25 Deserted SUVs Left To Waste Away By Their Owners

The SUV is a class of car that has been around for quite a long time now. It seems that not many remember a time when the type of car and the term "Sports Utility Vehicle" wasn't a well-known concept. With roots reaching back into history, and the basis for the modern SUV coming from vehicles like the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, a turning point for what an SUV was and could be, it comes as no surprise that since their beginning, SUVs started out as practical tools and quickly gained popularity as luxury began to be blended with rugged capabilities.

With such a vast amount of popularity, it all comes as no surprise to find abandoned SUVs scattered across the country and around the globe. Once an SUV finishes its life, the sad fact is that they often are left to decay in places they probably shouldn't. But, the result of these relics being left behind is usually a strangely beautiful and peaceful scene. A scene that's great for photographic opportunities.

There are groups of people around the world who are fanatic about abandoned places, things, and cars. With good reason, too, as there's something riveting and compelling about seeing echoes quickly fading from a forgotten era, walking amongst rusting relics and dilapidated architecture dripping with memories so thick you can almost see them in the air around you. Let's divulge our fascinations with the past and take a look at 25 deserted SUVs left to waste away by their owners.

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25 Going Commando In The Winter

via hiveminer.com

This is a Jeep Commando, one of the lesser-known Jeep models from a time when Jeeps were authentic, well made, and truly incredible (by that, yes I mean before Chrysler bought out Jeep). This little red SUV looks delightfully retro and even awkward in a way, but it's the perfect amount of it. I personally would love to restore one of these old beauties, especially a red one like the one pictured. Alas, it's been left on a property uncovered, to decay and age with time, every winter that passes taking it further from restorable.

24 Weird Lost Jeep

via abandonedeverglades.com

Once again we find ourselves virtually exploring the deepest, darkest depths of the wild Everglades of Florida, where any number of scary, forgotten ruins can be found. This old Jeep has been overtaken by thick tropical foliage and coated with thick rust due to the salty humid air.

Despite the intense climate where this SUV was laid to rest, it's in surprisingly okay shape, all things considered. Though I would hesitate to do much beyond look and take pictures. Who knows what kind of scary things lie in wait in the Everglades at night.

23 Turbo Doesn't Work Without A Wheel

via hiveminer.com

This SUV looks like it's been left for scrap in the middle of a road, but that's probably not the case, considering it's been there for quite a while without being moved. In all likelihood, it's somewhere off-trail, abandoned while four-wheeling at some point. Without a back wheel, this SUV would've no doubt had a hard time getting home, so the owner probably just decided to leave it be. Not the best idea, but now it has the opportunity to become a beacon of a forgotten age as each year passes by.

22 Bonfire In The Desert

via hiveminer.com

This car was sacrificed as tribute, deserted by its owners in the desert, likely at the Bonneville Salt Flats, or perhaps somewhere similar. In any case, it was sacrificed as tribute because it was clearly set on fire, likely on purpose, so as to light up the desert at night. Of course, that's just a hypothesis, perhaps it was an accident. But the tire lines around it seem to hint at a very good time. Either way, this car was left deserted by its owner, and now rust can begin to take over the evidence of fire.

21 The Past In Dissolve

via hiveminer.com

This old Dodge SUV has clearly seen a lot in its time, having been subject to a half-hearted attempt at restoration, amongst other things. The rust has been removed from the front end and replaced with primer, in preparation for a final paint, but the rest of the car lies in ruin still, and it's clear that whoever attempted to restore it did so long ago and did not have the means or motivation to complete the job. Seems a shame, for this would be a beautiful restoration of the past, brought to life again.

20 The Mismatched Door

via pinterest.com

This old Ford has clearly seen better days, left to age in silence on a lot somewhere, to be forgotten and slowly wasted away by time and the elements. The mismatched door is interesting, pointing to some kind of story behind it. That is one of the best parts about abandoned things, the fact that they carry stories with them, untold, forgotten, and guessed at by those who are curious enough. Soon rust will consume this SUV, and from there it will slowly fall apart and dissolve till only the remnants of a frame remain.

19 Tallest "Toy" To Lowest

via hiveminer.com

This fascinatingly framed picture highlights three abandoned cars, and the tallest of the three is the SUV, a Toyota Land Cruiser, one of the most sought-after classic SUVs there is. I would love to own one of these, as they are pretty incredible cars, or "toys" as the missing letters on the grill help to point out. It's a shame that it's in such abandonment and disrepair, as these things will go for good money when restored properly. It may not be salvageable, though, depending on how long it's been deserted and how well it's been taken care of. My guess is that it has been neglected for a long time.

