5 Common Mistakes People Make On Their Driving Test (& 5 They Make After Passing)

Learning how to drive is certainly a scary task with a lot of pressure involved, which is why many people become nervous and end up failing their tests, with drivers often struggling with the same common mistakes.

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However, the early pressures of driving do not finish with the test, as even after a driver has passed their test, many still make common mistakes on the road whilst learning how to cope without a driving instructor in the car with them.

Within this article, we will take a detailed look at five common mistakes that people make on their driving tests and five that drivers make straight after passing.

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10 After Passing: Not Shopping Around

When people pass their driving test many people are very keen to quickly go along and purchase their first car to drive around on their own, having the freedom of what that can bring to someone.

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However, whilst people are obviously keen to pick up their first car that they can drive, it is a common mistake that people tend to just purchase the first thing that comes across, with the excitement of having a car taking control.

This is a rookie error, as buying a car can be a very expensive decision and is one that shouldn't be taken lightly, which is why shopping around a little is always encouraged.

9 On Their Driving Test: Feeling Overly Stressed

This might not seem like a major mistake that everyone wants to make, but the fact is that a vast majority of drivers end up failing due to being overly stressed or feeling too many nerves ahead of it.

Whilst this may seem like something that is naturally going to happen for everyone, serious stress can turn a confident driver into a worried one, that will make mistakes and not be as focused as usual.

Most drivers are certainly ready to pass the test if they are being put in for it, but on the day it is a common mishap for drivers to let the occasion get the best of them.

8 After Passing: Driving Alone Immediately

Whilst the whole purpose of getting a car is having the ability to be independent and drive alone, doing so immediately after passing your test can be a risky decision, as it is a huge change to do straight away.

Even though you do need to be confident enough to simply go and drive the car alone, without someone being with you, having your first few drives in what is likely to be a different car to the one you learned in, with someone else is a wise decision.

Whether it be a friend, a parent, or a partner, having another person in the passenger seat is a familiar situation that could help to work out any early kinks, especially if they are an experienced driver.

7 On Their Driving Test: Speeding

Another common error that a lot of learners make on their test is making sure they stick with the speed limit, which can cause a serious problem, leading to potential failures during the test.

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Speed limits are constantly changing based on the different roads you have to drive on during the test, and therefore it is always crucial to stick to them and not go too fast as it is a serious fault as it puts people at risk.

Of course, with the stress of so many other issues that need to be focused on, sometimes the speed limit can be forgotten if the road is clear, however, this is one mistake that cannot be overlooked.

6 After Passing: Showing Off

There is a reason that insurance is often far more expensive for brand new drivers, because the risk of accidents and problems is always higher due to a lack of experience, and sadly one reason many accidents happen is that people are showing off.

After passing the driving test and getting a brand new car, the first thing many people want to do is show it off, especially to family and friends, but this is a common mistake people make.

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Whilst being proud and taking friends for a drive is an excellent idea, many new drivers often take showing off to a new level and start driving dangerously, trying things they aren't comfortable with simply to impress those in the car.

5 On Their Driving Test: Checking The Mirrors

Anyone who has ever been in the car with a driving instructor will know just how often they bark on about the importance of checking mirrors, with this being one of the most important aspects of driving.

Every vehicle is equipped with several mirrors for a reason, because a driver must constantly know what is going on around them, behind, at the side, and obviously in front, and therefore this is a big element that any examiner is looking at.

It is crucial on the test to really pay close attention to the mirrors, checking as frequently as possible, especially whenever you see a possible hazard ahead.

4 After Passing: Forgetting Safety

During the learning process, driving instructors often go over the top about all the safety aspects that come with driving a car, mainly because it is absolutely crucial, with the seatbelt being the obvious main element.

However, when a driver has passed their test there is nobody there to remind them or tell them constantly to ensure that seatbelts are being worn, and because of this a lot of drivers fall into the bad habit of not wearing them.

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Whilst it might be more comfortable to not have one on, it is certainly a lot more dangerous and it is something people must be careful of.

3 On Their Driving Test: Parallel Parking

This is the dreaded part of any driving test, with the parallel parking manoeuvre being one that catches out many hopeful drivers out during the test as it can be a very tricky thing to try and do.

There is plenty to focus on here, especially if you have to do the park on a busy road with lots of people and traffic, but because it is something that many people do on a daily basis, it is mandatory on the test.

The key to it is having lots of practice, with most drivers having a go at it during the lesson prior to the test in order to make sure it goes perfectly and they are ready to do it.

2 After Passing: Using A Phone

In the vast majority of places, this is actually illegal to do, so it is not just a mistake that people make but is actually a criminal offence, and is a very silly mistake to make that can be incredibly dangerous.

Anything that distracts a driver from focusing on what is going on around them is something that shouldn't be happening, and looking down to text or answer a phone call is a major distraction.

This is something that isn't possible until someone passes their test as a driving instructor would never allow it, however, when that is taken away many drivers often resort to picking up these bad habits.

1 On The Driving Test: Improper Lane Changes

One of the elements that people struggle with the most on driving tests is lane changes, which is something that people have to be able to do in order to pass, yet it is a real test trap.

Changing lanes safely and efficiently is crucial, with the need to look at the traffic on both sides, whilst signalling and checking your side mirrors all at once, turning your head to ensure nothing is in the blind spot.

Getting this wrong can be incredibly dangerous and will result in losing some points if you manage to get it wrong like many often do.

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