16 Dream Cars That Were Just Dumped In The Desert

While most people yearn to possess amazing cars such as a Ferrari and a Rolls Royce, others don't mind leaving those cars on the side of the road. The car market is saturated with sports, muscle, and supercars, but that doesn't mean that owners of those cars should neglect their vehicles once they no longer enjoy their vehicles.

One of the best options is to sell the car or donate it to a worthy cause. The worst decision that a car owner can do with his or her vehicle is to abandon it. Some owners get fed up with their jalopies, so they leave their cars on the side of the road. While that is understandable to an extent, what is not acceptable is leaving vintage or super-cars on the side of the road.

It seems that some people have so much money that they can afford to leave extravagant vehicles behind. We wanted to see what kind of cars owners abandoned, so we searched the globe. Our exploration led us to discover abandoned cars in deserts. What was more surprising to find out was that some of the cars that owners had abandoned in the desert were dream cars for most people.

Without further ado, here are 17 dream cars that were just left behind in the desert. Enjoy and like always be sure to share the article with a friend. Let's get started.

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16 Lamborghini Countach

via Imgday

Ferruccio Lamborghini started producing cars after Enzo Ferrari didn't want to attend to his complaints about the Ferraris that he owned. Ferruccio's intention with the Countach was to produce a successor to the Miura. During the production of the Countach, between 1974 and 1990, Lamborghini produced just under 2,000 Countach rides.

Lamborghini unveiled the car at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show. The manufacturer offered several engine versions such as the 3.9, 4.8 and 5.2-liters. Imagine how you would feel if you found this Countach in the desert?

15 Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta

via Pinterest

The desert might be a lonely place, but it fosters several classics cars that many collectors would love to own. It seems that the owner of the pictured 166 MM Barchetta had so much money that he didn't care about the vehicle. While most people dream about owning a Ferrari, some people have left it in the desert.

Motor Trend Classic named the 166 MM Barchetta the sixth greatest Ferrari of all time. According to RM Sotheby's, one of the 166 MM Barchettas was on auction for $3 million. The car is an absolute stunner and deserves an owner who will give it the king's treatment.

14 Maserati Quattroporte

via Pinterest

Maserati has produced the Quattroporte since 1963. Although the manufacturer had paused the production of the Quattroporte for several years, the car is in its sixth generation. Consumers who are fortunate to own the Quattroporte would have experienced the 4.2-liter engine, capable of pumping out 395 horsepower and reaching a top speed of 171 mph.

The car needs just over 5 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph. Consumers who want to own the latest model should be prepared to pay $114,000 for a base model.

13 Maserati Bora

via Youtube

Before the Gran Turismo, Maserati had manufactured the Bora. During the production, lasting from 1971 until 1978, Maserati produced just under 600 units. The company wanted to make the car exclusive, so it limited the production run.

Under the bonnet is an impressive V8 engine, capable of pumping out 171 mph. Maserati offered the 4.7-liter engine from 1971 until 1978 and offered the 4.9-liter engine from 1973. I don't understand how somebody could leave a classic, which had a limited run, in the desert.

12 Mercedes G-Wagon

via Autoevolution

Celebrities have helped to propel the G-Wagon to the mainstream. Although the G-Wagon has been in production since 1979, it garnered the attention of most consumers several years ago. Since regular people like to purchase cars that celebrities own, one of the most obvious choices was the G-Wagon.

Numerous celebrities are the proud owners of the G-Wagon and like to take selfies with the car to post it on their social media pages. I struggled to understand the hype of the G-Wagon considering it has a boxy shape, which isn't attractive.

11 Ferrari 250 GT Spyder

via Drive 2

The manufacturer has made some of the best supercars that have graced the roads. Ferrari manufactured the 250 from 1953 until 1964. The car had open and covered headlights. Under the bonnet was a 3-liter engine, capable of pumping out 280 horsepower through the four-speed manual transmission.

Several Hollywood icons such as Clint Eastwood and Steve McQueen helped to put the 250 GT Spyder in the limelight. Considering the car has so much history, who would abandon such a car that collectors have paid millions to own?

10 Porsche Cayman

via Roadtrippers

After the success of the 911, Porsche wanted to produce a car that provided great performance but was more affordable. Porsche launched the Cayman in 2006, deriving the concept from the second and third generation Boxter roadster. Although Cayman was one of the best models that Porsche produced, sales of the vehicle were slow.

What was strange about the low sales is that Porsche priced the Cayman as a cheaper alternative to the 911 and a better ride than the Boxter. Consumers who have $57,000 can afford a base 718 Cayman model. That's a good price for a spectacular vehicle.

