15 Ugly Custom Honda Civics That Defy All Logic And Reason

The Honda Civic is a very popular car to customize, but some people went way overboard on their projects.

There is nothing wrong with looking at your vehicle and deciding that you may be getting a little bit bored with how it looks or feels on the road. And if that is a feeling that starts to become a constant one whenever you drive, then you may start to think about adding some different customizations to your car to help make it feel like new again. But that is a decision that you should not take lightly. Because if you do it without thinking, it is very possible that you are going to end up ruining the overall look of the car. And if you don't believe me in that statement, then you definitely will by the time you get to the end of this list.

Especially because unmodified, the Honda Civic is a perfectly nice car that definitely won't stand out, but also won't offend people who see the regular one on the road. Which just might make it all the more mystifying as to why these owners decided to modify their Civic. And in the process came away with a result that defied all logic and reason.

Some of these may be particularly offensive when you factor in that they are not just very ugly to look at, but may also cause some extra safety concerns for anyone who has the displeasure of having to interact with them on the road. Which means you may just be hoping that the only time you ever have to interact with these Civics, is when you are enjoying this list of 20 of the most bizarre custom ones!

15 Those Wheels Really Need To Go

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One of the most important parts of your vehicle are the wheels. Which makes the decision making ability of this next Honda Civic owner all the easier to scratch your head at.

Because not only is this a look that is drastically less appealing than the original, but cambering wheels that thick is something that is just not needed.

They also seemed to have come to the decision that they should add a spoiler to the back of their car, but perhaps mercifully, you don't have to get a very good look at it from the angle of this particular photo.

14 At Least This Car Is Colourful

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There is definitely a lot of bright colour going on with the next entry on our list. But just because the car is bright and will surely catch your eyes whenever you would get the chance to see it, does not mean it would be something that you are happy about having to experience. The modifications to the doors, not to mention the changes to the front of the car, are just some of the reasons as to why you may find yourself thinking this Honda Civic defies all logic and reason. Though I do quite like the stars on the wheels!

13 Scarier Than Any Monster

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When you were a young child it is very possible that you were afraid of monsters that lived under your bed. But what might be a lot scarier in your opinion than the monsters you imagined as a child is having to know that there is someone out there who thought they wanted to take their civic and wrap it in a skin that resembles a monster!

This car could have its own movie franchise, it is that scary.

Though perhaps you will be able to rest easy that the chances of you ever having to actually run into this driver has to be pretty slim, and if you do, hopefully it is while it is parked!

12 Talk About An Eyesore

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There is no question that the people who put the work into modifying this car must have wanted to do all they can to get the attention of anyone who came across this car. But that shade of blue, as beautiful as it is, is completely lost with the overall mess that this car is. You can argue that perhaps the grey adds some nice contrast, but the stripes across the windshield also look like a recipe for disaster. And as for the wheels, the fact that they are incredibly shiny may not be as important as making sure they are effective. Though the owner of this car probably isn't taking it out for many journeys that last too long, as heaven forbid the car gets dirty!

11 Too Many Issues To List

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If you were asked what your favourite colour is, there is no way I would be able to guess it. But those odds may improve dramatically if I asked you what your favourite colour was and I also happened to know that this was your car.

Because nobody gets that amount of pink added to their car without a serious level of appreciation for the colour.

Though the thing that you may find yourself appreciating the least about this car is that the owner decided to get Lamborghini doors added to it. Though the silver wheels also aren't winning them any points.

10 Snorkels Aren't Needed On A Civic

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There are some situations that you may find yourself in when you find it necessary to make sure you have a snorkel. When you are thinking about how to modify your car, is probably not one of those situations. At least not to the typical person, but perhaps this person deserves a pat on the back for not letting the "conventional" usage of a snorkel get them down. Though to be fair, they are not exactly going for the most typical style either when it comes to the gigantic spoiler that they elected to put on the back of their Civic.

