16 Donked Cars That Should Have Been Lowered Into The Ground

Donks are often a great way to make a car stand out, but some owners take this modification too far.

You should never underestimate the importance of making sure you have a solid set of wheels on your car. Which also means that if you are going to customize your car, that you are not replacing your tires that may look good, but reduces the quality of tires. Because looking good on the road is not nearly as important as making sure that you are being a safe and responsible driver.

Though as you are going to learn very quickly with this list, not only did these drivers not make changes that improve the quality of the car, it also ruined any potential positive aesthetic that the car had going for it. Which means they may play by a different set of rules when it comes to what should, or should not be done to your car. Though as far as I'm concerned, this is a classic lose-lose situation for the drivers!

For the 16 drivers on our list, it seems to them that the highest priority was getting massive wheels for their car. But if you start to go down the rabbit hole of trying to understand some of the logic of some of these drivers, you may find yourself struggling to come up with an answer. So perhaps it's just better to enjoy the photos from a distance and pray that nobody ever asks you to get into a vehicle that resembles anything like what you are about to witness.

These are 16 donked cars that should have been lowered into the ground.

16 Nobody Needs This Much Gold On Their Car

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There is nothing wrong with deciding that you want to have some things in your life that are made of gold - or at the very least - are the same colour as gold. But one thing that should probably never be made of solid gold is a motor vehicle.

This owner clearly doesn't have the Midas touch.

And that definitely may be the case if along with deciding to go and get your car decked out with gold chrome you also make the decision to go and get giant wheels to get added to the car. Giant wheels mind you that match the overall colour scheme of the car. Would this look better without gold wheels? It probably can't be saved either way.

15 Barney The Dinosaur May Love This Car

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If you find yourself looking at this vehicle and find yourself being perplexed as to what on earth the driver was thinking, you definitely would not be the only one as I am in that same boat. But that also thankfully means that you, like me, are in agreement that this is something that should never be done to a vehicle; much less this vehicle. That does not mean that this driver would listen to our advice as to how they should go about modifying their car, but at least you can use this as example to remind you as to what not to do.

14 The Wheels Match The Car, Is That a Plus?

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There are going to be some people out there who would immediately look at this car and find it to be really unappealing, even if they don't even get to the wheels, as it is definitely a bold shade of green for the driver to have picked. But maybe the fact that they also decided to go out and buy customized wheels for the car that were done up in the same fashion as the car means that they were at the very least a big fan of the colour.

Though, this wound up looking like The Incredible Hulk's first car.

Though even if you find yourself loving the green, you may find it hard to love the wheels.

13 The Doors Don't Help

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I would not blame you if the most offensive thing about this vehicle for you was the fact that they went ahead and decided that the modification of their doors to look more like a Lamborgini. Which is something that can look cool when it is, you know, on Lamborgini's or is a stock option for an exotic car, but is something that becomes a lot less cool when you see it being done to "normal" cars. But perhaps you may also just be happy that the owner did something to their car to help draw your attention away from their awful wheels, if only for a few minutes.

12 Please Don't Take This On The Road

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What on earth is going on with this next entry? You cannot deny that the owner of this car definitely came away with the modifications needed to help make their car stand out from all the rest. But you can also not deny that if this owner found themselves in a serious car accident that their modifications to the car are going to lead to some serious issues. But to be fair, even things like an aggressive speed bump may cause issues when you decide to put your car that low to the ground.

11 Thirty-Two Inches Too Many

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If you went ahead and made the same decisions that this driver made to their car, it is very possible that those modifications were what you wanted to talk about more than anything else when it comes to your car. And when you consider this driver not only got major wheels added to the car but then went ahead and also advertised how big they are, means that there is no way they must think that this is a bad look, which I suppose at the end of the day is the only thing that really matters.

10 As If Hummers Weren't Big Enough

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If you are driving around in a Hummer, there is already going to be a pretty high chance that you are going to be the biggest car that you encounter on the road. But when you take the size of a Hummer and then go ahead and modify the wheels in the way that this owner did, you take that chance and increase it significantly.

That is not to say that the owner made the right decision when they decided to put 34-inch wheels on their car.

