This Custom Motorcycle Was Made With Random Parts & Looks Like It’s Ready For War

Made with love and literally every mechanical part you can think of, this custom made motorcycle is ready for war.

This Custom Motorcycle Was Made With Random Parts & Looks Like It’s Ready For War

This custom motorcycle is the post-apocalyptic Franken-bike straight out of Mad Max.

We have RideApart to thank for pointing us to this beautiful, handbuilt creation from Sam Turner, a former mechanic for the US Postal Service now turned custom gearhead. According to the publication, Sam learned to ride a motorcycle at age 8 and then learned to weld at age 12. So you know this guy is probably someone you’d want on your team during the zombie apocalypse.

Speaking of the zombie apocalypse, we’re definitely getting a post-societal vibe from this bike. Maybe it’s all the military-themed bits and doodads. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a diesel motorcycle with tires that seem big enough to be from the Batcycle. Maybe it’s the fact that this motorcycle is built from literally everything and the kitchen sink.

And yes, even the kitchen sink. On his Discovery Channel debut for the show Diesel Brothers, Sam points at a part of the motorcycle and says that it literally came from a kitchen sink.


The wheels are from a Toyota Camry. The intercooler is from a Suzuki Swift. The engine is an 840 cc Yanmar direct injection diesel V-twin from a cement mixer. The turbochargers are RHB31s attached on either side.

That’s right: this is a twin-turbo diesel bike.

Normally a motorcycle will have a chain driving the rear wheel and a bunch of gears for a transmission. Not this bike. Sam originally wanted to go with an electrified powertrain, but when that got too expensive he switched to a hydrostatic setup. The wheels are both turned by a hydraulic hub motors which are powered by a hydraulic gear pump. Those hub motors are from a salt spreader while the gear pump is from a log splitter.

The frame is made from literally everything that Sam had lying around the garage. A completely custom air suspension allows the bike to rest on its frame, but rise up several inches when it’s time to roll. It can also be adjusted to fit the weight of the driver.

We’re not entirely sure how much horsepower it has, but it’s got a lot of torque and a top speed of 98 mph. And according to the Diesel Brothers, rides a lot smoother than you’d expect.

It’s also the perfect ride for a post-apocalyptic protagonist.


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