for a way to frustrate other people, look no further than this driver’s exploit. Whether it was their design to make others upset or not, they’ve certainly succeeded. The driver of this sedan decided that one parking space wasn’t good enough for their car, instead of taking up three longways.

According to the site ArcaMax, this parking lot is in North Ireland at a castle where visitors come. It’s possible they didn’t read the spaces correctly. If that’s the case, they need some instruction.

20 Nissan “Joke”

via Life As Ty Sees It

It’s a simple photo that encapsulates what so many drivers experience on a daily basis: bad parking. According to the blog Life As Ty Sees It, this Nissan Juke decided to take up two spaces at a post office parking lot. In their defense, maybe they needed to mail something out that day before the post office closed.

There aren’t any cars taking up spaces nearby, so the driver probably felt entitled to two spaces. As a general rule though, it’s best to park the right way even if no one’s around.

19 Ruthless Parking Job

via 94.3 WCYY

There’s only one word to sum up this sight: cruel. Ruthless of that driver to be so bold; ruthless for the drivers who encounter this car; ruthless that people get away with it.

From the shopping carts, it’s clear that the parking lot is for a retail chain. The snow on the ground suggests it’s during winter, which means people could be getting their gifts for the holiday season. In such a busy time of the year, it’s unfair to take up more than one parking space.

18 Way Off The Mark

via Reddit user Glossyplane542

This image speaks for itself. From this angle, one can see how far off the mark this sedan is from the parking stall’s center. This may even warrant a trip to traffic school. Those who look closer will notice a tire mark on the ground, which might even belong to the car.

Although the spot to the left of it isn’t visible, it’s likely the entire spot is unavailable. It’s hard to comprehend considering how wide the space is.

17 Haphazard

via Drivepedia

This picture is what chaos looks like in a parking lot. All it takes is one driver to disobey the fair and designated markings painted on the road for something as painful as this to occur.

As the site Drivepedia points out, it must have been a headache for whoever had to leave and contend with cars barricading each other in. It’s hard to wrap one’s head around this scenario and create a narrative that justifies each one of these driver’s decisions.

16 Driveway Invader

via Melrose Village Blog - Wordpress.com

Parking in a neighborhood can be a stressful experience. In later hours of the day, when everyone is back from work, suburban streets can become congested. That may be what pushed this driver over the edge and into someone’s path out of a driveway.

The site Melrose Village recommends that Los Angeles residents call perking enforcement to tow away vehicles found like this. They feel that vehicles should pay the price for blocking driveways, which poses a risk to residents and parked vehicles alike.

15 Audacious Minivan

via hotmetalblog.com

At first glance, nothing seems afoot in this photo. A keen eye will spot a problem, however, with the red minivan’s parking job. Next to the handicap parking space, there’s a yellow box of lines. These zones can vary depending on the region, but the universal idea is to keep the space clear.

This red car not only disregarded the road markings but felt inclined to take this a prime parking space for themselves. It makes one want to pull their hair out.

14 Altima Ultimatum

via Reddit user RedditNamesSuck

The driver of this Nissan Altima managed to find an open space but didn’t feel compelled enough to pull up all the way. It may not look too problematic from this front angle, but we can assume it poses a challenge for those exiting the lot.

With a rear that sticks out, many will have to swerve just to pass by in peace. This could prove even more of a problem if two cars are driving both ways in the aisle.

13 Curb Your Enthusi-chasm

via Mark Anderson

This car looks like it’s afraid of the curb. If they were making a quick stop and running inside a house, then perhaps they’d leave their car on with the parking lights. If they were alone though, we’re confused why they wouldn’t just park closer to the curb.

One can only hope they aren’t staying long. Not only are they putting their own car at risk of getting hit, but potentially cars passing by. Without many cars around, it would be easy to fix.

12  Domino Effect

via Shayla Who

When one person parks the wrong way, it can have a domino effect, which causes others to park incorrectly as well. That appears to be happening here though, starting with the Ford SUV near the center.

Parked too far to the right, it clearly crosses over its designated line and into the next stall. That in turn forced the white SUV in that spot to park far to the right to compensate, thus affecting another car. The woman pictured here isn’t afraid to draw attention to this parking headache.

11  Over The Line

via Twitter user Hope Ford

We’re all guilty of making mistakes on the road. What matters most is learning from and acknowledging mistakes when they happen. Twitter user Hope Ford deserves applause for calling out her own parking job.