But if their goal was to be the biggest car around, at least they can say confidently that they are closer to that goal.

9 It's A Challenge To Love This Challenger

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The Dodge Challenger is a fantastic vehicle, but I may have to work pretty hard to convince you of that fact if the only version of the car you ever got the ability to see was this one. Because there is no way the overall aesthetic of this Challenger has been improved by the wacky decisions the owner decided to make with their wheels. Especially when you consider people may love going fast in their Challenger, but to do it in this vehicle with the modifications that have been added may be a recipe for disaster.

8 Can't Wash The Ugly Off

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When it comes to the next entry on our list, you may immediately be drawn to the fact that this donked purple Porsche is being washed. It is always nice to see a car being treated properly, but this particular car needs much more than just a good cleaning. Everything from the wheels, to the stance, to that questionable colour choice just needs to go. Had the owner kept this car stock, it would probably look a hundred times better than this custom donk job.

7 This Probably Stayed On Craigslist For a While

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One of the valuable things that you can find people selling on Craigslist is their used cars. If you find the right one, it is very possible that you can come away with a great deal. But if you are browsing the site and came across this car which was being sold on the site by the owner, you may not have to think very hard about if you should make an offer.

This will likely still be listed for a long, long time.

The Camaro is a car that can be considered to be very nice, but get those wheels anywhere near it and the value drops dramatically. (Source: Reddit).

6 Blue And Gold Could Look Good (But Doesn't!)

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The driver of the next car on our list had elected to cover up the back of their car with a tarp. But maybe that's a good thing when you consider the vehicle had more than enough shine as it was with the decisions they made to add chrome to all of it. It's possible that the wheels would have looked better if they had decided to highlight them with the blue colour instead of the gold, but that probably still would not be enough for you to come away from looking at this car with too many positive emotions.

5 Not A Good Look

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It is possible that when it comes to this next car that the thing that catches your eye first is the fact that the driver decided to have two different tones on his car, which if I'm being upfront about, I don't exactly hate. But the reality is that your mind would probably go a lot quicker to the wheels of the car and once you start staring, it may be hard to stop. Because those are just some awful looking wheels! There was no need for this car to get wheels like that put on, but I don't think you'd be able to convince the owner of that fact.

4 The Spare Looks Better Than The Rims

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One of the most frustrating things you can experience as a driver is realizing that you need to go and get one (or several) of your tires replaced which is often an unexpected and important issue to have to solve. Now imagine how upsetting that would be if you had to go and get your tire replaced, but the tire in question was an expensive one that you got customized for your car.

That's what happens when a car's tires are too expensive.

As this driver shows, the end result is that they seemingly weren't able to pay for a replacement and in the process makes their car perhaps even more of an eyesore.

3 This Belongs In The Sea

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I am not going to sit here and get into a debate with you about the entertainment value, or lack thereof depending on your opinion, of the television series Spongebob Squarepants. But what I will do is give you the opportunity to look at what is perhaps the ugliest car on our entire list, especially if you have no appreciation for the show. While I'm sure Nickelodeon is a huge fan of how much support the show gets, including away from the screen, I find it hard to believe that most people would look at this car and come away with a positive opinion.

2 So Much Wasted Potential

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If you want to add some personality to your car without making too permanent of a decision, one of the things you can do is get something to hang off of the mirror in your car. In this driver's case, they have elected for a very nice flag of Puerto Rico. But their decision to hang a flag may be the last compliment that you want to give out to this driver. Because while it's nice in a way that their red and white wheels match the red and white custom aesthetic of the car, it may have been even nicer if they didn't make any of these changes.

1 Good Luck Filling This Limo With People

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If you were asked to go for a ride in some of the vehicles on our list, I would not blame you if you found yourself being pretty hesitant to say yes to that request. As some of the vehicles look downright dangerous. Which means that the idea that there may be enough people out there who would want to enter this limousine may not be high enough to ever actually need all the extra space for guests that a limousine can offer.

It needs it's own set of stairs.

And when you consider limousines are often getting looks when they are on the road, it may make you extra wonder why this driver tried to stand out with this wheel choice.

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