18 Ugly Custom Chargers We'd Rather Dodge

The Dodge Charger is a great car, but some owners have tarnished them with questionable mods.

The Dodge Charger is one of the most iconic cars of all-time, helped in part by the hit series The Dukes of Hazzard that saw the gang driving around in a 1969 version of the car. But you don't have to love the series to have fallen in love with the different variations of the vehicle that Dodge has put out over the years of the vehicle.

That being said, you might have to think the Dodge Charger is the nicest car in the world if you are going to be able to look at some of these customizations and still come away with a positive impression. Because while there was a solid amount of work that was put into some of the modifications on this list, the end result is a list full of Chargers that you would probably much rather Dodge than actually drive around in yourself. 

In some cases, it is something like the wheels selected that help pull away from the overall aesthetic of the car. But at least in those instances you can always go and get your wheels adjusted. That's not as easy with some of the other modifications, like someone who took the top off their Charger or another who used their car to pay homage to Spongebob Squarepants, which may be a successful television show but probably has no business being represented as heavily as it does below. But perhaps that means that all you can hope for is that those people had thought long and hard before they went ahead and made such a drastic alteration! 

18 Pretty Easy To Spot What Spoiled This Car

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There are some vehicles out there that definitely benefit from the addition of a spoiler. But the Dodge Charger is not one of those cars. Because by adding a spoiler to the back of the car, as this car enthusiast decided to do, is something that is only going to take away from the overall look of the car.

As well as probably provide no actual purpose that makes their car more efficient or enjoyable to drive.

Though at least if there were two grey Chargers sitting beside each other in the parking lot, at least this owner would be able to quickly spot what one they own.

17 Soak It Up

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What is your favourite animated show? For myself, I am a huge fan of the Batman Animated Series that aired in the 1990s, but for people who don't love superheroes as much (and are perhaps a bit younger than me), Spongebob Squarepants is definitely an entertaining way to spend the afternoon. But just because it's a great time to sit down with your friends and perhaps engage in a little bit of Spongebob Squarepants and feel nostalgic, does not mean that you needed to go out and transform your car into a homage to the character. But perhaps this owner knew that was what they were going to do when they got their car in yellow.

16 Should Have Used Saints Colours

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If you are a fan of the New Orleans Saints, there are several assumptions that I might be able to make of you as a person. You are probably a huge fan of Drew Brees, who has been an outstanding quarterback for the franchise including helping lead the team to a Super Bowl victory. You are probably used to tearing your hair out at the questionable decision making of your defense. And you also probably hate the Atlanta Falcons who are your bitter rival. But that last point makes this customization choice one that is particularly baffling as the owner got the Saints' "WHO DAT" cheer done in Falcons colors.

15 No Joke

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Batman may be the most recognizable superhero of all-time. Due in part not only to the awesome things that he is able to pull off but also because of the amazing villains that have been written over the years to face off against Batman.

None of whom has made a legacy in the world of comics quite like the Joker.

And while several different actors have also played the character, I don't know if there is anyone in the world, including those actors, who would be able to drive around in this Joker themed car and come away looking awesome as a result.

14 Camo Can't Hide This Tank

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Even if it is something that you think would be a lot of fun, there is probably never going to be a situation in your life that is going to occur where you find yourself getting to drive around in a tank. But if you do not get the opportunity to experience that, maybe you will make the decision to go and modify your car so that it looks like a tank; as this driver did. Though if you think this looks silly, which let's be honest, many people probably do, perhaps you'll agree that this is a style that you will not see yourself replicating at home. At least the camouflage color may make it harder for people to see!

13 Colour Clash

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It is possible you would be able to get excited to get into this car if it was just the one shade of blue. Or perhaps that shade of black. But when you take both of the shades and have them be as bland as what this owner did in homage to Mopar, you definitely may come away with a car that has had some questionable decisions done to it. Perhaps the two colors help make the car owner happy if they were unable to decide on one tone and this was just how they compromised, but even if that was the case, they still may have been happier if they had just been able to commit to one of the two colours and not both.

12 Not So Hot Wheels

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If you are driving around in a Dodge Charger it is very possible you may start to feel the need for speed and want to rip around on the road. But you need to remember that you are driving around in a vehicle that could cause some serious damage if you get into an accident.

And as a result, it is not something that should be treated like a toy.

Unlike Hot Wheels, which is a company that has created some of the most amazing car toys of all-time! Which means that if this owner wants to really embrace their speed demon ways, they'll do it by playing with some of their favourite Hot Wheels toys and not by driving recklessly.

11 This Belongs In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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There is no shortage of things in society that you can go out and purchase that allow the world to see just how much you love Star Wars. But there are not many things out there that would make that point as bluntly as the design that this person decided to go out and get for their Charger. And while that car may be a great way to start a conversation about Star Wars with strangers who they see gawking at the car, which is something the owner may enjoy, it is also something that may make many people want to stay well clear of. Especially if he drives like a Sith!