Here her car’s rear right tire is intruding onto the spot next to it. If this driver disparages her own parking job photographed here, we can only imagine what she thinks of others on this list. This is a mild case that’s easy to forget and forgive.

10  Near Miss

via yourparkingsucks.us

This car almost made it in the spot but parked too far to the left. If they had to pick a side though, it’s better to go further left than it is to the right. The lift is a zoned area that doesn’t affect other parked cars.

Still, we can’t help but call out this poor parking job. They may have tried to avoid the shopping cart and then overcompensated as a result. If that’s the case, at least they take notice of potential hazards.

9 Double Offense

via MyParkingSign

This next photo shows a parked car that’s taking up not one, but two spaces reserved for those with parking permits. From the looks of it, there doesn’t appear to be a permit hanging in the rear view mirror.

Maybe they forgot to put it up. Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t look like a good sign. In the least, their car could get a ticket. At the most, people will judge the driver for not parking in a permissible stall.

8 All Backed Up

via 50-34.blogspot.com

It’s not the most egregious parking on the list, but it’s not perfect either. While the wheels technically fit inside the allocated stall, its entire rear end sticks out into the neighboring space. This, in turn, forced the sedan behind it to park much further away, thus trickling over into the spot behind it (hidden outside the frame).

Upon closer inspection, there’s what looks like a pink post-it note stuck to the window towards the back, probably left by an angry driver.

7 Blocked Driveway

via Lifehacker Australia

This photo shows a car blocking an entire driveway. It could be someone who missed the driveway slope that’s covered in fallen leaves or noticed but decided to park anyway. Whatever the case may be, it’s not permissible to park there.

The site Life Hacker brings up an interesting point about whether residents can park their own vehicles in front of their driveways. They confirm that in Australia at least, it’s not allowed. It makes one wonder whether residents have a right to do so.

6 Stuck In The Middle

via Reddit user demonzul

Here’s one that has our sympathies (to an extent). For one, the parking spaces—although marked—aren’t clearly visible. They are hard to make out initially and require a closer look to properly make out the stalls.

Secondly, as per Reddit user demonzul, it appears that this lot is at a hospital. It’s possible that this driver was in a rush or had an emergency to attend to. Whatever the case may be, this driver did end up parking in the middle of two spaces, which may distress some.

5 Driveway Gone Astray

via Streetsblog Chicago

Not all driveways are equal. A driveway in a city is not like one in a suburb. The ones in suburbs tend to be much larger, allowing for a car—or sometimes two—to park. This photo shows a driveway in the city, which is much smaller.

It’s tough, but the car doesn’t really have a choice—it probably shouldn’t park in the driveway. The driver could just be stopping by for a minute, but every second that ticks by puts the back half of their car at risk of an accident.

4 Sidewalk Block

via Streetsblog Chicago

Cities are rife with parking woes. They’re often crammed with limited spaces in high demand. That forces many drivers to come up with creative—and frustrating—ways of carving out their own parking spaces.

This particular Honda decided to park on what Streets Blog Chicago confirms is, in fact, the sidewalk. Due to the water from a gutter, it’s hard to make out the curb, though it’s in fact there. As cars continue to park on the street, the Honda is even at risk of getting wedged in.

3 Three Stall Sprawl

via KUNC

This car is for a good cause. According to KUNC, some kids teamed up with a graphic design artist to give this police car a makeover. While the artistry is impressive, one can’t help but point out the car taking up multiple parking spaces.

This photo is probably just to show off the car. They probably parked it in this lot so that the entire image was clear. Still, it’s a car that only needs one stall instead of several.

2 Upstart Shopping Cart

via Alexandria in Qatar - Wordpress.com

Bad parking happens all over the world. According to the blog Alexandria in Qatar, this is a Range Rover that failed to pull up all the way in its parking space. Granted, someone else left a shopping cart in the space, which prevents the Range Rover from pulling up all the way.

There’re two empty spots on each side of it, making one wonder why it didn’t take those (unless they weren’t open at the time). Now the car sticks out the back.

1 Parking Garage Sabotage

via vancouversun.com

Even public garages aren’t safe from bad parkers. It’s surprising that anyone would be brave enough to disrupt the parking system of a garage considering how claustrophobic and limited spaces can be.

With cars peeking over the wall in the background, and ones on both sides, one can only assume it’s jam-packed in there. Can parking attendants somehow charge a car double the fee then since they’re taking up two spaces? It might be a lesson to the driver to only take up one space going forward.

Sources: My Parking Sign, Drivepedia, Life As Ty Sees It, Twitter & Reddit

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