Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Or Camaro ZL1: Which Muscle Car Would You Want To Take Home?

In their latest video, Throttle House shows us the differences between the Challenger Hellcat Redeye and the Camaro ZL1.


Throttle House’s latest video pits the Dodge Challenger Redye against the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 to see which muscle car is the one they’d take home.

This is a matchup we don’t normally see. Usually, it’s Camaro versus Mustang (as it was in their last video series), but this time we see the number three North American muscle car take on the number two spot to see which one is the best.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is already a world-famous car, but then the Demon came along and made the Hellcat look like a Toyota Prius. Sadly, the Demon was a one-year deal that saw every single unit get sold to some very happy drag race enthusiasts, but rather than let the Demon die entirely, they took the same engine and much of the Demon’s drag race-specific technology and planted it inside a new car called the Hellcat Redeye.

via Throttle House

Under the hood is the same 6.2-L HEMI V8 with a 2.7-L supercharger, but instead of 840 horsepower as with the Demon, the Redeye makes 797 horsepower due to a smaller hood air intake. However, it has the same 8-speed automatic transmission, same torque reserve system and after-run supercharger chiller, and the same ludicrous launch control capable of shooting the Redeye from zero to sixty in just 3.4 seconds.

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However, unlike the Demon, the Redeye is a little bit more capable in the corners. Track-tuned Bilstein shocks adorn every corner and larger Brembo brakes help get stop this bulky muscle car when the drag race is over.

It also has some rear seats and all the comforts you’d expect of a high-end Dodge.

The Camaro has far less power the Redeye at just 650 horsepower, but it’s also much lighter (by over 300 lbs, in fact). It also comes with an electronic limited-slip rear differential and magnetic suspension capable of smoothing out the bumps in a way that Bilstein shocks just aren’t capable of.

The Camaro is also $10,000 cheaper than the Redeye.

But how do the two cars compare in the real world? Check out Throttle House’s video above to see what our two hosts have to say.

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