9 Custom Motorcycles That Look Downright Silly (And 10 Factory Motorcycles That Look Like Works Of Art)

There is definitely going to be a risk involved whenever you pick up your keys and decide to set out for a drive. That risk may feel even higher if you just happen to be driving around on a motorcycle which can sometimes leave the driver in a far more vulnerable place in the event of an accident. Though if you were fortunate enough to drive around in the 10 motorcycles that may as well be considered works of art, you would also hope that you are going to be a safe driver. Because if not, the emotional damage of having to say goodbye to a world-class bike is definitely not something any of the owners on the positive side of our list are hoping they are ever going to experience.

But if you're also willing to pay what some of the bikes on our list cost, you would really find yourself hoping that the motorcycle is always going to stay in pristine condition. As for the custom bikes on our list. Well, there is no denying that the owner spent a solid amount of time and attention in creating their "masterpiece". But if they were given the option to trade in their custom motorcycle for one of the factory bikes on our list, they'd be a fool to say no. Though their customizations don't exactly paint the picture of someone who is immune to making foolish decisions.

These are the 10 factory motorcycles that look like works of art (and 10 customs that look silly).

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19 Work Of Art: Yamaha R1M

via yamaha.ca

Yamaha has been in business since 1887 and has been responsible for some of the most beautiful motorcycles to ever be created.

And one of the best motorcycles that they have ever come out with occurred with the release of the Yamaha R1M.

The bike retails for $23,000 and has several features that help put it above the competition, such as the new Quick Shift System which is described as "Featur[ing] downshifting capability as well as allowing full-throttle clutchless upshifting. On downshifts, the ECU matches engine speed on each downshift for instantaneous gear changes with minimal chassis disruption." (Source: YamahaMotorSports).

18 Work Of Art: 2013 Ducati Panigale 1199r

via motorcyclespecs.com

Ducati may be based out of Italy, but this breathtaking 2013 Ducati Panigale 1199r gets to use the beautiful city of San Francisco as the backdrop. Though the motorcycle could be photographed in the middle of a dirty barn and you may still not be able to stop staring at this work of art. The company was founded in 1926 and while they are still going strong, they would surely appreciate some extra attention being spent on this amazing bike that came out only a few years ago. Though if you found yourself driving around on one of their more recent motorcycles I'm sure you would also have no complaints.

17 Work Of Art: 2017 BMW S1000RR

via reddit.com

There are countless amazing cars that BMW has made over the years, but they are also well equipped in the area of making gorgeous motorcycles as well. This was the case with the 2017 BMW S1000RR.

The bike has several amazing features including the fact that the user can select from 5 different types of "riding modes" including Rain, Sport, Race Slick and User mode; all of which will have an impact on the riding experience.

It was retailing from anywhere between $15,695 and $18,845 but I'm sure you'd be hard pressed to say it wasn't worth the money once you gave it a ride. (Source: NewAtlas).

16 Work Of Art: Norton v4 RR

via visordown.com

When Norton Motorcycles came out with the V4 RR, they knew they had something special on their hands stating on their website "Lots of motorcycles claim to be bred on the race track, but the new Norton V4 RR is THE TT racer reborn, developed at the worlds toughest race track and now redefined for the road." Which means that you may have to do everything in your power to make sure that you aren't ignoring the speed limit when you are whipping around the road on this bad boy! Though perhaps you can also just make sure you put some cash aside for the inevitable speeding ticket! (Source: NortonMotorcycles).

15 Work Of Art: Kawasaki Ninja H2R

via motorcyclenews.com

Kawasaki knows that they have created an amazing motorcycle with the Ninja H2R. Even just saying the name of it makes you sound like a tough cookie, now just imagine how it would feel to actually get to ride around on one! The motorcycle retails for $55,000 and you can't even order one on the website anymore, so you can rest assured that if you think this is awesome, you are far from the only one. When discussing the performance on the site, Kawasaki states "Surrounding the Ninja H2R motorcycle’s high-output engine are a multitude of premium, high-performance components, selected specifically for unmatchable performance at track speeds." (Source: Kawasaki).

14 Work Of Art: 2018 Honda CB1000R

via youtube.com

There are some motorcycles out there that you may think are a little bit too big and would look better if they had a sleeker design style. But that won't be your thought process with the 2018 Honda CB1000R, which Honda described as "Modern and minimalist, mixing sports naked and café racer inspirations with head-turning results.”

And after taking a look at the motorcycle, it's clear that they were successful in their goal.

The cost of the motorcycle is only $13,000 (at least at the start), making it a steal in comparison to some of the others on our list. (Source: PowerSportsHonda)

13 Work Of Art: Harley-Davidson 975cc Streetfighter

via hiconsumption.com

Harley-Davidson has made some waves earlier this year when they announced they were creating an electric motorcycle. But as exciting as that news might be to you, you might be an even bigger fan of the fact that they also announced that they were coming out with this 975cc "Streetfighter" bike, that in the words of the company is, “Unapologetic modern style with enough performance and agility to carve through city streets.” Try not to fall too in love with the motorcycle though, as it isn't expected to be released until 2020. But hey, it gives you time to save up! (Source: TopSpeed).

12 Work Of Art: Indian FTR1200

via youtube.com

The idea behind the Indian FTR 1200 came from a one-off custom that the company had made and was shown off at the motorcycle show, EICMA. But there was so much support behind the idea, that the company will be releasing their own version of the bike to be released in 2019, "We wanted to make sure that the FTR 1200 wasn’t merely a regurgitation of the FTR1200 Custom, but something uniquely ‘street,’ albeit flat-track-inspired. We’re thrilled about the character this bike possesses, and its ability to take American V-twin motorcycles into new territory," said the Senior Designer, Rich Christoph. (Source: Revzilla).

