20 Pictures Of Custom Corvettes That Look Better Than Any Ferrari

Here are 20 Pictures Of Custom Corvettes That Look Better Than Any Ferrari

There's a high possibility that your mind drives to a beautiful Chevrolet Corvette when you’re asked to list the top 3 US cars of all time. The Corvettes have proven numerous times that they're one of the greatest household names in the US.

We've seen both the great and the small, ranging from celebrities to politicians to star actors in Hollywood to tech geeks to anyone who understands what a good ride is, use Chevrolet Corvettes over the years. You shouldn’t be surprised, however, that Chevrolet has never stopped producing beautiful and classy cars that everyone wants to get his or her hands on.

To put this in numbers, Chevrolet motoring company has built over 1.5 million Corvettes within the past 6 decades. Ultimately, within this period, these Corvettes have been passed on to 6 different generations. That’s why we consider the Corvette a fantastic car.

In fact, it's so fantastic to the point that you have a nudge to cruise it while you’re actively busy during work hours in the office. It's so fantastic that it retunes the standard for “cool” amongst teenagers in different generations. And finally, it's fantastic as a supercar to the point that it’s the main topic of outlandish posters, elaborate scale models, and prudently hewed scotch decanters.

However, in this post, we’ll be beaming more light to the custom-made or aftermarket Corvettes. Truth be told, out of all the US-built cars, the Chevrolet Corvette brand is one of the most customized. That’s why we find more people buying both old and new Corvette cars just to customize them to their taste. Matter of fact, these Corvettes are customized so well that they make a Ferrari look more like a Prius when packed right next to it.

You don’t think so?

Keep reading. You'll be wowed by 20 custom Corvettes that have better looks than any Ferrari.

20 The Lingenfelter Corvette

Via Source KarlsKustom

It’s always amazing to see modern hot rods remodeled and taken back to the past, thus giving the car that classic and legendary look. That’s the case for this C6 Z06 Corvette.

It was customized back to the old to look exactly like a C2 Corvette, which is its legendary predecessor.

This mod was done by the Karl Kustom Corvettes for the Lingenfelter team. No doubt, they got their wish of having a Classic Corvette car with a modern engine. If you look closely at the car, you’ll notice that all the panels of the car have been replaced with a more classic C2 fiberglass panel.

Most of the exterior features were modified to look like the C2, except for the engine, which, of course, is the power plant. For this, they improved the engine to generate 660 horsepower with 427 lb-ft of torque.

This car is a pure case of “2 better than 1.”

19 2010 Grand Sports Custom Corvette

Via MotorTrend

It’s no surprise that this car gets the attention of everyone when it’s driven on the streets. Obviously, it’s because of the Synergy Green paint job on the Corvette. When closely observed, you may notice this Corvette has a great bite to back up its bark because of the Edelbrock supercharger that sits right on top of the 6.2L V8 engine that generates 700 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque.

This 2010 Grand Sports Custom Corvette also comes with a mod exhaust system that has a powerful look and performance. Apart from the fact that the paint job attracts a lot of eyes, the speed of this car isn't something any nearby looker or police highway patrol can neglect since this car can hit a top speed of 230 mph.

18 The ‘Crush’ Custom Corvette

Via Mototrend

If you’re a fan of orange drinks like the Orange Crush Soda, you'll obviously love this custom Corvette mod. I’m not too sure if this car mod was done as part of a marketing campaign for the makers of Orange Crush Soda, but one thing that’s certain is that this custom Corvette would draw the attention of any passerby on the streets.

The orange color of this custom C6 Corvette extends to the interior of the car. The truck carpet and even the interior seat carpets are all orange in color. So also are the doors and the headlamps.

If you look carefully, you'll see an inscription “Crush’r” on the door and on the license plates.

Obviously, this car customization is related to Orange Crush Soda, whether it was for the company or perhaps a fan of the soda, as this picture says it all. However, one striking feature you can’t see by just staring is the 500-horsepower and 450 lb-ft torque improvement on the powerhouse.

