10 Most Annoying Things Bad Drivers Do, Ranked

Some drivers are good, others make the road a worse place for everyone. Here are the ten most frustrating habits of terrible drivers.

There is no doubt that the one thing this world doesn’t lack is bad drivers. Bad drivers are the difference between a peaceful or stressful ride. They are what turns your relaxing Sunday trip to a road rage-filled afternoon. The worst part is that bad drivers always seem to pop out of nowhere and usually when you are in a hurry!

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They are always there to slow you down, either by cutting you off or driving ten miles under the speed limit. Bad drivers are the reason the phrase "road rage" exists. They had to come up with an expression for the anger people feel when they get stuck next to an awful driver.

Here is a list of the 10 most annoying things bad drivers do!

10 Inconsistent Driving

One thing that gets under people’s skin is driving down the highway when the person in front of them keeps changing their speed limit. Initially, they drive fast, then they slow down, and thirty seconds later they go back up to the speed limit. Five minutes later, they are driving like turtles again. It makes for a very irritating trip.

The moment you go to pass them and they see you, they speed up and drive faster. Why they don’t just use cruise control? It is right there! It is almost like they are trying to annoy everyone else.

9 Constantly Switching Lanes

When you’re driving down the highway, it makes the trip a lot easier when you got a nice smooth ride mapped out. Unfortunately, when you get next to someone that can’t decide if they belong in the fast lane or the slow lane it makes you switch up your pace. Constantly moving from one lane to another just gets in the other driver’s way.

Especially if that person is making other drives slow down or speed up. Just find a lane and stick to it. If maintaining a steady pace is proving difficult, then get that car off the fast lane. At least, the driver won't aggravate everyone else on the road.

8 Throwing Trash Out the Window

Nothing is more disrespectful to other drivers and the environment than when people throw their garbage out the window. Along with making the road terrible to look at, it can cause major road blockages that can lead to accidents. Whether in town or on the highway, save any garbage for the nearest gas station. One of the worst things seen thrown out of a car was a dirty diaper. All the driver has to do is grab a plastic bag and viola, there is now a garbage bag in their car.

Instead, people toss all their wrappers, diapers, cups, and ashtrays out the window and hope no one will notice who did it. No one appreciates getting garbage thrown at their windshield as they’re driving down the highway so, don’t be that person. If you get pulled over for littering, you’re going to be paying a hefty fine because you couldn’t hold on to it until you reached your destination.

7 People who Don’t Move Over to the Side of the Road

Everyone has been stuck on the side of the road or walking on the side of the road before when a car goes rushing past them. Nothing better to get your heart beating faster than an unexpected car speeding past you. Since 1999, 150 US police officers have been killed on the side of the road from people failing to change lanes when they're pulled over.

Forty-three states have since made a law stating that you must slow down or, if possible, switch lanes when an emergency vehicle or vehicle with flashing lights is pulled over.

6 Driving With High Beams On

Blinding other drivers is never a smart move, especially since vehicle lights are brighter than ever. People driving down the highway at night need to see, so turning on high beams is a must. Especially when you live in a place that has a high population of deer.

However, when another car is driving on the opposite lane, the bright lights need to be turned off. This is very irritating and makes it extremely hard for the other driver to see anything but bright lights in their eyes. Easy recipe for a disaster.

5 Poorly Secured Load

Nothing is scarier than driving behind a vehicle hauling a load that isn't tied down securely. A lot of people that have seen Final Destination 2 know what happens when a log comes loose off the back of a semi. It's coming right through your window before causing a massive pile up.

One thing you should never slack on doing is tying down your own load before driving. The last thing needed is having it fly off while driving down the highway and doing serious damage to other drivers on the road. It's irresponsible and just plain idiotic.

4 Reckless Driving

This one is pretty easy to see why it made this list. People who drive around recklessly are just asking to get hit or crash into something. The people who speed around cars carelessly just for the sake of going fast, or the people who cut you off on the highway. These are the worst drivers on the road. Getting cut off is a big problem on the road, people get mad real quick, and for good reason.

It is beyond annoying having to deal with a bad driver who thinks they are in The Fast and the Furious. Reckless driving is actually a serious offense and can lead to some serious consequences. Depending on the severity, people can actually face losing their license or even jail time.

Some states have different definitions on what counts as reckless driving but mostly it is anyone going over 25 mph over the speed limit. People who pass other drivers when the space between them and oncoming traffic is limited or cannot be seen. Of course, trying to elude a police officer and racing another car is also considered reckless driving. Basically, these reckless drivers have no regard for other drivers, personal property, or the rules of the road.

3 Tailgating

Tailgating was obviously going to be in the top 3. It doesn't matter if you're going the speed limit or not, it will never be fast enough for some people. Even if a driver is going under the speed limit (which can be just as aggravating), following too closely is never a smart idea. Tailgating is a very common cause of car accidents.

Going by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end collisions are responsible for 23% of car accidents. That is a lot for just one type of accident, one made even more aggravating because it can be prevented.

2 Texting While Driving

Think everyone would agree that texting while driving is one of the most annoying things bad drivers do. They keep you waiting at the stop lights because they're too busy texting on their phone. When they're not texting, they are either calling someone or changing the song. It's so frustrating as you drive by them and you're wondering what in the world are they doing, and most of the time they're on their phone.

The world today revolves around technology and electronics, but one thing that doesn't need to revolve around your phone is driving. If sending the text cannot wait, then drift to the side of the road and park. This is one of the most dangerous things you can do while driving and needs to be stopped.

Texting while driving is highly illegal and there is some form of law against using a phone while driving in all 50 states. Each state has its own laws but almost all of them see texting as illegal.

1 Not Using a Turn Signal

The number one most annoying thing bad drivers do is not use their turn signals. It's not a hard thing to do, yet it happens every single day. Why this concept is so hard to grasp is baffling. It's right there on the steering wheel and requires only the flick of a switch. It's frustrating for people who aren't even driving.

Nothing is more irritating as your driving down the road and the car in front of you all of a sudden slows down a little and you have no idea why. They keep slowing down so you go to pass them and all of a sudden they begin to turn right as you're about to crash into them. All because they couldn't bother turning on their turn signal.

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