20 Most Outrageous Paint Jobs Spotted On Cars

There's something to be said about those that can paint beautiful murals and designs on your car. It’s one thing to get a custom wrap with your favorite characters, pattern etc. and call it a day. But there are a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that go into a custom paint job. Many of these artists can overcome any odd shapes or curvatures in the body of these cars, and they do so with incredible finesse. Not only do these pieces of artwork look extraordinary and unique, but a lot of energy has been put into them, which deserves some recognition – even if you don’t find them to be the most appealing.

While most will consider the idea of customizing their beloved, few will actually go through with it. It’s not the simplest undertaking to get your car painted. If it has rust damage, for instance, then you have an entire project to complete before you can even think of having it painted. Not to mention the elephant in the room regarding cost. Sometimes, paint can be the single most expensive upgrade that you give your set of wheels. So, it’s not a decision that’s (usually) taken lightly.

Many of the cars that we've selected are not necessarily the belle of the ball. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses as far as aesthetics and overall looks go. But each one deserves some kudos for creativity and being bold without apologies. It takes a lot of guts to express yourself, and some of these cars go beyond expectations with their bold statements made in paint.

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20 Cultural-Art BMW

via Pinterest

Your car is a direct indicator of who you are, but when you paint your car, it’s only amplifying you. So, it should be no surprise that countries across the world have competitions and events that revolve around cultural expression through cars. While this BMW isn’t manufactured in India, the art is what really stands out the most.

The painting looks as if it was painted on a flat surface, but the artist handled the curvature of the car well, even downplaying it a bit.

Beneath the beautiful Indian painting, the BMW’s body is almost hidden. If an opportunity to visit India ever seems to walk through your door, you may want to check out some of their eye-popping vehicles used for art.

19 Rick & Morty Cobalt

via Reddit

Who doesn’t love a good episode of Rick and Morty? The cult comedy has left a pretty significant mark on the lives (and cars) of many fans. Commonly perceived as weird, the Adult Swim TV show has, it’s safe to assume, taken its place in the mainstream as one of the most popular – and also bizarre – comedy cartoons. So, for those who are questioning why the Rick & Morty Cobalt has been considered one of the best custom paint jobs, it’s a matter of the art. The whimsical scenery is original and definitely is the cause for a few head turns. However, the best part about this Cobalt is the fact that the owner didn’t even bother to replace the stock rims (or any of the other horrific physical aspects of the car), instead painting right over the aluminum.

18 Yin-Yang Koi-Fish Subaru

via Pinterest

Few can complain about Zen-inspired cars like a Subaru with Yin-Yang koi fish. What’s not to like? Though the paint is borderline loud, there’s a lot to love about it. For one thing, the details are phenomenal.

Within the black waves, you can see a floral pattern. The colors are deep and rich, and it’s clear that this car wants anyone’s attention it can get.

You wouldn’t be able to keep a low profile in this WRX, but the incredible artwork speaks for itself. It’s difficult to be embarrassed about driving something as loud as this car when the attention to detail is second to none.

17 Sharpie-Art Lamborghini

via Pinterest

The sleek lines of a Gallardo is an unconventional graffiti canvas for most urbanites, so Jonas Cerwinske had a huge task before him. The owner of this one-of-a-kind Lamborghini was 19 at the time of the custom process. He’d inherited a Lamborghini dealership from his father and wanted to honor him with an epic paint job. Exceeding all and any expectations, the artist came up with something that just about anyone can admire. The unforgiving edges accept Cerwinske’s curvy street art with grace and style. The craziest part about this custom ‘paint’ is the fact that it was all drawn onto the car with Sharpie. So, it may not technically be labeled as a paint job, but it’s more attractive than most cars with real paint anyway.

16 Neon Genesis Evangelion

via Kotaku

There’s a lot going on with 7-Eleven’s sports car. The intent behind the car was for it to be painted in honor of popular anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Unfortunately for the car, the look wasn't widely accepted by many in the anime community or by anyone else, for that matter.

You have to admit that the layout of the color scheme is a bit outlandish; they’ve included almost every color of the rainbow – in different variations of shade – all of which were painted on strategic edges and curvatures of the car.

This definitely amplified the cartoon vibe. However, we’d like to take a moment to point out that the futuristic design elements on the side of the car were nicely executed, and it’s obvious that a lot of time and consideration were put into this vehicle.

