Watch The Insane Devel Sixty Desert Race A Bentley Flying Spur

Devel Motors is displaying yet another insane car with the Devel Sixty, a tank-looking 6x6 that can outrun a Bentley Flying Spur.

Watch The Insane Devel Sixty Desert Race A Bentley Flying Spur

Check out the Devel Sixty as it leaves a Bentley Flying Spur in the dust.

You remember Devel Motors? The Dubai-based ludicrous carmaker? Not hypercar maker--ludicrous. Hypercar doesn’t really cut it when describing a 5,000 hp car, so we had to create a new word for it.

Well, apparently Devel Motors doesn’t stop at ludicrously powerful cars. They also make ludicrously powerful tanks.

Meet the Devel Sixty, a 6x6 vehicle that looks like it might belong to a general somewhere but then got stolen and souped up into a desert-roving hotrod. It’s powered by a 6.7-L V8 turbodiesel that puts out 800 hp. Zero to sixty is done in just 5.8 seconds, which doesn’t sound very fast until you see the size of it.

It’s kinda like how nobody expects a bear to be so fast until it’s literally tearing out your jugular.

Top speed is a curiously limited 150 kph or 93.2 mph. If the Deve Sixty could go much faster without the limiter we’d be very much surprised, although Devel Motors doesn’t disclose a curb weight to see how far 800 hp will take you.


In keeping with the military theme, the Devel Sixty comes with night vision on both the front and rear cameras. The inside seats 6 comfortably with an option for a 7th, and there’s a winch on both the front and back. Air conditioning, heated and vented seats, GPS, and an audio system with Bluetooth connectivity are all standard features.

The Devel Sixty also comes with “military rims” as well as a central tire inflation system in case one of your many tires runs flat.

There’s no word on armor, but according to Motor1, you can get the Devel Sixty in all carbon fiber, which will likely cost quite a lot. This is a very big car we’re talkin’ about.

For the base model version, pricing starts at $450,000. That seems like a lot, but considering there’s a 1,500 hp version, and there are plenty of interior options that outfit your Devel Sixty in any kind of material you’d like, we’re thinking this will easily cross the $1 million threshold--$450,000 is practically a steal.

You can see this silly thing like a Bentley Flying Spur completely in its black-smoked wake, but we’re thinking the Spur wasn’t really trying to keep up.


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