20 Outrageous Donks Pimp My Ride Wouldn't Even Take (5 That Are Cool)

When it comes to modifying cars, there are endless ways to do it, and a vast aftermarket of parts and kits that only makes it even more customizable. If anyone wanted to change something on their car, customize it in some way, they would likely be able to do exactly what they wanted.

One of the more popular kinds of modifying is found in putting aftermarket rims onto a car, to make it look at least a little bit non-stock. The degree to which that look goes is incredibly vast, but many people change out their rims for some that are almost the same as the stock, just a bit nicer, higher quality, shinier, or more unique. In fact, most cars at some point or another end up with aftermarket rims.

The scale goes from classy modification all the way to completely outrageous, and that can be because the rims are massive, or small, or oddly painted, poorly painted, or just plain outlandish. For as many individual cars there are in the world, it seems that there are different rim designs. Plenty of choice for those looking to make their cars their own.

One of the most hated and loved mod cultures out there, and one of the most enduring is the donk. It has taken on some variations over the years, but the essential concept remains the same. Fully customize and deck out a car, then pump it up with the biggest rims imaginable. Let's take a look at 20 outrageous donks and 5 good ones.

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25 Wheels Bigger Than Doors

via metanetworks.org

To modify a mid-range Buick like this will never make any sense to me, but I know that for many it is a way to have fun and a means of personal expression. It just seems pointless to put more money into a car than what it is even worth.

These rims, though, should probably have never been put onto a car like this, as they are so big it almost doubles the height of the car. The funniest part is that the wheels really are bigger than the doors. Talk about over the top.

24 With Room To Walk Underneath

via drivemag.com

This is a Chevy Camaro. It is not a sports car. Well, it is, technically. But only when it's stock is it a sports car, or modified with track racing in view. Not when it's turned into this: a donk.

Not just any donk, either, but a donk that is taken to the very limits of the extreme, rims that make the sports car convertible so tall it almost seems like there's room to walk underneath it. It must be really easy to change the oil, though. But if it needs to be jacked up, that could prove to be more difficult.

23 Wonder If It's A Denali

via acewhips.net

To put massive rims on a truck is often classified as a mall-crawler or a brodozer, but those are usually in tandem with preposterous lift kits, so this could be considered a donk. Plus, it's in the same style, too, with all gold trim and massive gold rims.

The most obviously over the top part about this is definitely the front grille, which reads about as bold and big as you can get "DENALI." Which, is only logical considering that it is indeed a Denali. But, in case you didn't, now you do.

22 Custom Baby Blue Camaro

via cellcode.com

The Camaro has in the past decade or so has seen a huge increase in its value as a sports car. For the longest time, the cars produced under this badge were really not worth the cost of materials, let alone what they sold for. Nowadays they are fairly fast and good to drive, almost respectably so.

That is, of course, if you don't do this to it, and by this we mean, obviously, putting thirty-inch rims onto it. This thing is so tall now it has lost every shred of its once rather mediocre sportiness.

21 Glossy High Roller

via twitter.com

This kind of mod is the more traditional way of going about turning a car into a donk, and it fits into the category of what the term donk used to refer to almost exclusively. This one looks like it had a lot of time and effort put into it, which is pretty cool.

As for personal taste, it's a hard one to find a liking for. The massive rims just look bad, and the leaning back tilt is just comical. The color of the body is nice, but the rims just look like giant starlight mints, the kind you always get at restaurants.

20 Hot Pink And Checkered

via saviniwheels.com

This is about as flashy as it could get when it comes to flashy car mods. The hot pink color of the body would have been enough, far too much even, yet to add to it are some absolutely massive chrome rims accented in hot pink as well, and a checker pattern on the body.

This car has had a lot of dedication and time put into it, as well as money, and that is pretty clear by the quality of both the paint and the rims. So that's awesome, proof of passion, yet for those who don't like the look, it's just absurd.

19 Hypnotic Spirals

via carid.com

A Chevy Impala isn't the best car for modifications. It's not the most well-built car around, not by a long shot, and it doesn't have much value or longevity. So to dump several thousand dollars into it, perhaps even ten grand when all is said and done, just doesn't make sense.

But, it doesn't stop people from doing it, as is clear with this strange donk, equipped with a custom paint job that is plain blue, as well as some of the biggest and most hypnotizing (in a bad way) rims you could find.

