10 Ways Driving a Tesla is Like Being in a VR Simulator

Here are 10 reasons why Tesla's ultra-futuristic vehicles can turn an average drive into an experience akin to a virtual reality game.

Teslas are the luxury car of the eco-friendly world, running entirely on batteries and zero gas. It is the new age of car technology, bringing us into a world of smart cars and recharge stations. They will seat the driver in the lap of luxury, with a synthetic leather interior and more technology than they could ever know what to do with.

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These vehicles make passengers feel as if they have just entered a virtual reality simulation, encasing them in a surreal vehicle. It does a good job of convincing you as it provides you with the ultimate driving experience, which anyone can appreciate. Keep reading to learn the ten reasons why driving a Tesla is like being in a VR simulator!

10 Quick Acceleration Puts You in a Racing Game

The racing games at the arcade can be compared to this speed machine. It can accelerate from zero to sixty in under five seconds. It actually depends on the model, with the specific times being 4.0 seconds, 3.7 seconds, or 2.4 seconds to reach 60 mph. It is an astounding accomplishment for electric, considering the slower acceleration speeds of other electric cars on the market. You'll feel like a real-life race car driver, or you might even feel like you are flying a spaceship – either way, there's a definite VR feel about it!

9 Emergency Braking is Out of This World

This is provided in high-speed situations, so if you get too close to a vehicle or if the car detects a possible collision, it will automatically brake. This can seem like virtual reality come to life because your car has the ability to think for itself. It can interpret what is going to happen, and before you know it, you can avoid being the next car in the pileup. You will think it's all part of the simulation, but in reality, it's just your car thinking one step ahead.

8 Collision Warning Helps You Stay on Track

This is a warning that tells you when you are closing in too quickly on another object. It applies to other cars in front of you, giving you a heads-up you need to slow down or you might face the consequences of a crash. This can feel like virtual reality as you gaze off into the sunset, suddenly warned by your gaming monitor of an upcoming danger you need to avoid. It is like the daunting music before you reach an enemy during VR gameplay, creating an atmosphere of suspense.

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7 Blindspot Monitoring Saves You From a Crash

The blind spot monitoring is so in-depth that it's impossible not to feel like you are a part of a VR simulation. It has a large camera and sensors showing you all of the possible offenders resting where you can't see them, but it also refuses to change lanes when in autopilot. It keeps you safe while immersing you in an alternate reality. When your car refuses to bend to your will, it tricks your mind into thinking this is all part of a luxury VR simulation.

6 Autopilot Let's You Ride Hands-Free

Autopilot is probably the biggest feature of the Tesla models that convinces drivers it might all be part of a VR simulation. A car with the ability to drive itself is the stuff of the future. In theory, you could eat, sleep, work, and do anything else you might want but couldn't because you were busy driving. VR simulations make this hands-free joy ride a reality, and now Teslas can provide it in real life for you too.

5 The Summon App Automatically Calls Your Car

Autopilot features may be cool, but some Teslas also have the ability to drive themselves to your location. The Summon app alerts your car to where you are and pulls itself out to meet you. If you thought autopilot was cool, this will seem even cooler. It feels like something straight from a James Bond film or a VR simulation in which your car appears out of thin air. It might be considered a cool party trick for you to wow your guests with, as they too feel immersed in a faux-VR world.

4 The Auto-Park Feature Solves All of Your Problems

We all struggle with parking, especially when it's a tight spot, but Tesla has remedied this with an auto-park feature. Instead of the ten-point turn you may have otherwise been forced to maneuver, this car can do it all on its own. This is a VR-esque amenity people never thought would hit the car market, creating a way for even the worst drivers to be parallel parking pros.

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3 The 17-inch Touchscreen is Mystifying

Teslas have basically taken a computer and implanted it into your car, complete with a 17-inch touchscreen, which is larger than most laptops. It is impressive and controls everything, acting like the futuristic control panel in your virtual reality simulation. It is impressive and way over the top, but it can seem a bit excessive—much how like VR games tend to feel. This car computer even allows you the ability to draw on it, creating the little extra spark this feature needed to pull you into a VR world.

2 A Glass Roof Let's You Enjoy the Sights

Many people who sit in the back of vehicles are forced to smash their faces against the window to see anything in the sky. This just isn't true with Tesla, as they created a glass roof for all around viewing. It allows for everyone to be engrossed in the VR aspect of the journey, so it's more than just the driver. It is surprising no one has thought of this before, but the illusion of a full 360-degree view is what makes this seem similar to VR technology.

1 The Custom Audio Systems Speaks to Your Senses

It comes with eleven speakers and an eight-inch subwoofer, which is more than enough when it comes to sound quality. The crisp music that comes through the sound system is as smooth as butter, as it glazes your ears with its sweet goodness. When using VR you wear a headset that places you in an imagined landscape, but the sounds are what make it real. You will be transported to another reality, creating the illusion you are in a VR simulation rather than your car.

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