9 Aston Martin Lagonda

via Pinterest

Considering the Lagonda was in production from 1976 until 1990, most young drivers aren't familiar with the car. If a young driver saw the Lagonda in the desert, he or she might not recognize that it's an Aston Martin. The British manufacturer produced most of the Lagondas in series 2 and 3 body styles.

Although the Lagonda was in production for sixteen years, Aston Martin produced only 645 cars. It seems that the car piqued the interest of consumers, as Aston Martin announced in 2014 that it would launch a new Lagonda called the Taraf, available only for the Middle-East market on an invitation basis.

8 Jaguar XJ-220

via Top Speed

I've stated that one of the car automakers who hasn't received the attention it deserves is Jaguar. The only reason that I can think this happened is that the British automaker hasn't practiced successful marketing.

Most of the cars that Jaguar produces are luxurious, provide good performance and comfort. When Jaguar wanted to produce a supercar, its answer to the market was the XJ-220. Although it isn't the most gorgeous car, it had a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged engine that provided plenty of power. Jaguar produced only 282 units.

7 Mercedes C-Class

via Vasi.net

The manufacturer has produced engines that can endure many miles. Although the owner of the pictured Mercedes was aware of the engine's potential, he decided that it was best to part ways with the vehicle. Consumers who want a reliable vehicle like a Toyota but with better performance and more luxury should opt for a Mercedes Benz.

Although the price tag of a Mercedes is higher than Toyota, consumers will get more from the vehicle. Mercedes cars have an engine that can tolerate a lot of punishment and provide ample space for cargo and passengers.

6 Chevrolet Corvette Split Window

via Pinterest

Although the pictured Corvette is more than half a century old, it has the potential to be a vintage vehicle after some repairs. A good paint job, new tires and mechanical work will ensure that the car is good as new.

The pictured Corvette is a 1963 split window classic that has become popular amongst collectors. Consumers who want to get their hands on a restored Corvette will pay more than $150,000 for the car. One of the 1963 models was on sale for $179,000, according to Hemmings. The owner should have done everything in his power to preserve the car.

5 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350

via Las Mejores Fotos Del Alno

When one is discussing the best muscle cars of all time, leaving the Shelby Mustang GT350 out of the conversation would be a sin. The pictured Shelby is a 1965 model that had a 4.7-liter engine, capable of producing 271 horsepower. Considering that Ford manufactured the car more than half a century ago, the car's performance is exemplary.

Once the restorer has painted the car and done a few mechanical touch-ups, the car will look new. Seeing that car in the desert and without an engine is heartbreaking to me, as the GT350 is one of the most prominent muscle cars in history.

4 DMC DeLorean

via duoblenaclia

Fans of the movie Back to the Future were deluded into believing that the DeLorean provides blistering speeds. While Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd blasted away in the car, owners who purchased the DeLorean after the movie premiered discovered that it wasn't as fast as the producers of the movie wanted the fans to believe.

Regardless of its speed, the DeLorean remains a classic car that numerous collectors yearn to own. For the owner to leave it in the middle of nowhere, he or she must've been so fed up with it, or the owner could have taken the car for granted.

3 Ferrari Enzo

via Froyonation

One of the ways to pay homage to the founder of Ferrari was by naming a car after him. Enzo Ferrari is the genius behind the Italian brand, which has won several F1 Championship titles and made numerous models that most drivers wish to drive. Some people in the UAE are so rich that they don't have a problem with leaving behind a Ferrari Enzo.

Consumers who are interested in purchasing the Enzo shouldn't have a problem with forking out $2.4 million. It seems that the owner of this Enzo feels that $2.4 million is pocket change.

2 Land Rover

via Pinterest

Land Rover has made numerous off-road vehicles that have provided the driver enjoyment. Once the owner of this Land Rover had fun with the vehicle and got bored of it, he didn't mind leaving it in the middle of nowhere. Some people found the abandoned vehicle and stripped it off all its parts.

If that wasn't bad enough, some people thought that the Land Rover would be a good object to practice graffiti drawings. Although the pictured Land Rover used to be a magnificent vehicle, not much of it remains. The restoration would cost more than purchasing a new one.

1 Acura NSX


Consumers who purchased cars from Toyota, Lexus and Honda know that the manufacturers make cars that are reliable and affordable. The Honda NSX, marketed as the Acura NSX in the US, went into production from 1990, and the first generation lasted until 2005. The production of the second generation started in 2016 and is on-going.

Getting rid of an Acura NSX is a big mistake, as the cars are known to provide performance, comfort, and reliability. The better alternative that the owner could have opted for was to sell the vehicle.

Sources - Top Speed, Hemmings & RM Sothebys

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