20 Sick Custom Race Tracks People Built At Home

All right, we'll level with everyone here when we admit that not all of these are exactly what one might expect from a backyard homemade racetrack, but rest assured, these are all pretty odd-looking tracks, to say the least. There's something strange here for everyone, rest assured.

We've got everything here. We've got dirt tracks on a ski hill in the off-season, we've got probably the world's smallest pump track next to someone's backyard garden, a track right behind Porsche HQ (which does actually make sense but isn't typically the case with most brands), we've got backyard ice luge tracks, RC tracks, lawnmower tracks, rubber and river raceways for kids. Basically, there's a whole world of strange in the photos and descriptions below, and it mostly comes from piles of dirt or snow.

That being said, there are several that are quite pricey and have been really worked on to make for some pretty wicked and certainly bizarre visuals. There is even a guy from New Zealand who decided to turns the entire property around his house and garage into a racetrack...very strange. So, get into gear and race through all of these rather strange homemade racetracks.

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20 Competition Track At Whistler "Ski" Hill

via Pinterest.com

This is something that we can honestly say we did not expect to see. Sure, Whistler is a pretty popular sporting spot but we did not think they would tear up all the ground and dump a bunch of sand on the hill itself to create a track for people to compete on during the off-season. That is some incredible dedication right there. For those who do not know and are clearly not that into winter sports, Whistler is a wicked ski hill in British Columbia up in the western part of the great white north.

19 Porsche U.S. Backyard

via Porsche.com

Here's a track that certainly does not look very homemade and to be fair, it is a little bit commercial to some degree but that is only because it is literally in the backyard of the U.S. headquarters for Porsche...which actually kind of makes this track homemade after all since it's meant for testing its own cars out of its own factories. We're pretty sure that other types of cars make it out to this track but they should all just feel lucky to be there. How cool is it that a Porsche employee could just wander out of the office and go for a rip on the track (probably not, but still...)?

18 The Tiniest Little Pump Track

via Pinterest.com

Ok, this is just adorable. This is actually probably the cutest track we've ever seen. And it's no joke. This is not just some garden waiting to bud and blossom. This is truly someone's homemade pump track in their backyard. Notice that there is either a bit of a garden or just an unruly lawn beside it? If it's actually the latter, then it makes us really wonder why the person didn't just go out of their way to tear up the whole lawn and make a way more interesting and dynamic track.

17 Backyard Luge

via Backyard.com

All right, we have to admit that this is pretty darn cool. Sure, it's not exactly the longest luge in the world but when someone is limited to only the length of their backyard, what else can they do? Go to some ski hill and try and build the same thing? That's probably some sort of liability issue right there just waiting to happen. This way, it is all contained and all they have to worry about is their own kids. Though nighttime would surely bring some interesting people sneaking around to use the luge, we are pretty sure.

16 Rubber Bike Race Track

via TrackFit.com

This is just cute. And actually a pretty ingenious idea. It is too bad that there is really not much of a backyard now for these people but that does not change the fact that it is way easier and safer to teach road safety to the kids now. There is even a roundabout in there. That is some complex road education considering the kids are still riding their tricycles. And it does have to be pointed out that the kids have not learned much yet...the one kid is either going the wrong way or thinks he is in the U.K.

15 Backyard RC Racing

via RCPark.com

Personally, we think this would work just fine for some fun BMX work, except this is apparently an RC track. It is really cool that it completely conforms to the shape of the backyard and there is still room for a shed in the farthest corner of the property. We are willing to bet the neighbors are more than just a little jealous. We also think that it is super cool that there is a little stand overlooking the track from which the RC drivers can race each other and take in the full view of the track.

14 Torn Up Pump Track

via Pinterest.com

Well, this is certainly a pump track but this is also certainly a lazy man's pump track. That or it's just never really been used since it was made and has just started to grow over. We are willing to bet that this is actually a used track that is just unkempt...to say the very least. Of course, sitting in the backyard of an industrial sort of area of town...it makes perfect sense that the builders of this track don't really care what it looks like so long as they can use it for what they want.

13 New Zealand Backyard Track

via NZHerald.com

All right, this is just wicked and weird all at the same time. There is a guy in New Zealand who must love racing very much. Why do we say this? Well, because instead of having a whole lot of nice farmland like his neighbors do, he decided that he would rip up all of the ground, throw down some nice new tarmac, and build himself a race track that goes all the way around his house and garage. Don't get us wrong for a second though—this is super cool!

12 Close Up On The 16K New Zealand Yard Track

via 9Homes.com

Here is a bit of a closeup up of the track with a New Zealander's unfortunate car that was probably all he could afford after dropping the $16,000 on the track. That being said, considering the turnout, we are pretty surprised that this is all it cost the man. Though, we have to be honest here...we are pretty sure that this will end up costing him way more in property damage thanks to him or others clipping the house. Just look at how close that back corner of the house comes to the track itself...it is pretty well a part of the track.

