Dodge Challenger Hellcat Undergoes Remarkable Restoration 9 Months After Nearly Getting Completely Burnt

A challenge of a Challenger.

A Dodge Challenger Hellcat that was well-nigh completely burnt during a fire nine months ago has been restored rather impressively.

The muscle car was the victim of a barn fire earlier this year and should have been headed for the scrap heap after being ravaged by the unforgiving flames. But, thanks to thee unbelievable craft put in by the DIY Gang, one could hardly tell that said Hellcat could have just as easily been no more.

The video below shows how badly damaged the car was, as well as the painstaking restoration process.

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The melted Dodge was put on a forklift by the owner after it was acquired and the engine seemed of little use when ashes and burnt metal was shown in the engine bay. The 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine that ordinarily boasts 707 horsepower was removed as the car was cleaned and taken apart as best as the crew could.

Following the cleaning process, repairs kicked off. Much of the recovered car had to be scrapped, but what remained was hammered and fitted back into place.

It's now a good-as-new Hellcat that's actually two cars in one given that the DIY Gang had to find a scrapped body of a Sublime Green model and fused it with what could be taken from the burnt one, so to speak.

The nine-month restoration ended with the team clipping front and rear fascias before firing up the engine and, of course, a very happy test drive. What the owner now has is an IndiGO Blue monster which should be the envy of restoration crews everywhere.

The 14-minute video has been around since mid-October and had garnered 10,392,170 views and 251,000 likes at the time of writing.

This happens to be quite a story. There's absolutely no reason for this Hellcat to still exist, yet here it is, tearing up the streets again after a fire that should have quite literally spelled the end.

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