10 Custom Motorcycles That Belong In Museums (And 7 That Belong In The Scrapyard)

Many custom motorcycles are so nice they look like art pieces, but some are better left in the junkyard.

There are some vehicles out there that are so beautiful that it would truly be a tragedy if something were to happen to them. Especially if the vehicle has been customized by the owner to look the way that it does. Which means that there are literally hundreds of hours of work in some cases being put into the modifications, not to mention perhaps even more money than they spent on the vehicle in the first place. For 10 of the owners on our list, they can rest easy that the work that they put into their motorcycle is going to be looked at in a positive light.

Though there is one motorcycle that pays homage to the Minnesota Vikings that if you are a fan of the Green Bay Packers, you may wish you could drive it off to the scrapyard and not give it any type of positive indication! But I hope you can put some of your Vikings hatred aside to acknowledge the skill that it would have taken to create the motorcycle. The other 10 motorcycles on our list, on the other hand, should perhaps make the next journey that they take be the one to the scrapyard. And even in that case, they might want to ask for someone to come and take their motorcycle away because driving it seems like it could be a death wish!

These are the 10 custom motorcycles that belong in museums (7 that belong in the scrapyard).

17 Museum: The Winner Of Best Budget Customization

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There is no question that there are some motorcycles on this list - including some you may find on the positive side - that you think are still a little too extreme for your taste and there is nothing wrong with having that opinion. But when it comes to this next entry on our list, Fraser Motorcycles did work hard to try and create a minimalist look - while still adding a small skull and crossbones to help complete the aesthetic.

This looks like the perfect specimen of a custom bike, a timeless template.

And though the cost of the customization was not listed, they were successful at coming away with the award for Best Budget Customization.

16 Museum: Vikings Fans Have Their New Favourite Bike

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If you are a fan of a team that hates the Minnesota Vikings - such as the Chicago Bears of Green Bay Packers - there is probably nothing that I am going to be able to say that convinces you that this motorcycle does not need to be burned. But if you are a fan of the Vikings (or perhaps are just even ambivalent to the franchise, after all, it's not like they've beaten your team in the Super Bowl), then you are probably understanding as to why this motorcycle has landed itself on the positive side of our list!

15 Museum: Perhaps Inspired By A Museum Exhibit

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If you find yourself spending some time in museums, it may be because you have a strong interest in different artifacts that have been recovered from different time periods. Such as going and looking at things like a sarcophagus. And when you consider the extreme amount of effort that this person went into making their motorcycle modified, you can also make the assumption that they have spent their fair share of time in museums!

The detail is incredible, and fit for a real pharaoh.

And if they have not yet had the opportunity to go and travel to different museums, then this motorcycle might be the perfect thing to road trip with.

14 Museum: Inspired By Fallout 3

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Millions of people have spent countless hours of their life playing the Fallout video game franchise. And when you consider Chris Riffel made the decision to create a motorcycle that is a replica of the one that you get in Fallout 3, you have to figure that he is one of the people who will always be excited to see what direction the franchise takes next. There are some aspects of the motorcycle - like not having a front brake - that also means it really is best found in a museum and not on the road! (Source: Silodrome).

13 Museum: Donkey Kong Wouldn't Smash This Motorcycle

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One of the most anticipated games of the year is releasing this December with Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The franchise has had several amazing games so far but the newest should blow them all away for several reasons; including the fact that every previous character will be playable. Which means that Donkey Kong will definitely be showing up to lay the smackdown. Something that I am sure this motorcycle owner will be thrilled to do if they also find themselves in possession of the game!

The only thing missing is those classic bongo drums.

Though it may also mean that this owner's friends are well aware of his preference and will do all they can to learn to counter him.

12 Museum: The Best Paint Job In The Competition

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The Judgement Day III challenge was put to help determine who in Australia and New Zealand was the best at customizing Harley Davidsons. And while this motorcycle did not end up claiming what you may consider the top prize of Best Overall Customization, it was still marked as one of the most outstanding motorcycles in the competition and is one that you might think could have easily won that prize. Not leaving empty handed, this motorcycle was named as the Best Paint competition. Fraser Motorcycles received the victory for this motorcycle and also had another entry that was named as the Best Budget Customization.

11 Museum: A 1982 Harley Never Looked So Good

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When Matt Anderson made the decision to get to work on customizing his 1982 Harley Davidson FXRS, he must have hoped that one day he was going to be able to do a good enough job to enter the motorcycle into various contests. But when he entered the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show in 2017, he probably tried not to get too over-excited when he was entered into the best modified retro competition. But winning the competition, which he later ended up being able to do, is surely one of the biggest accomplishments of his career and will inspire him even more going forward. (Source: AImag).

