Watch The Devel Sixteen Cruising The Road Outside Of Dubai

With over 5,000 horsepower on tap, the Devel Sixteen might just be the hypercar to end all hypercars. Check out the video for more.

Watch The Devel Sixteen Cruising The Road Outside Of Dubai

Check out the ludicrous Devel Sixteen hypercar cruising in the desert outside of Dubai.

Some people say that the Devel Sixteen is a fake, that no car can possibly have more than 5,000 hp. That it simply can’t be done in a regular internal combustion engine and that it would need a turbine or jet engine to achieve such insane power.

Well, they’re wrong. The Devel Sixteen is real, and we’ve got a new video from Supercar Blondie to prove it.

If you’ve never seen the Devel Sixteen, then you’re in for a treat. It’s sort of like if a Bugatti Chiron mated with an F-15 jet fighter and then had a hypercar baby. It’s got an enormous bubble cabin with twin straight-out-the-back exhausts that are modeled to look exactly like engine nacelles. There are no mirrors, antennae, or anything else that would stick out and ruin the car’s sleek, menacing stature.

Of course, there’s the engine. According to our gracious blonde host, there will be three different versions of the Devel Sixteen: one with a so-far unknown V8 engine that produces 2,000 hp (already more than most hypercars on the road), a second with an enormous 12.3-L V16 quad-turbo engine that produces 3,000 hp, and a third that has the same engine tuned to produce 5,000 hp.


It’s hard to imagine what 5,000 hp in a car would feel like.

Blondie is lucky enough to be the first person outside of Devel to actually step foot inside the Devel Sixteen, and it’s a truly spacious interior, especially for hypercars. It’s still a bit of a work in progress as the production model won’t hit the road until next year, but even in its rough form, it’s pretty spectacular.

In the center is an enormous touchscreen that serves as the infotainment and diagnostics screen. Buttons all along the center dash control the various traction and drive modes, while the steering wheel is like no other car’s. We’re told that it will be further refined for the production version, but even if it stays the same it will certainly have uniqueness going for it.

Only 7 Devel Sixteens will be made per year, and the pricing will range from $1.6 million for the piddling V8 to $2.2 million for the 5,000 hp model. However, American buyers might want to see how the production model looks--with a complete lack of rearview mirrors, the prototype is illegal to drive in the US.


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