8 Custom Jeeps That Look Weak (And 10 That Could Tear Down A Mountain)

Many Jeep owners like to customize their rides for performance, but others simply make them look unacceptable.

There are many reasons as to why you may enjoy owning a Jeep vehicle. Or if you do not own one, why you may have aspirations as to one day owning one. But when you are picturing your "dream Jeep" in your head, you probably are not going to be picturing anything from the negative side of our list. Especially if you have the idea in your head of buying a Jeep because you want the ability to take it off-roading. Because some of the weaker Jeeps on our list make it seem like the very idea of going anywhere but the road is enough to make them tremble.

Though the person who decided to paint flowers all over their car probably still has an overall level of appreciation for nature! When it comes to the other side of our list though, you may understand why some of these photos are taken while the Jeep is scaling over rocks or seeming at one with nature.

All of the Jeeps on our list have been customized in some way, which means that even if they land on the negative side of the list, let's just hope that the owner of the Jeep still is able to love their vehicle and is also aware of the potential limitations that might come with it! But if they look at their "weak" Jeep and find themselves wishing it looked more like the ones on the other side of the list, then at least they would not be alone in that thought.

These are 10 custom jeeps that look weak (and 10 that could tear down a mountain)

18 Weak: I Will Not Have A Jeep Day Tammy

via rebrn.com

When you look closely at this vehicle, you can decipher that it is owned by a woman who goes by the name of Tammy. Tammy clearly has several things in her life that she is passionate about, such as Unicorns, which she has decided make the perfect thing to put on a personalized plate that can be seen on the front of your car.

Tammy also loves making her car look like it has a face, adding eyelashes and a smile.

But the question that you might be wondering more than anything is why on earth go with a lime green and pink aesthetic?

17 Weak: Some Serious Mistakes With This Jeep

via tuglife.com

If you are going to make modifications to the tires that you put on your car, you need to know that many people are going to be forming an opinion about it, so hopefully, it is something you take very seriously. Not to mention picking tires that serve an aesthetic purpose but not being practical is a decision that could cost you your life! And while it may not be the most offensive thing in the world to see giant tires on a Jeep in comparison to like on a Smart Car, this entry should perhaps be proof enough that awful tires on a Jeep is still something that is pretty offensive to you to see.

16 Weak: Pink And Stripes Need To Go

via pinimg.com

If you are going to be thinking about all the different aspects when it comes to this car, one of the things you might want to consider is that they clearly had no intention of ever making their Jeep look tough. After all, you just do not go ahead and get that choice in seats - not to mention the roof and tires that have also embraced the pink aesthetic - and also have the expectation that you are going to leave people intimidated by your car.

It looks like something Fred Flintstone might drive.

But that also means this vehicle probably has no business being anywhere near off the road.

15 Weak: Don't Stretch Out A Jeep

via twitter.com

If you want to ride around in a limousine, more power to you. I would hope that there is a special reason as to why you are doing that - or you know, you're just rich - but it is definitely something that can be fun. But who on earth is going to find themselves being comfortable if they were asked to go and do some off-roading in this car? Because while at least they didn't ruin some aspects of the car, there is surely enough there that makes you doubt it would be considered strong enough to tear down a mountain.

14 Weak: Definitely Hear Them Coming

via youtube.com

When you are driving around one of the best things about that experience may be the fact that you are also blasting some of your favourite music. Though nobody likes to hear other people's music when they are driving or trying to jam, so try and make sure you are listening at a respectful level. But there seems to be no way that would be possible when it comes to the next entry on our list.

Talk about making a statement.

These Because those speakers - while it would be great if they didn't work (and even greater if they did not exist - are sure to let the world know whatever it is they choose to listen to.

13 Weak: Not An Offroad Stance

via carthrottle.com

I am sure it would be a very hard argument to convince the owner of this next vehicle that their Jeep modifications do not make them look tougher. After all, they slanted the headlights. They decided to camber the wheels - though don't even get us started on that decision. But while this person may have tried to look tough, the keyword of that sentence may be tried. This is definitely not going to be running the Rubicon trail anytime soon.

12 Weak: Baller 4 Life

via reddit.com

If you want to insult the NBA, the first thing that you might want to go in on is the fact that the Golden State Warriors are almost surely going to end the next season as the champions again. Though one thing that may also be a guarantee after how things have been shaking down in Minnesota with Jimmy Butler - is that Timberwolves fans may be in for a long season. Something that this driver from Minnesota who proudly claims that he is a baller for life, which also sadly means he has a love of basketball. Though that may not be as bad as if they are actually just bragging about being a baller.

11 Weak: Flower Power

via pinimg.com

With the number of flowers that this person has put on their Jeep - not to mention the lovely butterfly - it is probably a fair assumption to say that the owner is a huge fan of getting to enjoy the outdoors. But if they found themselves taking this Jeep on a long road trip or a trip off into the wilderness, they may have to accept the fact that those flowers are going to get covered in dirt and significantly reduce the aesthetic of the vehicle. But regardless of where they take the Jeep, you may be in agreement that flowers and butterflies do not exactly paint the "toughest" image!