17 The ‘Wild Beast’ C6 Custom Corvette

Via Mototrend

Since we've been talking about custom Corvette cars that are catching the attention of passersby on the streets, we decided to add this one. The "wild beast," as it’s called, is an attractive Custom Chevrolet Corvette C5 series that any Corvette fan will die to have parked in his or her garage.

Another beautiful modification done to this car is the scissors-styled door of the Lamborghini that was used for both the left and right doors, which gives the best of both worlds. It also has a few eagle stickers, a rear spoiler, chrome under-hood dress-up covers, custom black striping, and a rear spoiler that gives it a more beautiful look.

16 1970 C6 Corvette convertible

Via Mototrend

The oval-shaped track race stickers, brown pinstripes, and its yellow paint job are purely good distractions from the original look of the stock convertible Chevrolet Corvette C6. When you take a good look at this car, you'll notice it has some beautifully designed airbrush themes, which prove to us that the art of airbrushing didn’t go with the '70s.

The owner of this Corvette must be quite patriotic to have the stars, stripes, and bald eagle airbrushed on the Corvette even though he'll have to pay fines for any violations.

The engine was also raised to produce 550 horsepower and 490 ft-lb torque, which make it a solid machine.

15 The 1962 Corvette Custom Convertible

Via carsbikesbacon

Apart from the fact that this 1962 custom Corvette convertible has an attractive atomic-orange paint job, it’s also portable and cute enough for your partner to have as a birthday gift. This 1962 Custom Corvette convertible has a '67 custom-style hood with a customized fire design on the black stripe of the hood.

The 1962 Corvette also features a new 5-speed gear transmission, which is merged with a V8 engine that generates an upgraded 590 horsepower and 520 ft-lb of torque, which give this car a top speed of 230 mph.

If you love to be entertained or to entertain your buddy on the passenger seat, you won’t be disappointed, as this Corvette has a DVD player with the option of plugging your iPhone into the auxiliary port.

14 The 1963 "Raytona" Custom Corvette

Via corvetteblogger

When this laser-blue-looking 1963 custom Corvette, also known as the “Raytona,” was placed for auctioning at the Las Vegas Convention center, it caught the eyes of many even if it wasn’t bought by anyone because of its exorbitant price. This beautiful-looking custom Corvette was made by the Painthouse co., which resides in Cypress, Texas.

As the shiny laser-blue paint job shined and glossed in the Summer Sun, many car enthusiasts gathered around it to take pictures of it.

No surprise, the light-blue block hood on the car gave it a unique look and feel alongside GT tires that give the car a solid grip on the tar.

The 1963 Raytona is powered by an upgraded 355-horsepower engine alongside a 5-speed gear transmission. One striking thing is the Ferrari-like interior theme that gives the inside that Ferrari look–and manages to beat the latter on overall looks.

13 The Custom Corvette Stingray

Via corvetteblogger

Who won’t love this custom Corvette Stingray? Who won’t stare? Those are the exact sentences that might probably pop into your mind when you see this picture. Obviously, it’s one thing to see a beautiful white convertible custom Corvette with red stripes, but it’s even greater when you see 2 little cuties having their own custom-made Corvette Stingray like their Grandpa’s.

This custom Corvette Stingray is a 1969 model that was remodeled to have a modern look and feel with an upgrade to the engine, which makes it generate 590 horsepower with 499 ft-lb of torque.

12 The George Barris 1963 Custom Corvette

Via corvetteblogger

George Barris is truly a custom car guru to have brought this 1963 Corvette to something as beautiful and attractive as this. No wonder, the car gained a huge reputation on many automotive publications–both online and paper. As matter of fact, the car was featured in many car shows.

The 1963 Corvette is called "Asteroid." It has a stunning metallic-copper finish, which gives it that awesome glossy look under the summer sun. The car also has a beautiful interior that complements its exterior: a white swathed pearl blended with copper accents.

Also, the customized chromes give the bodywork a feel that keeps it astern of the front wheels, which are incorporated with big GT tires, making the car look muscular. 

