Dodge, Ram Will Return To UK Amidst Boost In Jeep Sales

Dodge, Ram Will Return To UK Amidst Boost In Jeep Sales

Dodge and Ram will return to the British Isles in small numbers helped in part by boosted Jeep sales.

The UK has typically not been home for Fiat Chrysler vehicles. While Jeep has sold well enough to maintain a presence, Dodge and Ram were pulled from the country back in 2010 due to poor sales. That was followed by Chrysler in 2017. Jeep remained, however, and so there is still at least some FCA presence on the islands.

That didn't mean Dodge and Ram were completely absent. Specialty importers, such as AGT Europe, have been importing the vehicles for years in small numbers. AGT has imported 20,000 vehicles to Europe since 2001, including Dodge muscle cars and Ram pickups. With the soaring popularity of both brands in North America, AGT believes the time is right to bring them back to the UK.

Or at least, bring them back in small numbers. According to Piston Heads, only a "small handful" of dealers in Britain still carry Dodge or Ram products, while AGT wants to expand that number by three or four more dealers with roughly 200 imported vehicles split between them.

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AGT Europe already has a facility in Leipzig, Germany that will provide OEM MOPAR parts. They'll also try to reach out to UK Jeep dealers first since there are similarities between Jeep, Dodge, and Ram when it comes to tools and parts.

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“We are looking for dealerships that are enthusiastic about American cars and have working sales and aftersales structures, as well as being well known in their local area. It can be multi-brand dealers," AGT Europe network manager Giovanni De Luca told AM Online. “Jeep dealers have some advantages on working with the Dodge and Ram models as the tools and hardware are the same or very similar.”

Nothing has been set in stone yet, but this might mean it’ll be easier for UK residents to get their hands on a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat or an R/T Scat Pack 1320. AGT thinks there’s a growing appetite for American muscle among lifestyle enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, and if they’re anything like US demographics, they’re probably right.

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