15 Serape-Inspired Lowrider

via Pinterest

Not everyone is captivated by the lowrider style, but these cars usually come with some pretty impressive paint jobs. If you look closely, you’ll notice a multitude of patterns that are all uniform and positioned with near-perfect accuracy. So much detail was put into this car, it's become very difficult to imagine the painting process. Absolute precision had to be in place in order to get such a stunning result. Beautiful patterns are tightly enclosed within the serape striping, which adds just enough flare to make the output a bit more unique. If you weren’t previously a fan of lowriders, you may not change your mind, but you have to admit that there’s some incredible art involved in this car subculture.

14 Popping Floral Sentra

via Pinterest

There aren’t many people who'd voluntarily drive a '90s Nissan Sentra, but the paint job on this one may change a few perceptions. Plenty of decades-old cars sit abandoned in garages and yards, and it's probably because physical appeal turns out to be a major selling point in the car industry of the 21st century.

Most consumers would rather go into debt for a shiny, new car than drive their old beater.

This is understandable in terms of reliability; however, there's also a multitude of possibilities for these neglected cars, including custom paint jobs like this one. You’re probably not going to test out your art skill on your brand-new Tacoma, but this Sentra proved to be the perfect canvas. The cool takeaway is the clear visibility of the brushstrokes, which has a nice added effect on top of the fact that there’s no other car like it on the road.

13 Dodge Hellcat

via Pinterest

After you’ve spent a huge chunk of change on a brand-spanking-new Hellcat, the last thing you'll be thinking of doing is getting custom work done for it—unless, of course, you’re one of those heavy planners that anticipated that day for quite some time. Then, you may actually make the lofty decision of getting your pricey sports car painted. This Hellcat has incredible detail in its paint job that causes you to take an extra second examining it. This gutsy owner must've known he/she would be getting a Hellcat in the near future because every single detail of the custom, including the black rims, came together really well. The Hellcat art is what gets you to look twice, though.

12 Flower-Art Car Antique

via ArtCar Museum

This revamped antique wasn’t meant to be out on the streets once its latest upgrades started happening. Sitting in the ArtCar Museum in Houston, Texas, this peculiar car is admired by numbers of people daily.

The paint on this car exceeds any and all expectations.

Various colors blend together well, and this car owns the floral design. Swapping out all of the chrome finishes with gold intensifies the flowers on the body and the subtle beige base. The artist did a spectacular job creating a mood with the paint; this car has certainly earned its place in the ArtCar Museum.

11  The "Forever Awful" Car

via Pinterest

Little is known – or liked – about this car, but we can tell one thing’s for sure: a novice didn’t paint it. Upon little inspection, it’s apparent that the owner must be rather unusual because you scarcely ever see a custom-painted car with scuff marks, rust, and chipped paint. Most of the time, if you’re that obsessed enough with your car to get a custom paint job, then you’re unlikely to let go. Since the zombie is losing fragments of its brain as the car rolls down the road, it’s safe to assume that it connects to the “forever awful” quote written in pretty calligraphy on the passenger door. This is, by far, one of the most puzzling cars we’ve yet to see. Mystifying paint jobs a and lack of car care usually lead to a rather interesting story, though.

10 Psychedelic MP4-12C

via Daily Mail

We all know that those expensive luxury sports cars simply aren’t as common to modify. That’s because these cars tend to cost gobs of money to upgrade or customize – and how do you even upgrade something that’s already at the top of its game? The McLaren is one of these infamous supercars.

This particular model’s custom psychedelic paint job evokes a sense of deep sadness when you discover its actual cost.

This MP4-12C may be known for its serious price, but no one ever saw a $117k paint job coming. It was custom-painted by Hamann Motorsport inspired by the classic 1970s BMW Art Cars. Though it may be an absurdly expensive paint job, it reminisces through a brief history of Art Cars, and it's even started a trend among the supercar community.

9 Hustlerz Club Impala

via Tokyo Tuner

Believe it or not, this 1964 Impala actually stole the show in Tokyo for its bold look. The entire body is covered in this stunning candy paint job. It’s highly evident, especially when you’re up close and personal, that this Impala was put in the right hands. There’s an outstanding attention to detail in the paint, which has really taken this car to the next level. The pattern even continues to the undercarriage as well as the wheel arches. Whether or not this stunning classic is your cup of tea, most can agree that the paint job was executed very well.

8 Joplin Beetle Bug

via Pinterest

This unique little gem was spotted in a coastal region of Mexico, which is easy to see from the tropical paint. It was suggested in the online community that this Beetle was meant to be a tribute to Janis Joplin. Who can argue with that? So, the name stuck.

The Joplin bug was very clearly painted by an artist, not a car painter. The paint is very raw on the car; little – if any – top coating was put onto the car, as is the case with many other hand-painted throwbacks.

