Dodge Hellcat Takes On Supercharged Ford F-150 In Quarter-Mile Race

A stock Dodge Challenger Hellcat takes on a supercharged Ford F-150 for drag strip supremacy.

Dodge Hellcat Takes On Supercharged Ford F-150 In Quarter-Mile Race

The Undertaker takes on a stock Dodge Challenger Hellcat in a quarter-mile drag race.

Boosted F-150 has returned with yet another video in his "Versus" series. The first was against a supercharged Ford Mustang GT where Boosted's supercharged F-150 left it in the dust. This time it's Dodge's turn as a bone-stock SRT Hellcat pulls up to the line.

As a refresher, "The Undertaker" (as Boosted calls his supercharged F-150) has somewhere around 950 rear-wheel horsepower thanks to a number of upgrades, not the least of which being a 2.9-L Whipple supercharger attached to the 5.0-L Coyote V8.

American racing headers, a DW400 fuel pump, and ID1000 injectors combine with an E85 racing fuel tune to give this F-150 unparalleled power, while a 3-inch lowering kit, new traction bars, and brand new Mickey Thompson ET SS street-legal drag radials mean that Boosted doesn't need to perform a tire swap upon arriving at the drag strip.

Meanwhile, the Dodge Hellcat is the same Hellcat we've seen time and again. A 6.2-L supercharged V8 provides 707 hp and 650 lb-ft torque. Top speed is 199 mph, quarter-mile times are usually in the high 10-second range.

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At 4,469 lbs, the Hellcat is just 500 lbs lighter than The Undertaker, but down more than 200 horsepower. Both have automatic transmissions, with the Hellcat having 8 gears and the F-150 getting 10. Neither vehicle is picking up points for aerodynamics, so we gotta give this matchup to the more powerful vehicle, and that's the F-150.

So we’re mighty surprised when the Hellcat actually takes the first race with a final time of 10.6 seconds. We don’t get to see the whole start, so it comes as a bit of a shock to see the Hellcat so far ahead straight off the line. The final time slips reveal that it still only took the F-150 10.3 seconds to run the quarter-mile, which means Boosted was sitting on his heels for a third of a second at the start.

These two get a rematch though. Check out the video above to see how it all shakes out.

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