And we can't forget the upgraded 456 horsepower and 400 ft-lb of torque that the engine possesses, which make this car a master of speed.

11 The 1963 "Black Widow" Rod Saboury Custom Corvette

Via corvetteblogger

This 1963 Corvette is another custom car that got its place on this list by merit, not just because it was made by renowned custom car expert, Rod Saboury, who's done other great car mods that hit the headlines of many automotive publications. It’s really listed here because of the car’s features.

The “Black Widow,” as Rod Saboury calls it, is a 1963 Chevrolet ZR1 that was upgraded by Rod to have a supercharged LS9 V8 engine that generates 638 horsepower with a 6-speed manual gear transmission, which gives the car the ability to beat 60 mph in 8.9 seconds.

No doubt, the “Black Widow” has a state-of-art beauty with its perfect paint blend of black and red. These colors give it that unique and luxury feel. You shouldn’t be surprised at the awesomeness of this car–after all, it took Rod 8 months to get it to what it is now.

10 Tony Pitt's Black Stingray Custom Corvette

Via corvetteblogger

When you talk about top custom Corvettes, it’s almost impossible not to mention Tony Pitt’s black stingray. The idea behind Tony’s Corvette was to replicate one that was built by Zora. The car in question is the 1957 SS Corvette. After the car was built, Bill Mitchell took a tour around Detroit with it.

Tony’s Black Ray stood out even though it was based on a 1978 Corvette C3 chassis that was short by 2 inches. This car was built for Tony by the Corvette Kingdom of Norfolk. When you take a good look at the bodywork of the car, you’ll notice a clam-shell style opening at the front and the rear.

As for the part you’re itching for, this Corvette uses a 350 ci engine.

9 John Caravaggio’s C7 Corvette -1

Via Caravaggio Corvettes

John’s custom Corvette 1 is another amazing piece of art that has impressive custom linen leather in its interior. The reason why there's a “1” attached to this Corvette is that it has a twin called “2.”

If you have a thing for black gloss finishes, all you need to do is take a peep at the back of the custom Sebring seats, the steering wheel, and the dash.

Since John wanted an OEM look, he rescreened the Corvette emblem onto the steering wheel. He also explored further to give it a European look by adding thumb grips.

He also experimented on the outside by making the front grille matte black while the headlights and original carbon flash trim pieces are gloss black.

8 John Caravaggio’s C7 Corvette -2

Via Caravaggio Corvettes

Since John’s Corvette-1 is black, the Corvette-2, which is the twin, is silver. The same way identical twins look alike but are different applies to this Corvette. This Corvette has a more luxurious touch, and this is evident with its custom Bengalot leather interior.

It also has custom Sebring race seats in it with a carbon-fiber bezel in front and a Bengalot carbon-fiber shell. It seems like John loves carbon fiber because it was also displayed on the steering wheel, the door panels, and the dash.

Apart from the Alcantara carpet and thumb grips that were added on the steering wheel, John made sure the interior matched the silver color on the exterior. He did this by painting all the original carbon flash trim, the headlights, and the pillars with silver.

7 N2A's "Devil Ray" Custom Corvette

Via N2amotors

The Devil Ray designed by Gene Langmesser and his N2A motors is a Corvette that defines the 21st century Stingray. This is obviously good news for those that wished that the 1963-67 Stingrays came with modern technology.

Another interesting thing about the Devil Ray is the fact that it comes in three versions for you to be able to make a choice.

The first version has a leather interior, Devil Ray exhaust tips, carbon composite body panels, an automatic or manual 6-speed transmission, and over 440 horsepower.

The second version is the Devil Ray GT. This Corvette comes with an interior accent package, a retro wheel package, premium leather, a wooden steering wheel, a 7.0-L, a premium sound system, and over 500 horsepower.

The third version is the Devil Ray RR. This version is regarded as a race-ready Corvette with its racing wheels, ultimate body accents, carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes, and supercharged LS9 V8 6.2-L engine. This engine gives out a maximum power of 630 hp, torque of 604 lb-ft, and a maximum speed of 205 mph.

