10 Common Mistakes People Make While Learning To Drive

At one point or another, most people learn to drive and tend to make these typical mistakes.

Learning to drive can be a daunting task for people, no matter what age they start learning as it isn't as simple as it may appear. Whilst it isn't as difficult as people may first be worried about, there are still many common errors that people make.

Luckily, the fact that they are common errors means that any experienced instructor will be prepared for them to take place and will know how to teach someone to overcome it, but that doesn't mean they can always prepare them ahead of time.

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Within this article, we will take a look at 10 of the most common mistakes that drivers tend to make whilst learning, perhaps giving a newbie the heads up before even stepping into the driving seat.

10 Speeding

When first learning to drive there are a ton of different things that most people don't even think about before sitting behind the wheel that they then need to focus on, and the speed tends to end up making way for those other elements.

Whilst it isn't likely that a new driver is going to be driving massively over the speed limits, because an instructor should be there to remind them to slow down, there is a chance that they can go just slightly over.

On the other hand, sometimes people drive dangerously too slow, with drivers failing to get up to the correct speed when they get onto a new road, which can be just as problematic.

9 Slamming On

At some point throughout someone's driving lessons, they will have to slam on for an emergency stop, but that is something that is pre-discussed and practiced in a safe environment for a reason.

However, a common mistake is sometimes a learner panics about a situation building up in front of them. Consequently, they slam on the breaks, stopping abruptly in the middle of the road, which can cause problems for other people.

Most instructors will always say they will take control if there is a major issue where a harsh brake, which means this mistake isn't really even needed.

8 Stalling

We have all seen it, a brand new driver behind the wheel for the first time stalling the car in the middle of the road, killing the engine and bringing traffic to a standstill until they can get things back into gear.

This is most common at traffic lights early on in a driver's learning experience, especially on hills in manual cars. This can be quite tricky, to begin with, and that is why driving instructors often spend a long period of time focusing on this subject.

It can be quite an embarrassing situation stalling a car in the middle of a road, especially if it is busy, but it is something that happens to almost everybody at least once at the start.

7 Being Consistent

This isn't so much a mistake drivers make on the road, this is about not being on the road enough! As they say, practice makes perfect and that really rings true when it comes to learning how to drive a car.

The more time a person has behind the wheel, the faster they will be at learning how to drive, but a big mistake made by a lot of learners is not being consistent with their lessons.

Some people will have a lesson one week and then not bother the week after, or take a three-week break and then return, which doesn't help anybody.

6 Concentration

Driving is a lot harder than it may seem. It is actually quite physically and mentally draining, especially when you are new to the act, which leads to people having concentration issues.

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Rather than focusing 100% of the time on what is happening around them, learners often only focus on one element, losing concentration on the entire drive, which is a mistake that will stop them from passing.

Because of that, instructors often talk through everything with a student and even make them pull over to chat things over and take small breaks to keep them stimulated.

5 Hazard Perception

One of the biggest things new drivers must learn is how to react to hazards. Especially common ones, such as pedestrians popping out or animals running across the street.

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Even things such as crossings and traffic lights are a hazard that must be taken into account. Often drivers forget that they need to focus on everywhere rather than just what is in front of them.

This is a major mistake that can be costly in the real world, but it is something that becomes a habit as an instructor pushes the need to check.

4 Parking

Whether it is parking into a bay, reverse parking, or the dreaded parallel park, this is an issue that a lot of people have a tough time working with when they first get behind the wheel of a car.

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A lot of new drivers first thoughts are dealing with general road driving, ensuring they are as safe as possible and therefore things such as this often get forgotten about until it comes to the time to practice.

Because people are then taught brand new techniques, it can be very difficult to learn how to park straight away. Consequently, these quickly become a nagging issue for people and are mistakes that take a lot of time to focus on.

3 Signaling

This might not seem like a major deal to some people, however, as any experienced driver will know, the importance of signaling should not be understated.

There is nothing worse than a car randomly slowing down to make a turn without making the correct signal, but it is a common mistake that a lot of new drivers make.

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The main reason signaling gets forgotten is because the driver is too focused on trying to get other elements of the drive perfect.

2 Listening

This might seem like something that people wouldn't do, but so many people choose not to listen or pay full concentration to their instructors during lessons, which often leads to the same mistakes being made over and over.

The instructor is there for a reason, to pass on knowledge and help people learn how to drive so when they are ignored it can become an issue, especially if it is the same problem that is happening.

Even though people don't always mean to not listen, they became so preoccupied with other facets of the lesson, the instructor's words of wisdom end up falling on deaf ears.

1 Checking Mirrors

This is something a lot of people do not fully understand before they get behind the wheel of a car: The most important part about driving is the mirrors.

Literally, before doing anything there is always a mirror check, sometimes with multiple mirrors, and failing to do so can be a catastrophic mistake, which is why most instructors will push this point heavily.

However, forgetting to do it every single time is a common mistake that a lot of people make whilst they are figuring things out, although eventually, it does become a habit.

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