Detroit Start-Up Bollinger Unveils All-Electric B1 SUV & B2 Pick-Up Truck

The B1 and B2 off-roaders are being marketed as “the world’s most capable” sports utility truck and pick-up truck.

Bollinger Motors, a Detroit start-up, has officially debuted its all-electric B1 SUV and B2 pick-up truck. The B1 and B2 off-roaders are being marketed as “the world’s most capable” sports utility truck and pick-up truck.

The two models offer a customizable body, a minimalist interior and impressive carrying capacity and off-road ability. They also feature the same all-electric powertrain, with a 120kWh battery pack, an electric motor for each axle, permanent four-wheel-drive and a regenerative braking system.

Bollinger says the motors have an output of 606bhp and 906Nm of torque, giving both models a 0 to 60mph time of 4.5 seconds, a top speed of 100mph and a range of 200 miles. The battery packs come with support for both 220V charging through a standard household socket, or DC fast charging through a CCS port. The 220V system provides a full recharge in 10 hours, while the DC fast charging system will recharge the battery in just 75 minutes.

The B1 SUV includes a two-speed high- and low-range gearbox, a near 50:50 weight distribution and approach and departure angles of 52 and 43 degrees – compared to the new Land Rover Defender’s 38- and 40-degree angles. However, given its longer wheelbase, the B1’s breakover angle is slightly inferior to the Defender’s angle at only 30 degrees. Bollinger, however, will introduce a two-door, short-wheelbase version later in the future.

The B1 and B2 include removable glass, doors, rear seats, and roof panels, as well as a detachable windscreen. Standard equipment includes 17-inch alloy wheels, air-conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, and six 110V sockets distributed throughout the cabin. Buyers can also add heated seats, glass roof panels and a winch as extras.

The interior features an analog gauge cluster, a leather-trimmed steering wheel and seating for four. Both models also include Bollinger’s patented “pass-through” panels between the rear bed, cabin and under-hood storage area. The B1 has enough cargo space to carry items up to five meters long, while the B2 can carry items roughly six meters long.

The B1 and B2 both have a payload of 5201lbs, a maximum towing capacity of 7,500lbs and 15-inches of ground clearance. There are around 400 liters of storage space under the hood of both vehicles and Bollinger says the B2 can transport 72 sheets of 4 x 8½ foot plywood with the rear seats removed.

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Bollinger is currently taking orders for the B1 and B2 and plans to begin production in mid-2020. The automaker will prioritize the American market first, although the company says both models will eventually be available overseas, in right-hand-drive format. Prices will be announced at the end of the year, with first deliveries due in 2021.

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