18 Looks Like A Toy Car

via rides-mag.com

White and gold is a popular car combo among those who enjoy turning their cars into the most kush of all donks, mostly due to the affluent nature it gives off, and the ties to royalty that the combo solicits in the mind. It makes sense, and it does have an air of wealth about it.

Of course, this simple Dodge Charger doesn't have the inherent qualities of wealth enough to make it work, and the end result for this ridiculous donk is an air of falsity as if this was a toy car of some kind or another.

17 28 Inch Rucci Wheels

via cpcarkansas.org

High rolling is in many ways a double entendre, a portmanteau of sorts when it comes to rims. On the one hand, the more literal meaning is that due to the excessive and massive size of the rims that you are rolling on, you really are up high, therefore a high roller.

Often times the secondary meaning comes from the phrase "high roller," referring to someone who spends a lot of money or is wealthy. These Rucci wheels likely cost close to the amount of the car itself, and if that isn't rolling high I don't know what is.

16 An Easy Way To Ruin A Jaguar

via YouTube

If there ever was an easy way to ruin a Jaguar, one of the classier car brands out there, a reserved and dignified company that creates luxury sedans that balance extreme performance with the perfect amounts of restraint and control, this would definitely be how to do it.

Step one: give it the flashiest paint job possible, a gold pearl shifting hue will do great. Step two: deck out all the trim with gold. Step three: put ridiculously large and flashy rims on it. Now you've got yourself a ruined Jaguar. Nice.

15 Utter Status Symbol

via dubwheels.com

The AMG G63 is perhaps one of the most expensive Mercedes Benz models that you can buy. There really isn't much reason for the phenomenally large price tag, either, despite the fact that it's a pretty awesome car. There's not really a way around that fact, though the incredibly steep price tag has led to it becoming basically a status symbol.

To then add some massive wheels to it that cost a likely large sum of money, it really becomes one giant four-wheel-drive box of status. The four-wheel drive capabilities are entirely lost, and all that remains is a very, very expensive roller.

14 Cadillac High Roller

via YouTube

This style of donk is quite popular among the community of modders, and it makes a certain amount of sense as to why. the giant sparkling gold rims inspire a sense of luxury, and so does the pearly iridescent purple and green paint that covers the whole car.

It's just so over the top, especially when every single piece of trim and accessory is gilt in gold. The wheels are truly massive, too, with a literal step up to get into this Cadillac, a car that normally would require hunching down to get into, as it is a sports sedan. To each his own, though.

13 Lost All Its Sportiness

via drivingline.com

The Ford Mustang has seen all kinds of endless iterations over the years, ever since it was made into a legend during the height of the muscle car era. It has seen some seriously dark times, when its name was bastardized and passed around to cars that had no business holding the title, to the past couple of decades when it has slowly started to earn its rightful name back, and some shreds of its dignity.

To equip this sports car with massive rims like the ones pictured takes away what little dignity it has been able to scrounge up and renders it completely useless as a sports car.

12 Pearly Color Coordination

via rides-mag.com

There may or may not be as vibrant and neon of an iridescent paint as this one in the world. The blue is downright blinding, and the purple is supersaturated. The effect is only amplified by the fact that the giant rims match the paint perfectly.

Fully custom, this SS Impala has been completely decked out, there's hardly a thing on it that remains stock. This kind of customization takes a lot of work, and a lot of money, so it shows just how much this person loves their car.

11 Rims Cost More Than The Skye

via car buzz.com

This is a Saturn Skye. Saturn's attempt at making a sports car to rival the likes of the Mazda Miata or the Honda S2000. But, unfortunately, it didn't compete and is no longer in production. Why? Put simply, because it was a very poor car and an even poorer sports car.

Cheap parts, a complete lack of power, bad handling, it all created a lackluster car that everyone wishes was never made. And never before has anyone wished it more so until they've seen these rims on one.

10 Purple And Pink

via hubcap-tire-wheel.com

The purple and pink combo on this particularly outrageous donk is actually quite a good one. The shades compliment each other well, and it is reminiscent of what many people think are the two favorite colors of girls.