10 Reflective Wrap Is Definitely Unique

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There is definitely something unique about this Dodge Charger, but perhaps it starts to make a little bit more sense when you learn that the owner of the car had the aspirations to make his Charger "the baddest Hellcat in Vegas".

And while IncognitoWraps has been successful in the past, perhaps the reflective nature of the wrap is enough to leave you feeling like this Charger may have looked better just coming off the lot.

The website did, however, mention how excited the owner was to get the graphic done so perhaps beauty is just in the eye of the beholder! (Source: IncognitoWraps).

9 Combining Camouflage With Matte

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There is perhaps something that just seems a little bit contradicting than getting a camouflage design done on your Dodge Charger, which at least gives the impression of blending in, and then also getting it in matte which can help make your car stand out. But when you consider the colour scheme that they went with for the camouflage, hiding in the shadows is probably not what they were intending! The car was done up by CarWrapCity, which perhaps at least gives you some confidence that the wrap was properly applied and may make you appreciate the amount of work that was put into this decision. Even if you may be wishing that it was better left off! (Source: CarWrapCity).

8 Done With Help From Swift Car Club

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When Chavo Rubio made the decision to purchase a Dodge Charger, he admitted that it was only because the price that his friend was asking for the car, was something that he just was not able to pass up. But Rubio has seemingly definitely put more than enough money into making the intricate modifications that he has had done to the Charger since that day. Several different people helped out with the modifications including the Swift Car Club of which Chavo became a member of and Triple J Custom Paint who are responsible for that startling colour that surely helps that car get recognized. (Source: MotorTrend).

7 The General Lee Has Seen Better Days

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The Dukes of Hazzard ended up running from 1979-1985 and remained popular enough in society that it was determined that there should be a movie made in 2005. And while the most memorable thing from the movie may have been Jessica Simpson, the most memorable thing about the series was the 1969 Dodge Charger.

It had the nickname General Lee, and has surely been replicated by many enthusiasts of the show over the years.

While the show was popular here at home, it was actually a Swedish company by the appropriate name of WrapZone that created this wrap which embraced a rusted aesthetic (Source: AutoEvolution).

6 Flame Up

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One of the last things that you should want to see when you are driving is any source of fire, especially if it is coming from your own vehicle. Though that does not stop people from thinking that putting flame designs on their car is a decision that improves the overall look of the car. Maybe they think that in doing so it gives the impression that the car is really racing down the road? This one, in particular, may be eye-catching due to the fact that the owner picked purple as being the main color of the car. But that is not always a good thing!

5 Gold Doesn't Guarantee A Luxurious Look

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It is definitely possible that some people like to express part of their personality through the vehicle that they decide to drive. And in the case of this Dodge Charger, it may absolutely seem like this is a person who seems more than comfortable living a life of luxury. Because you probably should not go out and get your car decked out in gold chrome if you were still counting the pennies in your bank account! The wrap job itself is not the worst in the world, but it does not take away from the overall gaudy look that you may much prefer dodging.

4 Get These Wheels Off

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There are many cars on our list that have earned their place due in part to the decisions the owners have made when it comes to what wheels they put on the car.

But I don't know if anyone's wheel choice was as offensive as these giant wheels that this person decided would help improve the aesthetic of the car.

You need to hope that the owner thinks the car is even more comfortable to drive around in on the big wheels, but it's not as if the Charger was hurting for functionality and comfort in the first place. But at least they can "save" this car by always electing for different tires!

3 Maybe Iron Man Would Drive It

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When I see this red and gold aesthetic my mind instantly goes to Iron Man. And to be fair, if it was Robert Downey Jr. that was stepping out of this car, you might even be willing to give it a thumbs up. But the reality, sadly, is that this car is probably not owned by Robert Downey Jr. And the even harsher reality is that the wheel choice, which is what really drives home the red and gold look, is perhaps the biggest mistake that the owner made when modifying their car. The small accents of gold on the handles and windows could be worse, but that does not mean it also will not make many people out there want to dodge this Charger!

2 Low N' Slow

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There are some things on your car that you probably do not need to find yourself modifying. And while you may want to change up the overall aesthetic of your wheels, you need to think long and hard before you make that decision. And if you find yourself thinking that you want to camber your wheels, as this driver has decided to do, you might also want to find yourself taking even longer to think about it. And in doing so, hopefully, will come away with the conclusion that this is not a good idea. And if you still have any doubts, just look at this car!

1 Not So Pretty In Pink

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If I had to express my own personal opinion as to what colours look the best on a car, I would probably go down a pretty long list before I agree that pink is a colour that looks good. Especially if agreeing to get your car done up in pink also means that you would go out and get matching tires. Which may be beneficial if you want to consider the overall cohesion of the look, but the reality is also a car that is perhaps an even bigger eyesore. Though you definitely would not be able to say you did not see this car in traffic!

Sources: MadWheels.com, Deviantart.com, Reddit.com

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