11 Nursery Race Track? 

via DiaryOfAMidlifeMummy.com

Yeah, that's right—there's a nursery out there in the world that also happens to feature a racetrack. Now, we would love to think that this is just so parents can pit their kids against each other in order to place a few bets and make a couple of bucks, but this isn't the case, however unfortunate. This just happens to be a small walkway mock-up of the actual horse track that is actually right next to the nursery where this family was burying a time capsule on the day this photo was taken, according to Diary Of A Midlife Mummy.

10 Mike Weir's Peacock Pit

via YouTube.com

All right now, for those here who do not know who Mike Weir is...that is really ok. Why? Because he is not necessarily a car guy or a bike guy at all. He is a golf guy. He is a golfer from the great white north who has played some pretty awesome tournaments in the early to mid-00s. However, that really does not seem to have much to do with any sort of track, right? Wrong. It seems that Weir has a bit of a pump track in his massive backyard. Of course, this might actually just be a golf pit he wanted to practise on. Either way, we think it is safe to call this guy Mike Weird.

9 Los Robles Ranch Track

via BackTrack.com

Sure, it might be a bit of a go-kart track instead of any sort of true racecar track but this is still pretty wicked to say the very least. There is something that is just awesome about someone who owns a ranch thinking to themselves one day "I know what would be great! I'll build a massive go-kart raceway on my property and put it on all sorts of nutty angles on slopes and everything!" Really though, this track does seem pretty sweet, even if it is pretty bizarre.

8 Lawnmower Track?

via Pinterest.com

All right, this title is not misleading, we promise. This track is for exactly what we have said. This is a track for lawnmowers! Maybe this is a regular thing down south but this seems like a pretty exotic and awesome-sounding sport. We would certainly love to see a few rounds of lawnmower racing. But if only we could see people trick out their mowers so they go wicked fast around that dirt track. Otherwise, we are pretty sure it would just be a very boring race indeed.

7 Back Forty Kart Track

via Architecture.com

This is just awesome. Seriously though, there is something just completely wicked about farmland, separated by a tree line with a track that goes right from the house and out all around the property. We are reasonably sure that if any of us owned this place, there would be morning races before settling down to work, for sure. Not to mention the money that could be made from just renting this thing out for fun days on the track! Fun times!

6 The Yard RC Track, Orange County

via YouTube.com

Well, this might not be someone's personal backyard track but it is certainly called "The Yard." It is not much of a yard but it is definitely a homemade track that can be found in Orange County, California. We could see quite a few uses for this track. This might be mostly for either RC or biking but both could definitely be done on this, for sure. All it is made up of is a series of bumps...it's pretty well up to anyone how they choose to use this.

5 Backyard River Racing Track

via YouTube.com

This is just wicked. This would be an amazing backyard track to have. That being said, it is still pretty strange that anyone would come up with the idea of basically building a river on their own property just so they can tow people around on little rafts behind a four-wheeler. We are pretty sure that the kids love it and there are likely more than a few adults with some bevvies in them that love it as well, that is for sure. But the water is still high enough to be a bit dangerous under the influence.

4 Farm Track

via Pinterest.com

That is one wicked bike track, without a doubt. This photo gives the perfect bird's-eye view. The starting pitch of this track on the bottom left corner is just the perfect push off to send one's self speeding along the bumps, jumps and turns of this nutty-looking track. Time trails and actually making it from one end to the other are pretty well the only competitions to be done with this though. Maybe a trick competition, but it would be pretty ridiculous to try and get to bikes racing on this at once.

3 $3 Million Backyard F1 Track

via NYTrack.com

What beats having one's house surrounded completely by a $16,000 track that might wind up causing a whole lot of property damage? Well, we'll tell you. A $3 million track that some banker decided to build in his back forty that is meant to be for F1 racing. How awesome is that? We guess that if this guy has $3 million to spend on the track itself then he has the millions to spend on the F1 cars and the racing team to go with them. If only we had that kind of scratch!

2 Dangerous Backyard Cycle Track

via CycleTrack.com

This is something that's truly dangerous. It does look like it could be a pretty sweet place to go riding but considering that there are a dozen cyclists on the track, it seems like an accident or five waiting to happen. It's interesting how the track is cut and it seems like it should be used by only a couple of people at one time so that advantage can be taken on those curbs and ridges. Who does not want to jump those? Come on now. This is the perfect backyard BMX track.

1 Back Woods Track

via RCTech.com

We are pretty sure that this is someone's backyard, which is awesome because that means that this person has a forest in the backyard. No one will be around to bug anyone while riding on the track. Plus, it isn't going to disturb other neighbors. This looks like it might be set up for an RC course, but that platform is just asking for a bike to go up and over it, for sure. And if this person uses a wood stove or has a fire pit, there is always room for expansion as those trees come down!

Sources: DiaryOfAMidlifeMummy, Pinterest, YouTube

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