2020 Dodge Barracuda: Everything We Know So Far

Rumors are flying all over the car enthusiast scene regarding Dodge's new 2020 Barracuda, and here is everything you should know about the vehicle.

Don’t we all love rumors? Well, 2020 is a special year for Dodge lovers. The highly anticipated 2020 Dodge Barracuda is expected to be the next big thing on the muscle car scene. Car enthusiast forums are buzzing with rumors, and fans are already comparing the reincarnated Plymouth to the SRT Challenger. However, it's still too early to figure out which of the two will perform better on the track.

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While there isn’t sufficient information about the Legendary Barracuda, its lovers are hoping it comes with a new body, design, and engine. So, what can you expect from the 2020 Dodge Barracuda? Here’s everything you need to know.

9 Barracuda To Replace Viper

The Dodge SRT Viper was a phenomenal brand and an American sweetheart, it, however, ceased production back in 2017 due to varied reasons including emissions, sales, safety, among other nooses. According to insiders, a vast majority of the Viper resources at the Conner Avenue plant will be restructured for the production of the legendary Plymouth Barracuda reincarnate, the 2020 Dodge Barracuda.

It's still unclear if the Barracuda will hold the Dodge or Chrysler badge, but its certain that the vicious fish has indeed swallowed the viper, and will be standing in its place for the foreseeable future.

8 New Features

The 2002 Dodge Barracuda will offer several interesting new features. The new Barracuda is set to have coupe macho looks and incredible speed. The new Barracuda will come with an all-new body design, both on the exterior and interior. Like most modern American sports cars, the Barracuda will have a muscle-based frame bodywork with a leaner sleeker edge.

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It’s a tinnier, swifter version of its predecessor with a challenger body and a demon power. According to leaked information, the Barracuda’s design is based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia chassis which will inevitably make it lighter compared to your typical Challenger.

7 Engine Specs

The new 2020 Dodge Barracuda will come with a new strengthened 6.2L or 6.4L engine with a larger bore of about 105.4 mm for a longer stroke with an updated gear ratio. With the right fuel, the Barracuda is expected to push up to 800hp.

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It’s also rumored to be running on an E85 map to complement its horsepower output. It is expected that the new Dodge Barracuda will hit its top speed faster than its predecessors. The new 2020 Dodge Barracuda will have a top speed of 203, similar to that of the Dodge Viper.

6 Release Date

The 2020 Dodge Barracuda is still a rumor. It’s important to note that the first Dodge Barracuda rumor started in 2007, with the expected production date set for 2009. Yet another rumor in 2012 expected the Barracuda to come out in 2014. However, according to sources, the new anticipated Dodge Barracuda is expected to go into production in 2020.

The Barracuda will be part of the Dodge line up. The company is looking to battle Chevy Camaro and Ford GT. Car enthusiasts are more optimistic this time, with leaked concept photos going round and all the hype around it.

5 Price Tag

So, how much will the Barracuda cost? Well, the 2020 Dodge Barracuda is expected to be quite affordable, despite all the hype surrounding it. It is expected that the Dodge Barracuda will retail for $28,000, which is a similar price category as the Dodge Challenger.

The base model Barracuda, expected to rival the Camaro and Mustang in sales, will retail between $26,600 and $26,750, respectively, a normal price range for the sports category vehicle. However, if you are looking to get your hands on the performance version of the Barracuda, you’ll have to part with up to $70,000.

4 Design

The 2020 Dodge Barracuda is anticipated to be the next big thing on the muscle car block. It’s even been compared to the SRT Challenger by many muscle car enthusiasts. However, until the finer details are out, it's going to be a bit difficult to compare the two. The Barracuda is expected to have a smaller exterior that will work well with its monstrous motor to produce the expected 800+hp.

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It will be more streamlined with better build quality and aerodynamics. While the sketches are out, its clay model is yet to be unveiled. But from the reception, it seems the 2020 Barracuda is everything its fans have been expecting.

3 Interior

The 2020 Dodge Barracuda comes with a striking new body that’s aerodynamic, with a wider body, and streamline curves. Just like the exterior, a lot has gone into the interior design of the Dodge Barracuda; unlike any muscle car, the 2020 barracuda will see an introduction of a variety of features and components.

The manufacturers have included some aspects of luxury and safety, a significant improvement in the ride quality, and experience compared to the previous Barracuda. These features are geared towards enhancing the comfortability of the driver at high speeds. It's unclear at this stage if the new interior will be complemented with a state-of-the-art infotainment system.

2 Suspension

Due to its new widebody frame, the Dodge team has developed various suspension setups with inhouse and third-party specialists, including magnetic dampening. It's not clear if the manufacturer will reinstate its rear axle setup, as seen on the challenger.

However, since it comes with a top of the range engine, it feels like its engineering team is more inclined to make this beast faster on its feet, as well as powerful. Since the 2020 Barracuda is expected to hit a top speed of 203 mph, its final suspension set up is expected to complement its top of the range power.

1 Chassis

Talk on the 2020 Dodge Barracuda is that it will be of a smaller production compared to its sibling the Challenger; however, these two muscle cars will share some architectural aspects. While there are rumors that it will come with an Alfa Romeo Giulia rear-wheel-drive platform, Dodge insists that the rebirth of the Dodge Barracuda will be unique and deserving of the legend’s badge, the Cuda.

While it's expected that Dodge will borrow a few aspects from other lines, the 2020 Barracuda will be a purposeful reincarnation both Barracuda fans and enthusiasts will love.

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