18 Star Trails And Rust

via abandonedeverglades.com

Somewhere deep in the Everglades of Florida, you'll be able to find a lot of things, no doubt things you'd want to steer well clear of, and then things like this, abandoned cars. Lying in the grass, peacefully rotting away underneath a beautiful night sky, this old SUV sparks the imagination. Why is it there? Who's was it? Why did the owner desert their SUV way out in the Everglades?

As a lover of abandoned things, it's tantalizing to think about all the hidden treasures that must exist in the Everglades, merely waiting to be discovered.

17 Soon To Succumb To Time

via hiveminer.com

This SUV has much more recently been deserted by its owner, in fact, it can't be much longer after its initial abandonment. Who knows what could be wrong with this Nissan Turano, found next to an abandoned building in Scotland. Perhaps a blown engine, or something similar, rendering the SUV useless. Or, maybe they just didn't need it anymore, and if you're a particularly savvy person you could fix it right up in a matter of hours.

In any case, this SUV is likely to never move again, committed to a lifetime sentence of dilapidation.

16 Shell Of An Equinox

via hiveminer.com

When a car gets abandoned inside of a city, this is usually the kind of thing that happens, though I can be honest in saying that I've never seen the entire engine completely removed in just this kind of way. It's ruthless; there's nothing left from the front end, no headlights, no front axle, no wheels, no engine or any of its components. I'm surprised the seats are still inside.

There's virtually nothing left, it's been ruthlessly picked clean by urban vultures. At least it's not going to waste, and now the deserted SUV can be left in peace until it gets taken away by the authorities.

15 Scout Between The Trees

via hiveminer.com

This old International Scout has no doubt seen some drastically better days in its time. One of many classic SUVs, this is a great vehicle, the kind of SUV worth restoring. As to the state of this one, it's quite poor, so it might not be salvageable in any way. Having been left amongst the trees and foliage, it blends in with its surroundings, not just because of its green color, but also because of its rust, and the fact that nature inevitably reclaims everything, as part of its wonderful and ceaseless cycle.

14 Rusted And Proud

via hiveminer.com

This SUV remains parked on someone's property where they use other tools and items on a regular basis, which leaves this rust bucket surrounded and isolated. It rusts, neglected in silence, while life happens around it every day. Perhaps it was parked permanently due to the fact that it was outmoded, or maybe it was actually broken. In any case, it's pretty much beyond reparation now, having spent too much time exposed to the elements unmaintained.

If it had been in a garage or a barn, or if it had even been covered, there might be something salvageable about it. But not in its current state of desertion.

13 Rust Transmuted Monochrome

via hiveminer.com

This deserted SUV is merely a shell of what it once was, a rusted out and forgotten ghost of a car, a rusty abandoned frame that serves no purpose anymore save to hold the echoes and memories of the past, to remind any and all who pass by of the inevitability of time, the ruthlessness of the elements, and the endless balanced cycle of life and death. It's hard to know just what kind of SUV this was, the lights are indicative of perhaps a Toyota Land Cruiser, though it could be something else entirely.

12 Perhaps A Bit Too Much Patina

via hiveminer.com

Patina has quite a bit of a following aesthetically in the car world. A lot of stanced low-rider builds feature it, especially popular amongst VW Beetles of the sort, and there are some people so fanatic about it that they buy wraps for their cars just to replicate the rust aesthetic. While I don't really understand that aspect of it, I understand the appeal. Though in the case of this deserted Jeep, there might just be a little too much rust for comfort, as rust inevitably leads to serious structural problems.

11 Lost Inside A Forest

via hiveminer.com

This SUV is much worse for wear, having found its resting place lost in a forest somewhere. Forests can be particularly rough on abandoned cars and buildings, as every season they are covered in organic matter, quickly being buried and dissolved by rain and the elements. Some of the most incredible pictures of abandoned cars feature cars in the forest, where time has quickly taken its toll on these forgotten relics.

This old SUV is quickly on its way out, with rust taking over paneling, and ground swallowing up the wheels. At least the breakdown of iron will be good for the soil, especially the tree.

10 Left For Target Practice

via hiveminer.com

This old SUV has been left behind along with a bunch of other old machinery and items around it. The engine bay has clearly been pillaged for anything and everything that might be remotely of value, and since then it's been used as target practice by gun-toting individuals. Apart from the bullet holes and missing engine, the paint is in surprisingly good shape, a beautiful olive green offset by a white top. It's fascinating to see that if this SUV was well taken care of, it might still be seen on the roads, along with others.

