Ridiculous Dodge Challenger Has Massive 34-Inch Rims And Pearlescent Paint Job

This Dodge Challenger is practically a monster truck with 34-inch rims.

Challenger 34s

Remember the guy who made a Chevy Camaro with 32-inch custom rims? Well, he’s back, and this time he’s got a Challenger with 34-inch rims.

In yet another sign that nobody likes a Camaro, Corey Jones of St Joliet, Illinois has returned with another ridiculous ride. Last year we got to know Corey thanks to his absolutely outrageous Camaro with 32-inch rims, a pearlescent two-tone paint job, beautiful leather interior with 27-inch TV screens and an Xbox in the trunk, and doors that only open with a custom phone app.

For whatever reason (probably because it was a Camaro), Corey got rid of his former ride in favor of an upgrade. He went out and bought a 2017 Dodge Challenger R/T with a 5.7-L HEMI V8. Then, he got to work doing exactly what he did to the Camaro, only bigger and better.

Challenger 34s
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This time, Corey made custom 34-inch wheels with his own logo on each: "CJ_ON_34s." The logo used to be CJ on 32s, but that's the old logo (his YouTube account where he shows off his many ridiculously pimped custom rides he built himself still has that old name too).

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Corey performed all the customizations himself over the course of 8 months. Fitting those massive wheels involved cutting the Challenger's fenders, but even with custom rubber, each wheel almost bottoms-out the well. The same metallic pearlescent blue paint as he Camaro was used, as well as the delicious "peanut-butter" leather interior, but this time Corey added a set of custom LEDs to the interior that can be controlled by an app on his phone.

The trunk is now filled with an enormous stereo system instead of an Xbox, but we're certain Corey can add a console to his build if he wanted to.

Lastly, a custom grille with Corey's "CJ on 34s" logo provides the finishing touch on an already highly personalized ride.

Corey estimates he's spent about $100,000 on this car including the initial cost of the Challenger, but we're sure he saved a lot of by practicing on a Camaro first.

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