Yet Another Drag Racing Challenger Teased By Dodge Ahead Of SEMA

Dodge is going to reveal a new drag racing Challenger concept at this year's SEMA. Probably.

Yet Another Drag Racing Challenger Teased By Dodge Ahead Of SEMA

Dodge is teasing what can only be yet another drag race-oriented Challenger concept for this year’s SEMA show.

We get it. Dodge likes to build drag racing muscle cars. We figured that out with the Hellcat, and then the Demon sort of made that point as crystal clear as it could possibly be. And then there was the Hellcat Redeye, and then the Scat Pack 1320, and then various Widebody versions of the Challenger, and the list goes on and on.

And now there’s another one coming.

We don’t know much about it other than it’s definitely another Challenger and it will definitely be fast enough to warrant a parachute on the back. This comes courtesy of the brief teaser video that Dodge posted online last week. It shows a top-down view of a Challenger with a vented hood, a big blue stripe down the middle, and the words “Performance by SRT” written across the windshield.

All other details are unknown at this time, but this Challenger does make a lot of smoke, so there’s that.

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That said, this car really does remind us of the Drag Pak Challengers we've seen over the years. The latest version, which came out in 2018, arrived with your choice of either a 7.0-L naturally aspirated HEMI V8 or a 5.8-L supercharged HEMI V8 with over 1,000 hp. They were all painted white with blue racing stripes, as well as given unique drag race upgrades which has 15-inch radials, unique Mopar K-Member shocks with adjustable compression and rebound, an anti-roll bar, and a Strange Engineering 4-inch solid axle with 9-inch aluminum third member.

Either Drag Pak was capable of running a quarter-mile in the 8-second range, making them unbelievably fast.

If what Dodge reveals at SEMA is along the same lines, expect a Challenger with a price tag of over $100,000 and a very limited number of build slots. Just 60 units of the 2018 Drag Paks were made, and they all went pretty quick. As in they were purchased and taken home quickly, not that they were driven home quickly--Drag Pak Challengers aren’t road legal.

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