9 Landed In A Hedge

via hiveminer.com

Many a Homeowner's Association in America would not put up with any kind of abandoned SUV, car, or truck being left abandoned in a hedge just off the street. Even if that abandoned SUV happened to be a beautiful 1962 Land Rover Series 2A. While a restored Land Rover the likes of this one can go for upwards of $50,000, it's worth a lot less in its current state. I would say nothing, except that even unrestored models can go for around $15,000.

For now, though, it's useless, deserted by its owner and left as nothing more than a hedge decoration and an eyesore for the neighbors who aren't petrol heads.

8 Empty Frame Of A Cherokee

via hiveminer.com

This Jeep Cherokee has clearly seen better days, having been left abandoned in a peaceful meadow in a vibrant green forest. Having clearly been subject to more than just the passing of time, it's likely this Cherokee is the remaining frame of a horrible car fire, perhaps even started on purpose at one point. It's also been damaged by vandals, with the hood bent upwards out of shape. It has a heavy layer of rust coating every inch of the remaining frame. It won't be very long before rain and moisture dissolve away the rest of this SUV.

7 Forgotten Explorations

via hiveminer.com

It hasn't been long since this Ford Explorer has been decommissioned, based on the state of the paint and tires and general dilapidation. Yet, that hasn't stopped mother nature from ruthlessly and relentlessly taking it over. A thick wall of vegetation has nearly consumed the SUV entirely, only leaving one side of it exposed to the eyes. In a matter of a few years or less, this car will be invisible, impossible to find. What an interesting discovery it would be to find an abandoned car like this one, completely lost and overtaken by foliage.

It would be surreal, especially if the car was almost entirely intact, like it currently is.

6 Foliage Covered Blazer

via hiveminer.com

Parked on a property alongside what looks like a few other vehicles, this Blazer has been all but forgotten now that it doesn't move. The trees have grown down onto the machine, enshrouding it and encasing it with green. While it's a long way off from being completely broken down by time, it's probably past the point of restoration. This is a sad thing to see, considering that there are Blazers of the exact same make and model that still drive on the roads, some more worn for wear, some perfectly restored. If only this old thing was one of them.

5 Faceless Willy

via offroadauction.ca

This old Jeep has seen a lot of events in its time, the one that seems to have the most intriguing backstory is the strange state of the paint. It's a myriad of different colors, splotchy and inconsistent. Who knows what exactly it is that led to the body being like that, whether it's just primer or if it has been repainted that many different times over the course of its life, but it makes this old SUV much worse for wear. Same for the entire front end, no doubt parted out to someone doing a restoration job on the same model of Jeep. That leaves its innards exposed, to decay without a face.

4  Covered In Grafitti And Buried

via hiveminer.com

Washed away and covered in silt from a dried up riverbed, this old SUV has seen much better days, as is clear. Only a rusted out frame remains, separated from many panels, a door, and most of the engine bay is buried in silt. At least it's been preserved, in a way, by all the paint, as it will slow the rusting process, even if only a little.

Yes, this old SUV is well on its way to being entirely forgotten, soon to disappear in a flood, to be dissembled and broken down further, where the rust will dissolve the remains into the soil itself.

3  All Wheel Rust

via hiveminer.com

This is another International Scout, and if you've been paying close attention, it's the second featured on our list, along with the picture at number 18. This one seems to have succumbed to a serious amount of body rust, which can prove to be a death sentence for any car if it's bad enough. Like a disease, if the rust is insidious enough, it can be almost impossible to remove or repair, as it will almost always continue to spread. Clearly one of the biggest issues with this particular Scout, the owner deserted it, perhaps thinking that it wasn't worth the time, effort, money, or a headache.

2 Add It To The Pile

via hiveminer.com

This abandoned SUV is merely a small part of a vast landscape of abandoned things. There's junk almost all the way to the horizon, deserted and left to turn to worthless rubble by the owner. The Daihatsu Fourtrak in the foreground is in okay shape for the time being, but if it stays where it is, it won't be long before a restoration would be out of the picture, no longer worth the vast amount of time and effort it would take to bring it back to life. The same goes for all the rest of the junk littering this property.

1 Absorbed By The Tides

via hiveminer.com

This car looks like it was deserted with a vengeance, not only just left to slowly decay somewhere out of sight, or even in sight, but rather driven out into the ocean, probably at low tide, so that it could be taken away by the rising sea and forgotten about entirely. It all points to something more sinister than a usual abandonment, but who knows.

It's clear that the sea has helped speed up the breakdown of this car immensely, due to the fact that it's a Chevrolet Blazer that could be as new as 2005. This takes desertion to a whole new level.

Sources: abandonedeverglades, pinterest, offroadauction

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