Details Emerge Of Upcoming McLaren 620R Supercar

McLaren is set to reveal a brand new Sports Series supercar based on the GT4 version of the 570S.

Details Emerge Of Upcoming McLaren 620R Supercar

McLaren’s latest creation is so great that it’s already leaking out of the British carmaker’s dealer network.

We know that McLaren will have a breakneck pace for introducing new vehicles between now and 2025, and it looks like their not slowing down as we approach the end of 2019. McLaren will introduce their latest Sports Series car soon as a road-going version of their GT4 race car.

The news comes courtesy of a McLaren customer leaking details of the new supercar to Piston Heads. This customer apparently already owns a 600LT but was asked to purchase the new car, sight unseen. Which is quite the ask considering it wasn’t too long ago when the 600LT first arrived and impressed even jaded McLaren fans with its performance.

It’s called the 620R and McLaren says that customers will be offered “to select customers by invitation only." Expect that to mean these cars will be expensive and in extremely limited quantities. It’ll also help to already be in McLaren’s customer database so that they can call you with their fantastic new offering.

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The rendering that Piston Heads published shows just how much GT4 is in the 620R. Rear diffuser, front splitter, rear spoiler, and vented hood are all taken from the GT4, while the front canards are a new addition. The roof scoop is taken from the 570S MSO X, a special series of 10 570S that were built specifically for McLaren’s Newport Beach dealer.

A set of 18-inch magnesium wheels most likely conceal carbon-ceramic brakes while the suspension is also likely the tuned dampers and coilovers taken from the GT4 racer. We don’t have any idea for the interior, but you can almost certainly expect racing bucket seats with harnesses and a whole lot of carbon fiber.

As the name suggests, the 620R will have 620 PS or roughly 611 hp from its 3.8-L twin-turbo V8. That’s more than any other McLaren until you get into their Super Series vehicles like the 720S.

So far, McLaren has remained pretty tight-lipped. We’ll be sure to report more if they ever open up.

(via Piston Heads)

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