9 Combining Rust With Teeth On The Front

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If you drove your vehicle for longer than you probably should have, I wouldn't necessarily blame you as the decision to purchase a new car is not something that should be taken lightly. But if you start to see things like rust develop on your car, it may be time to get a new one. And if you are out there and thinking that "fake rust" is also something that makes your car look appealing, you may also want to think again. Though what this driver did to the hood and roof of their car may not be as offensive as the shark teeth they got on the bottom.

8 Colour Clash

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It is very possible that this owner found themselves in a car accident and had to get part of their car replaced.

As a result of the accident, they may have come away with the look that you see above with a side of the car that looks mismatched.

And while it may have not been their fault that they ended in that position, there is also the chance that this owner thought that making these changes to the car actually improved the aesthetic of the car. And if that was the case, then you may find yourself holding a very different opinion!

7 This Camouflage Civic Is All Too Visible

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If you find yourself being particularly offended by this next car, maybe you can just make a joke to yourself about how you barely saw it there because it was camouflage and then just move on to the next entry of our list, which has a car that I assure you is a lot "easier to see". But if you do take the time to stare at this car, you may find several things that you hate about it, such as the large number of stickers that they decided to slap on the window of the car. Not to mention other "cool" little decals and bizarre tires .

6 Maybe Batman Would Like It

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If you are a fan of Batman, there is thankfully no shortage of amazing things you can watch (or read) to gain an even deeper appreciation of the Dark Knight. But if you were growing up in the 90s, it is very possible that there is no Batman related piece of media that brings forth a sense of nostalgia in you more than Batman: The Animated Series that among other accomplishments introduced the world to the character of Harley Quinn! And while the quality of work on this car may be well done, the money probably would have been better spent getting awesome memorabilia to have decorated your home with.

5 Zebra Civic

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If you were at an art gallery there is a very good chance that you may see a painting that would look very similar to what you are seeing on this car. But that's because this pattern is distracting to the eye, especially because it seems to be broken down into three separate parts.

Sadly for this driver, that means that their artistic flair would probably be a lot more appreciated by people in the art community than on the road.

Especially in comparison to the opinion that most people may have when they see this car on the road.

4 At Least The Truck Part Might Be Functional

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When it comes to the next entry on our list it is very possible you take a look at this car and realize that the idea of turning the back of it into a truck is far from the worst idea in the world. In fact, the execution of the idea isn't even all that bad. But it's still one that may get you scratching your head, especially when you see that they decided to fill that space, rendering the pickup half virtually decorative. Though if it gives you the inspiration to make a similar modification to your car, make sure you pay the necessary money to get it done right!

3 The Scrap Yard Came To The Civic

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It has to only be a matter of time before this driver finds himself being asked to pull over to the side of the road because a police officer has spotted them. Because with all of that junk over their car, there is no question that they are posing an unacceptable and unnecessary risk to everyone around them. It's hard to know what piece of "decoration" got this person started on their journey, but by this point, they are better off just scrapping the entire car than trying to take off the pieces. Let's just hope they don't make the same mistake again.

2 It's Not A Corvette

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There are many people out there who own Corvettes but find themselves pining after another car that they would much rather be driving instead.

Just like there are also many people out there who are driving around in cars, like say a Honda Civic, but have aspirations of one day getting to drive around in a Corvette.

But it's something that if you really want to do, you should just try and save up to, and not slowly turn your Civic into a Corvette; which is something that the next driver on our list seemed to think was a perfectly acceptable thing to do!

1 Can't Settle On A Colour

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I'm not too sure what the inspiration was behind this person's decision when it came to the modification of their Honda Civic. Because while the car would have looked fine, if not perhaps a little bit boring, if it had just stayed in white, their decision to essentially throw every color they could think of at it, is not one that is probably going to leave too many people impressed with their efforts. Though at the end of the day I suppose they just have to be the one to like it, but that may not find you from still thinking it defies all logic and reason.

Sources: Reddit.com, ZombieDrive.com, Motorverso.com

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