Check Out This Insane Dodge Viper 'Superleggera'

Everyone loves a Dodge Viper, but what this gearhead did to his model is bonkers.

This 2008 Dodge Viper might just be the lightest version of the car ever made.

It might be hard to tell that this car used to be, at one point, a 2008 Dodge Viper. Defining features of the Viper, such as the roof, hood, trunk, and most of the body panels, are all missing. Only those with an encyclopedic knowledge of viper engines would know what they’re looking at, which is an 8.4-L V10.

But this might be an appealing feature to certain people. Perhaps, as Jalopnik points out, you’d like a “Superleggera” version of the Viper for personal use (Superleggera meaning “super light” to 80-year-old Italian coachbuilders). Or maybe you plan to rebuild this car as something better than what it started as, perhaps replacing all the lost body parts with carbon fiber versions.

Whatever you do, you’ll certainly have to do something. Listed as rebuilt salvage on CrankyApe.com, this 2008 Viper has certainly seen better days. It’s only saving grace is that the engine still, apparently, works just fine as proven in a YouTube video linked to the salvage ad.

But the car needs a lot of work. In fact, CrankyApe lists just how much in their ad.

"The unit is missing the hood, roof, and trunk and the other panels do not appear to be installed correctly. The rear end locks up when power is applied. The speakers and windshield are missing. The tires are worn. The check engine light is on with codes P0316, P0553, P0517, P2610, P0369, and P2104."


Those codes mean an engine misfire, power steering pressure sensor failure, three electrical failures at various points in the car that probably mean a brand new wiring harness will be needed.

via CrankyApe

Repairing this car will not be cheap. Luckily, the barely-running hulk is cheap at just $12,525.00. Considering gently-used examples today still go for anywhere from $60-$100,000, a few thousand spent to fix things up isn’t a bad investment.

Bidding continues until January 2nd, with the car located in Georgetown, Texas. That’s where you’ll need to go if you want to pick up your New Year’s project car.


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