Designer Creates Desks That Look Unmistakably Like Lamborghini Aventadors

The Lamborghini Aventador is one of the most iconic cars in the world, and now, it's one of the most iconic desks!

Lamborghini Aventador fans are now in luck, and those who already own the car can have an addition with this beautiful “accessory” to their home or office with these stunning desks.

According to Top Speed, part of the Aventador, or what looks like part of the Aventador, going for a tenth the price of the car. Technically it is not the car, but a designer from Poland-based Epicentrum Manufacture has come up with a desk designed like the front section of the that famous Lamborghini for a mere $35,000. For any diehard fan, this is more than just hanging a Lamborghini poster in their bedroom. Other might think that the desk is a little bit over the top, or even childish, but supercars have the power to turn any fan into their nine-year-old selves.


Via Motorionline

This latest design from Epicentrum Manufactures is the brainchild of this company that specializes in the design of furniture that is inspired by supercars. With the immense level of detail given to this car, it is no wonder it looks like an exact replica of the Aventador’s front that just got cut up from the car itself.

The desk measures 74.8 inches wide by 63 inches high by 31.5 inches long. The measurements are not exactly like those of the car itself, but they almost nailed it as the width of the desk and that of the car are the almost close with the car being 79.92 inches with the side mirrors and the desk just a few inches off at 74.8 inches. This shows that the desk is close to being a 1:1 scale replica of the Aventador.

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The desk does not take up the cars looks and design but the designer went a step ahead and used fiberglass to create a scratch-resistant worktop. The desk also comes with 200 color choices giving the customers a chance to customize the car by choosing the color of the desktop to the rims. If you feel this is just not enough with a few extra bucks, you can get an additional shelf above the desk—“the car’s hood"—and backlit headlights and LED lighting under the desk. This has to be the ultimate desk for any Lamborghini fan out there.

Due to licensing issues, the only thing missing from this desk apart from the engine and the rear is the Lamborghini badge on the front of the desk. Well, there is really nothing the designers could do about that seeing the legal ties behind such issues.

This is quite a pricey desk, but definitely worth it. If you want this desk, you have to place your order soon because Epicentrum is planning to manufacture only 44 Aventador desks so this is a limited edition.


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