Custom Hot Rods Take On Demons, Hellcats, & Lamborghinis In Quarter-Mile Action

Brought takes on built hot rods at the drag strip in this intense video.

Custom Hot Rods Take On Demons, Hellcats, & Lamborghinis In Quarter-Mile Action

Watch a rotating cast of custom hot rods take on modern muscle and supercars in this drag race compilation video.

Do you like fast cars but prefer them to have a bit more history? A bit more character? Does the thought of strolling up to the line in a Dodge Demon grab you as a bit fake and inauthentic? Does your racer need to speak volumes about you as a person and what you think is important?

Then we’ve got good news for you: you’re hardly alone. There are quite a few folks over in Mission, British Columbia that feel the same way and have brought their custom rides to take on the best that modern automotive technology has to offer.

Starting with these custom Ford F-150 taking on a Dodge Demon. We already know the Demon is one hell of a car, and more importantly, a hell of a drag racer. With 840 hp routed to a set of drag radials, the Demon is capable of running a full quarter-mile in under 10 seconds. It will take some serious firepower to challenge a Demon.

It seems like this F-150 might have what it takes. It might be old, but that just means it’s smaller and lighter than the current F-150 model. It’s also supercharged, judging by the “supercharged” badge running down the side. As to what’s under the hood, we can’t really answer that as there is no hood for it to be under. All we know is there’s a massive stack jutting from the nose of that beast that looks at least as intimidating as the Demon’s reputation.

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Check out the video below to see who wins.

Next up, we have a Dodge Challenger Hellcat taking on a first-gen Challenger. The Hellcat isn't quite a Demon, but it's still got over 700 horsepower. As for the Challenger, when it was new it had maybe half of the Hellcat's power, but this is hardly a new Challenger. This thing has obviously been lovingly restored and then given something special to its engine, judging by how quickly it launches off the line.

After that, we have a Corvette Z06, a Lamborghini Huracan, and another Dodge Demon take on hot rods of all shapes and sizes. You never know what you’ll get until you see them in action.

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