10 Strong: Truck Hero Standing Out From The Competition At SEMA 2017

via cjponyparts.com

If you find yourself spending some time in Las Vegas there are many things that you can do to have a great time. And if you are fortunate enough to go in August, you may find yourself attending the SEMA car show that takes place in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

There are over 1,500 customized vehicles that show up every year.

While there are several fantastic Jeeps, this one that was created by the company Truck Hero, has the chance to be the nicest one that anyone at the show got to see! And if you disagree, I'm sure the people involved still had to be pleased with how their efforts came together.(Source: CJPonyParts).

9 Strong: The Punisher Would Look Awesome In This

via motonetworks.com

It is possible that you could make the decision to get a superhero design added to your vehicle and come away making your car actually look weaker as a result, especially if you do not pay to get the work done properly. But the odds are definitely going to be in your favour of improving the "tough" factor of your car if the superhero that you decide to put on your vehicle is a homage to The Punisher. Making this vehicle look all the tougher is the awesome photo of the driver clearly looking comfortable as he climbs over rocks.

8 Strong: Iron Cross Automotive Looking Fantastic

via autoguide.com

If you are a fan of Iron Cross Automotive, it may be due to the fact that you have purchased one of the various things that they sell that can help improve the aesthetic (at least in their opinion) of your Jeep. But the most extreme example when it comes to showing off an appreciation for  Iron Cross Automotive comes from this next vehicle that manages to look very tough; due in part to the excellent execution of the camo skin that has been applied to the Jeep. And if look at this Jeep and find that you actually hate it, maybe just pretend you do not actually see it?

7 Strong: Hauling A Boat And Looking Awesome

via bcdi.us

There are some vehicles on the other side of this list that if you asked them to tow anything that has any significant weight to it, the owner may find themselves sweating and trying to come up with an excuse because they have customized their vehicle in a way that makes that hard to accomplish.

That is not the case for this Jeep owner though who I am sure is more than happy with the fact that they can tow things like this fantastic looking boat.

Even if it means they are also all the more disappointed when the weather makes boating something that is not feasible.

6 Strong: This Jeep May Have Never Looked Better

via cjponyparts.com

If you were attending a car show in 2017, like SEMA in Las Vegas, you may find yourself expecting to see a lot of cars that are relatively recent to the market. As just because a car may be "new" does not mean that people are going to shy away from customizing it. But when it comes to this next eye-catching entry that was created by the company Mopar, the vehicle being modified was actually from 1966! Though it's possible that, that fact, makes you fall even more in love with this vehicle and be even more impressed with what the company was able to create. (Source: CJPonyParts).

5 Strong: Covered In Mud

via autoinfluence.com

If you are a fan of Brad Paisley, then one of your favourite things to do may be to get into your truck (or something similar) blast the song "Mud on the Tires" and set off for an adventure with your best buddies. And while this Jeep might not look as physically imposing as some of the other Jeeps that have made an appearance on the tough side of our list, there is by no means a Jeep that should be giving off any impression of weakness! Though the owner of this Jeep may have to accept the fact that it is definitely time to take their car in for a deep clean.

4 Strong: DrivingLine Showing Us An Amazing Jeep

via drivingline.com

The website DrivingLine had the opportunity to take an exclusive photoshoot with this amazing looking Jeep. Which is something that I am sure they were very grateful for as the Jeep must have looked even better up close, and is something that I am sure you are also grateful that I have decided to include in this list.

Because while the modifications under the hood are impressive, the overall aesthetic of the car is also one that should surely leave many people amazed.

And as a result should also definitely not leave anyone thinking that this car fits any definition of the word weak! (Source: DrivingLine).

3 Strong: Crawltek Going Over Some Rocks

via shopify.com

It is possible that one of the best things that this Jeep has going for it is the fact that whoever came up with the idea of this photo shoot had an awesome idea. Because if you had any reason to doubt that this vehicle was tough and deserved to be on the positive side of the list, just look at how badass it looks while sitting on top of some rocks? The only thing you might have to worry about if you take this bad boy camping is that you have brought enough supplies to make the trip a comfortable one!

2 Strong: Perhaps The Biggest Jeep We've Seen

Via cjponyparts.com

One of the best things about reading this list is hopefully that you get to see no shortage of different ways that people have modified their Jeeps, for better or worse. And while the customization that was done on this Jeep was extreme - such as adding extra wheels to it - it definitely did not make the end result of the Jeep look weaker. Especially when you factor in the impressive hauling capacity of the Jeep that is being displayed by the motorcycle that is on the back! Like the Jeep by Truck Hero and Mopar, this was also on display at SEMA 2017. (Source: CJPonyParts).

1 Strong: The Self-Proclaimed World's Toughest Jeep

via wayalife.com

When you put the amount of time and effort that the people did with this Jeep, it is only natural to be feeling confident about the end result. But the people at Off Road Evolution went as far as claiming that this is the World's Toughest Jeep. Which means that the decision to put it at the number one spot on our list is something that you may be able to understand at the very least. Even if some of the aspects - like the gold on the wheels - may have been better off left as an idea in the customizer's heads and not something that made the final look. (Source: YT).

Sources: CJPonyParts, CarThrottle.com, Reddit.com

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