11 Work Of Art: BMW HP4 RACE

via motorcyclenews.com

The HP4 RACE isn't a custom bike, but if you want one, you need to be prepared to pay a very heavy price for it as BMW only made 750 of them.

Even if someone managed to get one from them directly, it still ended up retailing at $78,000.

Though when describing the motorcycle, BMW definitely sounds confident in what they've created "This bike is pure emotion. From the development right up to the racetrack, passion is what has made this race bike what it is-an innovation driver designed to push the limits. The HP bike is the first motorcycle in the world to offer a fully carbon frame and fully carbon wheels" (Source: BMWMotorcycles).

10 Work Of Art: Yamaha MT-09 SP

via motojournal.com

As you may remember from earlier in the list, this is not the only motorcycle from Yamaha to have landed a spot on our list today. But when you take a good look at the MT-09 SP the question you might find yourself asking is not how could two Yamaha motorcycles appear on this list, but how could I have justified leaving either one of them off to the side? The MT-09 also features the Quick Shift System that you can expect on the other Yamaha, but the overall look of this motorcycle is incredibly sleek especially when done in the Silver Blue Carbon color scheme.

9 Silly: M&M's Should Just Stay A Delicious Snack

via flickr.com

There are many different types of candy that you may love indulging in. Even if you may not always want to be upfront about it when you are talking to your dentist! And I am sure you also would perhaps take some comfort in the fact that m&m's are also my favorite type of chocolate so I'm not going to be judging there. But do I love m&m's enough to get a motorcycle dedicated to the treat? Sorry, but no. Though I'd be at least tempted if it involved some deal with the company where I got m&m's for free.

8 Silly: Jessica Rabbit Can't Help

via reddit.com

If you thought about the name Robert Zemeckis, it is very possible that the first thing you think about is the Back to the Future franchise which is one of the most influential set of movies - especially in the time travel genre - ever created. But that's definitely not the only amazing thing that Robert has brought to the world of cinema, as he has also directed Forrest Gump. Though if you got the opportunity to ask this particular motorcycle driver what their favorite Robert Zemeckis movie is, they'd probably definitely say Who Framed Roger Rabbit which came out back in 1988.

7 Silly: Barbie Doesn't Need A Harley

via reddit.com

It is very possible that when you were growing up you played with, or knew someone who had at least one product in their house that was themed around Barbie.

But while Barbie has had several different mediums in which she has been utilized - including video games - there are also some people out there who decide to throw some Barbie into their driving life.

Why they did that, is a question that I am never going to be able to answer for you. But at least in comparison to some of the silly customizations on our list, this is one that is smaller in comparison.

6 Silly: Where To Even Begin

Via reddit.com

You may find it hard to argue that even if this motorcycle didn't have the offensive color scheme of blue and purple, that it would be an eyesore. Though the fact that it does have a giant purple wheel at the front is definitely not helping things. At least the owner remembered the importance of having a helmet, even if it also looks like it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing. But safety always comes first! That being said, I'm not too sure this bike would end up looking too good if the owner ever finds themselves getting into an accident.

5 Silly: Even The Grinch Wouldn't Steal This

via pinterest.com

Jim Carrey had to undergo upwards of 8 hours every day of makeup to help transform himself into the iconic Dr.Seuss antagonist, The Grinch for the movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas that came out in 2000  Let's just hope that after all that work he was happy with how the movie ended up looking. You'd also hope that with this person who has decided to show their love of the character through their bike was also pleased with the efforts of Jim Carrey. Though this motorcycle may look extra silly when you consider it should probably never be driven through snowy weather.

4 Silly: Spider-Man Wouldn't Need This Motorcycle

via reddit.com

Many different actors have had the opportunity to step into the costume of Spider-Man. Which means that Tom Holland may have felt an extra amount of pressure when the time came for him to become the famed web-slinger to become the best person to ever play the web-slinger.

I'm sure the fact that unlike the others, the fact that Holland was joining the highly successful Marvel universe also helped raise the stakes.

And I'm sure that if Tom Holland was driving around in this motorcycle, you probably wouldn't find yourself thinking he looks too silly. As for the actual person who drives it? They may not get off so lucky.

3 Silly: Maybe Just Stick To Watching Spongebob

via jalopnik.com

You might have to find yourself admiring the level of dedication that had to go into this bike. Because it is not like this person decided that only one part of their bike should be dedicated to Spongebob Squarepants and then leave it at that. No, they instead decided that the entire bike from the top to the bottom of it needed to honour the iconic cartoon character in a way that is impossible to ignore. Though having additional things like the helmet may leave more people shaking their heads than giving this motorcycle rider a thumbs up of approval.

2 Silly: This Lobster Does Not Rock

via twitter.com

If you are going to drive your motorcycle alongside some beautiful water scenery, it is possible that you might want to find yourself driving around on this motorcycle that is themed after a lobster. But you may be in agreement that even in that perfect scenario, this overall look is still one that is better-left thought about in your head than actually brought to reality. Something that is truly tragic to think about when you consider this motorcyclist must have spent a significant amount of time, not to mention money, to try and bring their vision of a lobster bike to real life.

1 Silly: Corvette

via twitter.com

It is very possible that you find yourself driving around on a regular basis and find yourself wishing that you were not driving around in a car. But instead, had a really cool motorcycle. I'm sure the opposite is also the case if you are the owner of a motorcycle but catch yourself giving envious looks to the other drivers on the road. But no matter what motorcycle it is that you own, you should not make the decision to go and get it so heavily modified that it looks more like the back of a Corvette than any motorcycle brand that you may be able to identify. At least the ride looks to be pretty comfortable?

Sources: Reddit.com, Motorcyclenews.com, Yamaha.ca

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