6 Ecklers 1973 Corvette Custom "Hatchback"

Via barnfinds

As far back as 44 years ago, the 1973 Corvette Hatchback was a trend. Even though one issue that the early C3 Corvettes had was storage, Ecklers Hatchback sorted out this issue. This is the reason why it was a hit with the automotive press back in the days.

In fact, this Corvette entered a competition that took place in Orlando, and it took first place for being a full custom. When you compare the features of this Corvette to the year it was produced, you’d notice that it was upgraded to a decade ahead of its time.

The exterior finish of this Corvette has one coat of clear lacquer that has Pearle particles, nine color coats of Emberlite black lacquer, and 10 coats of clear lacquer that were hand rubbed.

5 1979 "Purple Disco" Custom Corvette

Via barnfinds

The reason why this custom Corvette has "purple disco" in its name is that in 1979, when this Corvette was built, it stood out, making it pretty easy for it to find a new owner. With the purple color on its exterior, you can bet that it got a whole lot of attention.

It uses an L82 V8 engine that has the ability to produce a maximum power of 220 hp. Other options of this Corvette include the glass T-tops and the light-beige interior. However, it uses an original R12 A/C system, which means that for you to use it to your satisfaction, you’d need to recharge the A/C.

4 The 1963 "Specvette" Custom Corvette Stingray

Via Heartland customs

When it comes to a fabulous custom Corvette build, the 1963 Specvette is the second. It appears to be one of the coolest resto-mod Corvettes you’d come across. This Corvette was done by Heartland.

The Specvette happens to be a 1963 Corvette Stingray Coupe that uses an LS3 crate engine.

This engine produces a maximum power of 525 horsepower. It also uses a TREMEC five-speed manual transmission.

The Specvette comes with custom six-piston calipers, a switchable exhaust system that directs the exhaust either out the rear or through the side pipes, adjustable traction control, and a Pro+ 14.”

3 Ivan Tampi's "XIK Widebody" C7 Corvette Stingray

Via Ivan Tampi Customs

From the name of this Corvette, you can tell that it has a wide body. The Corvette was originally done by Forgiato and others. After some time, the upgraded version was done by Ivan Tampi customs. This brought about the XIK Widebody.

However, only about 100 sets of this Corvette were produced, and each of them is numbered with a certificate of authenticity. When you take a good look at this Corvette, you’ll observe that it has some more inches added to it than the stock Corvette Stingray.

The XIK Widebody has 14 different panels that support the stock factory mounting. Apart from the fenders being made of carbon fibers, the front and the rear are painted as well.

2 Forgiato's Widebody Z06 Custom Corvette

Via tuningblog.eu

For the past two years, so many versions of the Widebody Stingray have been built in all sorts of wheel selections and colors. When Forgiato decided to do their version of the Arctic White Corvette Stingray, expectations weren't cut short because, as expected, car enthusiasts loved it.

They made the rear end wider to accommodate the huge-sized rear tires that appear to be riding on Forgiato’s 21-inch candy-apple-red wheels at the rear and the 20-inch wheels on the front side.

Initially, the Corvette produced 650 hp, but Forgiato’s version produces a maximum power of 800 hp.

1 Sylvester Stallone's 1968 Custom Corvette

Via Taggart Autosport

No doubt, being in Sylvester Stallone’s 1968 custom Corvette can make you a champion in every way because it uses a powertrain that's worth $30,000. It also comes with marine fuel injection, Brodix Pro Stock Heads, a Donovan aluminum big-block, a Lakewood Bellhouse and Hayes flywheel, a Keisler clutch, and a custom gas tank.

It also uses an Electromotive TEC3 ignition and ECU. Other features of this car that contribute to its price include a vintage air conditioner, power steering, brakes, Baer six-piston calipers, five-speed transmission, a CD player, and a race-braced frame—all this in a 1968 car.

Sources: motortrend.com; n2amotors.com; barrett-jackson.com

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