While every girl is different, these rims are also definitely unique. The style is rather outlandish, and the chrome is about as flashy as it can get. To customize the bottom half of the doors between the wheels with pure chrome is also a good touch and a gaudy one.

9 Rims Worth More Than The Car

via YouTube

First things first, the teal color of this build is quite bad. It's clear too, from almost immediately, that it's not the greatest quality, either. Far from done at home, but definitely done at a bargain.

And don't even start on those rims, the size of the door if not bigger, and of just bad taste. What makes the least sense is that this car is worth hardly anything, yet it's decked out with rims that probably cost more than the entire vehicle.

8 Shiny Green Chrome

via amaniforged.com

This is a pretty good way to ruin a Jaguar, much like our entry that features a different donked out Jag. It's up to you to decide which is worse, personally, I think the other entry, but it's a close call as both are sure-fire ways to ruin a nice luxury sports saloon.

The shiny green chrome wrap is professionally done, and eye-catching, but it's too reminiscent of the Green Lantern (a true joke of a movie), or a giant car shaped Christmas ball. Indeed, this would be better off decorating someone's Christmas tree, instead of being a car.

7 Vintage Lincoln Continental

via YouTube

The rims on this classic vintage Lincoln continental don't fit the look of the car. And when a modification doesn't jive with the rest of the build, it becomes a nuisance to have to look at. It's an eyesore.

That and the fact that it's just not custom enough makes for what amounts to a fairly well maintained retro collector (far from the donk standards and nowhere near mint), and some rims that just look unbelievably tacky. Let's just hope they've got a paint job scheduled soon.

6 Woven Chrome

via carid.com

These rims are quite flashy, they are woven chrome accented in red, and they're some of the more intricate rims that you can buy. Almost entirely solid, with an intricate pattern on the surface.

It matches the red of the truck body, as do the best of the donks in the world, but when it comes to a truck, it almost never looks good. This truck is a case in point because even though it's minimalist and simple, that almost makes it look worse. Of course, each person has their own opinion and tastes.

5 Cool: Bringing New Life To A Classic

via dubwheels.com

This is a great way to take the concept of a donk and make it work. This old muscle car has some of the biggest rims I've ever seen put into a car, and some of the deepest dishes too. Yet somehow it's still within reason.

The build still looks balanced, refined, tuned, and well crafted. These are the keys to creating good builds, no matter what mod culture it might be part of. Talk about a pretty sick hot rod with some massive wheels.

4 Cool: Matte Black and Glossy White

via wheelhero.com

Often times the downfall for many donks doesn't have to do with tire size or general practicality or anything like that, but with the amount of shiny chrome and shiny neon colors. Making a good build involves restraint at times, and the massive rims on this car are a great example.

The white paint and black rims is a classic simple combo, augmented by the fact that the wheels are matte, which offsets them in a surprisingly appealing way. Understated and bold at the same time. Cool.

3 Cool: Pure Onyx

via carid.com

Putting massive rims onto a truck doesn't involve lifting it at all, as it does for smaller saloons or sports cars, as they usually have the necessary clearance inherently. The end result is if done right, a more cohesive and logical looking build, which is usually for the better. At least in most cases

This truck is perfect at demonstrating that, sitting on some titan rims, donk level massive (and donk level chrome), yet it just looks clean and cool, flawless and spotless.

2 Cool: Donk Level Rims With Rad Fitment

via autoevolution.com

The term donk has evolved to include virtually any car that has been decked out with insanely large and shiny rims, and this is a great example of when that works better than in a lot of other cases.

The wheel size is absolutely massive, taking up every millimeter of the wheel well, and the design is fitting for the car, too, complimenting the electric blue color without being too gaudy or flashy. That may be in part because it is brushed steel and not pure chrome.

1 Cool...Because of Froot Loops

via reddit.com

Sometimes something is just so over the top that it becomes untouchable. Maybe you could hate on it if you want, but what's the point in that? Just appreciate it in all of its wildness.

Just like this absolutely outrageous Froot Loops donk, complete with not only a full body decal covered in Froot Loops and that iconic toucan, but also equipped with some positively vibrant rims, neon yellow and every bright color of those delicious fruity loopy cereal. Suddenly I'm quite hungry. I wonder if they have a special Froot Loops dispenser inside. That would be cool.

Sources: Dub Wheels, Wheel Hero & Rides Magazine

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