Dodge Demon Takes On Turbocharged Foxbody Mustang For Drag Race Supremacy

The Dodge Demon is king of the drag strip, but can a modified Foxbody Mustang steal its crown?


Watch a Dodge Demon take on a modded Foxbody Mustang on the drag strip.

Is two decades long enough for a car to be considered “classic?” That depends on the car and who you ask. Acura Integras from the era are certainly selling for big money at auctions, although ‘90s-style Mustangs weren’t nearly as popular as their Japanese counterparts.

Still, there’s a certain charm about the old Foxbody Mustangs. A simpler car from a bygone era, fourth-gen ‘Stangs can be found for relatively cheap even if they’re still in good condition. Then they can be modified with off-the-shelf components to make for a ready drag racer.

Take this Foxbody ‘Stang, for instance. The driver mentions a Ford small block powers this car, making it either a 5.0-L or a 5.8-L V8 making anywhere from 240 hp to 390 hp when it was brand new. However, when fitted with a big turbocharger we can imagine that power figure doubling to upwards of 650 hp.

The old 4-speed manual (or 5-speed automatic) transmission has been tossed for an even older C4 transmission, which is a 3-speed automatic built between 1964 and 1981. Its simplicity and lightness is its strength, allowing it to be fitted in place of the old transmission and then geared specifically towards drag racing.

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A stripped-out interior, roll cage, and a 5-point harness complete this old Mustang and turn it into a true drag racer. But is it enough to defeat the king of the strip, the Dodge demon?

The Demon stock makes 840 hp, which likely gives it the power advantage over the older Mustang, but it also weighs upwards of 4,300 lbs. That’s over 1,000 lbs more than the Mustang and can seriously hinder its chances against the lighter, sleeker muscle car. The Demon does have a lot of technology in its favor, but nobody makes a custom Mustang without getting to know its performance inside and out.

Check out the video above to see which car takes home the glory.

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