10 Impressive Driving Apps New Drivers Should Be Using

Driving eventually becomes second nature, but why not make it simpler? These ten driving apps are worth downloading.

There is an ever-growing world of mobile applications at our fingertips. Whether you want news, food, or even entertainment. What many may not consider is how many impressive and useful apps there are designed for the world of cars and driving. There are apps to save you gas money, apps to help you plan a long road trip, and even apps that can help you remember where you parked. The best part? Some of the best ones are absolutely free to download and use.

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Before we go any further into this list, however, it's incredibly important that we say: Under no circumstances should you ever be using your phone while driving. Some of these apps will work automatically but for the ones that require your attention, please make sure a passager in your vehicle uses them or find a safe place to pull over if you're alone.

That said, here are 10 Impressive Driving Apps New Drivers Should Be Using.

10 Parkify (Android - Free)

There will be times in your life that you encounter a parking lot so mammoth it can seem like an asphalt labyrinth.

Whether it's the mall, an amusement park, or a sporting event; some parking lots are so jam-packed that it can be a downright hassle to remember exactly where you left your car. Thankfully, the Parkify app has you covered and you won't even need to "turn it on" to reap the benefits. It tracks your parking position via GPS so you'll never end up walking a maze again. Apple users can snag this free alternative.

9 Roadtrippers (iOS, Android - Free)

For some of us, driving is a prison (I.E. those of us that are forced to commute in bumper to bumper traffic each morning). That said, there is no denying that there is a sense of freedom associated with obtaining a driver's license.

Whether you're a new driver itching to hit the road or you're simply looking to get out of town for a while, the Roadtrippers app can help you plan a destination. This free iOS and Android app is a map and planner in one, featuring a wide collection of classic eateries, roadside attractions, quirky locations, and tons of interesting landmarks.

8 MileIQ (iOS, Android - Free)

Not every app has to be jam-packed with bells and whistles. Sometimes, you're looking for something simple, elegant, and easy to use. This is where MileIQ comes in. Available for iOS and Android, this free application is meant to save you tons of money come tax time, by tracking your mileage.

Those of you capable of writing off mileage amounts on your tax returns will absolutely love MileIQ's dedicated and easy to use interface. According to the app, it saves users up to an average of $7,234 per year!

7 GasBuddy (iOS, Android - Free)

If you're like us, you'll be too busy taking in the sights while driving to pay much attention to your gas gauge. Trust us, that can be a big mistake. You're going to want to know where and when the next gas station is, especially on long trips.

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Thankfully, having GasBuddy on your phone or mobile device can make the process way easier. Not only will it show you all nearby gas stations, but it will also show you real-time pricing information. That way you can plan ahead and save a buck or two at a cheaper pump. Gas Buddy is free on iOS and Android.

6 Waze (iOS, Android - Free)

A lack of information about what lies ahead can put a real damper on your road trip or commute. It's all fun and games until a traffic accident has cars backed up for miles or a construction zone pops up to slow traffic to a crawl.

You can avoid all these hazards and headaches with Waze, a free iOS and Android app that uses GPS and real-time updating to ensure you have the clearest picture of the road possible. If you get any of the apps on this list, make it this one.

5 Drivvo (iOS, Android - Free)

Keeping track of expenses and maintenance costs can be difficult without saving a load of shop and gas receipts. The Drivvo app helps keep you organized by using your mileage data and other inputted information to "paint a picture" of the overall costs associated with your vehicle.

Each time you gas up, simply enter your current mileage. When your vehicle goes in for repairs, enter the cost of the jobs associated. Before you know it, you've got a rather useful snapshot of just how much money you'll need to set aside for future expenses. Snag this app on iOS and Android for free.

4 Torque (Android Only - Free)

If you dabble in car repair, Torque is a fantastic app that can help you quickly and easily pull engine codes, as well as display a lot of information from your vehicles onboard computer. It is important to note that while the application is free, you will need access to an ELM327 Bluetooth device.

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This is only recommended for those that are truly serious about taking the repair of your vehicle into your own hands from time to time. Unfortunately for Apple users, Torque is only available on Android devices.

3 Parkopedia (iOS, Android - Free)

Earlier we discussed an app that would help you find your vehicle should it be lost in a packed parking lot. But what about those situations in which you can't even find an available lot to park in? Anyone who lives in a big city should understand the hassle of locating a suitable parking space, especially downtown.

Parkopedia will show you all the nearby parking your heart desires, as well as exact distances and prices (because sometimes you're simply forced to pay to park). Snag this useful app on iOS and Android.

2 Used Car Search Pro (iOS, Android - Free)

All of these spectacular apps are moot if you don't have a vehicle. Thankfully, there are various applications and websites dedicated to buying and selling vehicles.

It's easy to locate a dealer and snag yourself a new car but what if it's your first vehicle and you're looking to save a little money? Buying used is one of the smartest things you can do to save a buck and Used Car Search Pro will give you access to tons of dealers and private listings, all featuring used cars. This handy app is available on iOS and Android.

1 Rentalcars.com (iOS, Android - Free)

There may be times when you find yourself in a bit of a pickle and in desperate need for a vehicle. Maybe yours is in the shop or perhaps you are planning to take a long trip and don't want to put the wear and tear on your own car.

Regardless of the reason, the Rentalcars.com app is one of the best ways to quickly and easily find the best deal on a local rental car. Be sure to grab this off iOS or Android in case of emergencies.

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