Design House Fuses Ford Mustang & Raptor With Weird Result

A design firm has made what some might love while others will hate — a Mustang/Raptor hybrid.

A mock-up of what a Raptorized Mustang would look like has been released. It was done by an online render merchant by the name of X-Tomi Design. The car has been jacked up in terms of height, given a rubber body kit and a blue paint job.

This design is actually interesting in the fact that Ford has said that their upcoming electric SUV will take cues from the Mustang. Obviously, the SUV won't just be a higher riding Mustang like this mock-up, but it does make you wonder what that electric SUV is going to look like. Will Ford choose a more sensible and practical electric SUV or will they go for a rather sporty one? Time will tell.


Via TopGear

According to TopGear, the design of this mock-up is going to be very divisive for not just fans of the car that caused the pony car revolution given that it changes the styling of the vehicle and deviates massively from the traditional look of the Mustang. You're either going to love it or hate it, there's not exactly an in between for this particular one. It also seems extremely weird since the Mustang is known more for going fast in a straight line versus the off-roading that this mock-up is designed for.

Is Ford likely to ever release a Raptor version of the Mustang? Probably not. But for people who are interested in that particular style, this is right up their alley and they can hope and dream, or if they're really into car modifications one could conceivably do that, and as Top Gear said in their article a rear wheel V8 off road car could be tons of fun. Maybe if this rendering proves to be popular, Ford might consider adding this to their roster of vehicles, though given how polarizing this design is that makes the chances greatly diminished that they will do so. Even if you don't like what X-Tomi Design did in terms of the styling you have to admire the talent that did go into this rendering.


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