Watch Diesel Trucks Take On Dodge Hellcat And Nissan GT-R In Quarter-Mile Action

These diesel drag race trucks produce a lot of smoke and a lot of speed, but is it enough to keep up with a Dodge Hellcat or a Nissan GT-R?

Watch Diesel Trucks Take On Dodge Hellcat And Nissan GT-R In Quarter-Mile Action

These are some extremely fast diesel-powered trucks that can even keep up with a Dodge Challenger Hellcat and a Nissan GT-R.

We don’t normally think of diesel power as being fast. Great for hauling heavy things over great distances, sure, but fast? Not really.

Well, these trucks are here to prove that yes, diesel power is more than just good for hauling things. It’s also good for setting some sick quarter-mile times.

Thanks to Mission Raceway Park in British Columbia, Canada, we get to see some truly astounding diesel trucks race down a drag strip, starting with a Peterbilt big rig that’s been turned into a drag monster. It faces off against an older Chevy Silverado that is also equipped with a diesel engine, albeit likely much smaller than the one inside the Peterbilt.

Although the Peterbilt loses, we really have to hand it to the driver for getting under 14 seconds in the quarter-mile and almost breaking the 100 mph mark.

Next, we have an F-350 Super Duty diesel against a known quantity: the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. The Hellcat’s 6.2-L supercharged V8 produces a now-legendary 707 horsepower, which gives us a great starting point to guess what’s beneath the hood of that F-350.

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The 6.7-L PowerStroke diesel normally produces 440 hp, but judging by the fact this F-350 is very narrowly defeated by a Hellcat, we’d have to assume that it’s turbocharged to produce something approaching 1,000 horsepower, and maybe even more than that.

Finally, we arrive at a matchup that pits a Nissan GT-R against a Ram 3500. This pickup comes with a 6.7-L Cummins turbodiesel that normally puts out just 350 horsepower, although it also puts down 750 lb-ft of torque. The GT-R is capable of accelerating from zero to sixty in just 2.7 seconds, which means this Ram 3500 will need some serious power to keep up.

Which it almost does! The final time is just over half a second apart between the supercar and a heavy-duty diesel-powered pickup. That says a lot for what you can do with diesel engines.

Check out the video above for even crazier diesel-powered mayhem.

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