If you can’t love the hand-painted scene, you should at least have some respect for the originality of the art itself. The flowers and feathers are diverse, bold, and significant. This Beetle may have been treated as a joke, but it’s actually a unique little car.

7 The Spongebob Squarepants Car

via Pinterest

The famous TV Show Spongebob Squarepants has always earned itself a crowd ever since its debut in the early 90s, and it's no surprise that so many people have felt inspired to adorn their car in honor of the spongy yellow optimist. But this car may have taken things a little too far. In the online arena, there’s heavy debate surrounding the Spongebob car, but we can almost all agree that the paint job is pretty audacious. Many people can’t handle its loud exterior. Even though it’s been criticized extensively, the paint has been done pretty well, all things considered. For one, the Spongebob cast looks very accurate and was well planned out. It may be difficult to get past the bright colors at first, but the Spongebob car is one of those that will never be totally forgotten.

6 The Colorful Gallardo

via YouTube

At first glance, this Gallardo seems to have no clue what it’s doing. Nearly every other panel takes on a completely new color. Although it seems like this paint job may be a bit anti-climactic for a car as famous as a Lamborghini, you can’t discard the work entirely. The ostentatious Gallardo is covered in a matte rainbow. As we mentioned earlier, the panels are varying shades, but the paint splatters and the peculiar design on the side of the car reveal that there's even more variety of color than originally thought. The peering eyes go unnoticed on the first impression, but the more you look at this car, the more you begin to see.

5 Giant Squid Scion

via Pinterest

It’s not exactly evident what made someone decide that a giant squid would be the perfect thing to have painted on a boxy compact. But you have to give that person some credit for opting for something with this amount of detail because it could be a little pricey.

And even if this Scion has a few flaws in its style such as unevenly placed portholes, it still deserves some credit.

The matching rims are quite impressive. It’s pretty clear that there was definitely a mastermind behind this devious paint. No matter how unseemly the bright and bold body art seems, the giant squid Scion was certainly carried out with style.

4 Wind-Tunnel UV-Paint California T Ferrari

via Robot Space Brain

It can be a thick pill to swallow looking at a car worth more than most people will make in a lifetime being haphazardly painted by wind. Yes, wind. This UV paint was a brilliant attempt at art. Fabian Oefner is a multi-faceted artist who simply wanted to experiment on a prized set of wheels: a California T Ferrari. Since wind tunnels are subjects of perpetual research, oftentimes testing the air moving around solid objects, it’s not so outlandish to sprinkle a little UV paint into the mix. This idea of natural chaos is part of the inspiration behind this concept. Watching the black car take on a multitude of neon colors evokes a slight sense of satisfaction, even if it is a waste of a Ferrari.

3 John Lennon's Rolls-Royce

via Pinterest

John Lennon, obviously well known for his hippie style, has been a music icon for decades. When you’ve set out to customize a car, what better source of inspiration is there than Lennon himself? This car was Lennon’s very own Rolls-Royce, which he had custom painted with a slightly unconventional design.

The car has been preserved and even restored to maintain the original look that Lennon had intended.

It’s hard to believe that this far-out paint job is actually covering the body of an expensive luxury vehicle. The spunky color scheme brings the car to a level of humbleness; it’s no longer an intimidating luxury sedan and has become an inviting four-door car.

2 Beach-Scene Charger

via Pinterest

An antique Charger would be one of the most predictable victims of custom paint, and this one is absolutely no exception. Many people in the online realm find this custom beach scene to be distasteful. We’re not exactly sure where we stand, but it's safe to note that this is definitely an especially random style. The paint job itself isn’t inherently bad; it just looks like it may belong to a completely different body style – and probably a newer model as well. Regardless of your biases, the ombre fade looks very sleek and pretty. The mountainous beach scene is pretty even if it hasn’t found its ideal canvas.

1 Oriental Car

via Art Car Museum

So few cars known to man have ever looked as extraordinary as this Art Car. It has obvious Asian influences underlying the entire design, but what really gets you are the incredibly high-quality details. And even that could be downplaying it a bit; this artist was obsessive about getting each and every part of this paint job to be unequivocally original.

The animals and figures were so well painted, but the billowing clouds, waves, and flames are what initially jump out at you.

The body has become not only a canvas but also a book. The entire painting seems to unfold a scene. With several little forests and characters spread across the body, it’s difficult to decide where to even begin to look. If you’re stuck staring at this one for a while, we completely understand.

Sources: artcarmuseum.com, pinterest.com, reddit.com

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