10 Museum: The Best Tribute To The United Kingdom

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If you want to show support for the country that you live in there are many different things that you can do to try and do that. Such as deciding that you would like to spend some of your life working in the military. But if you want something that is perhaps a little bit less extreme, you can always just go out and purchase things that represent your country! Though you would have to love the U.K an awful lot if you were going to go out and purchase this motorcycle.

The union jack design and clean look go together perfectly.

That being said, the high quality of the job makes it far more worthy of being in a museum than scrapyard!

9 Museum: Ron Simms Knocked It Out Of The Park

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There are definitely going to be some instances where people may try too hard to make their motorcycle stand out from the crowd. And one of the best ways to do that is to make sure you get a lot of different colors on there. Because let's be honest, have you ever seen a motorcycle that looks quite like this one? But while some people may fail when it comes to the customizing of their bike, especially in such a drastic way, this is one owner who surely had to be happy with the end results. This motorcycle was designed by Ron Simms and has been valued at being worth more than $100,000. (Source: ClassicCarsLLC).

8 Museum: The Best Custom Harley Davidson

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One of the biggest things that customizers keep their eye on is different competitions that they can enter to try and let the world know just how amazing they are. The company, Morgan and Wacker, who is based out of Brisbane was able to blow everyone away with this motorcycle when they entered a Harley custom bike challenge titled Judgement Day III .

They beat out 38 other motorcycles.

When talking about the victory, general manager of the dealership Paul Lewis said "It’s truly a great honour to be crowned the king of customization in this competition. The Judgement Day III award recognizes the hard work and creativity we put into our customization projects.” (Source: Motorbikewriter).

7 Scrapyard: This Texture Doesn't Belong On A Motorcycle

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If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe, you may want to make sure that anything you own that has a fur texture gets some serious consideration; as it is an easy way to ruin any look if you are not being smart about it. But you could walk out of the house in the best outfit that you own and if you were then stepping on this motorcycle, you probably would not leave many people talking about the outfit that you chose. This design could not have been cheap or done in a quick manner, so maybe that just means the owner was committed to it?

6 Scrapyard: Perhaps Inspired By A Scrapyard

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When it comes to the next motorcycle on our list, I would not be surprised if you did not know where to focus your eyes first. But no matter what part of the motorcycle you look at, I am sure you are going to find something on there to make you upset. Such as the fact that all of that stuff is bound to find itself falling on the road and causing some serious issues for other drivers if they are not paying enough attention. Though at least if this motorcycle went to the scrapyard that they would probably find more things to put on!

5 Scrapyard: That Seat Cannot Be More Comfortable

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If you came to me and said that you really did not think that motorcycles looked like the most comfortable thing in the world to ride around on, I would at least be willing to hear out whatever argument you were willing to make. But if you came to me and in any way tried to defend the decision that this person made in modifying the seat to their motorcycle? I cannot imagine you would be able to have too many compelling points to win me over that this should not be in the scrapyard.

4 Scrapyard: Let's Hope They Don't Eat Cheetos As They Drive

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with deciding that you want to relax at home and enjoy some snacks. And if you are looking to get some snacks, why not take a look at the Cheetos that are available the next time you find yourself in a grocery store, as they are pretty delicious.

The driver should watch out to not get that cheese dust all over their hands.

You also would want to watch out for this motorcycle driver on the road because anyone that does this to their motorcycle has judgment that can be questioned.

3 Scrapyard: Wheels Don't Need To Look Like This

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There is absolutely a need for you to make sure that whatever vehicle you are driving around in that you are following the general safety regulations of the road. This includes making sure you have a headlight on your car so that you are able to see where you are going at night - not to mention so that other drivers can see you. It does not mean you need to make the decision to go out and purchase wheels that also light up. Especially because let us be frank here, these wheels - not to mention the obnoxious wrap - are sure to distract at least one driver on the road.

2 Scrapyard: Keep Leopard Print On Your Clothes

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If you own a piece of clothing that is leopard print, you definitely would not be the only one as it is a fairly popular print to see in different designs. But seeing that print on a motorcycle may be something that makes you feel sick to your stomach. Especially when this is a motorcycle that could have looked fantastic if only the owner had elected to go in a different route. Heck, they could have gone out and done their entire wardrobe in this print for the money that it may have cost them to get this entire customization done and probably would have been a lot less offensive!

1 Scrapyard: Predator Bike

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It is definitely a fair assumption that the general public may say that someone who drives around on a motorcycle is perhaps more of a "badass" than say someone who is driving around in a minivan that was passed down to them by their parents. Though I think this person may be considered to be trying a little too hard when it comes to letting the world know just how awesome they are. After all, it's a bold decision to get one skull on your vehicle, getting several is a decision that is going to turn off even more people.

Sources: MotorcycleUsa.com, MotorBikeWriter.com, Silodrome.com

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