10 Best Ducati Bikes Ever Made, Ranked

Ducati has been pumping out amazing motorcycles since 1926. They’ve had 93 years to hone in on their products’ performance. You’ve most likely seen one whizz past you on the freeway. You may have even driven one in a video game, or recognized a few models in action movies. There are a ton, and Ducati pumps out 55,000 units a year. Year after year, new models and generations are being introduced that give the family better range. This makes us wonder about the 10 best models they ever produced. Below, we’ll answer that question and give you the prices for Ducati’s best.

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10 1959 Ducati 250 Twin

You may know this bike from Mike Hailwood, a world-renowned bike rider in his time. His father, Stan Hailwood, backed his sons promising career by giving him first-hand knowledge that he learned as a rider himself. He gave his son the much-needed connections to make it big. The only thing missing?

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Mike didn’t have the ideal bike to compete with. This changed after the Ducati 250 saw production. When it first debuted, it sold for $3,500-$5,200. The bike featured 37 horsepower at 11,600 revs, and a twin-tube cradle with a 55 X 55.25 bore.

9 1970 Ducati 750 GT

This was designed personally by Fabio Taglioni but was benched for a brief time before seeing production. The bike comes with bevel gear twin cylinders that feature a 90-degree V configuration. It was promptly nicknamed the “L-twin.” The bike is really stable as far as balance is concerned. The cylinders on the bottom made sure it stayed safe at higher speeds. Even though the prototype took some time to get off the ground, it was a major hit in Italy in the 1970s, where it cost $1,200. Today, you could get your hands on one for $5,000-$8,000

8 Ducati 900cc Supersport Twin

This is by far one of the most used bikes in motorsports, and it’s for a good reason. After realizing that they didn’t have a bike that was suitable for competing in the Sports & SuperSport Desmo, this bike was optimized to tear up the rubber faster than the Japanese counterparts. The first model of the bike was the 860GT, but it failed to land well with audiences. The 900 came soon after, being praised as a sportier model of its predecessor. It features an 860 cc engine that was derived from the L-Twin that was introduced in earlier models. Today, the bike can easily go from $4,200 to $12,800

7 1987 Ducati 851

This beast was the highlight of ‘87 for Ducati, and it helped refresh their public image. It routinely blew away testers, and it saw action on international racing tracks. The bike was a widely acclaimed four-stroke that gave birth to many other models like it. The 851S was a model that was seen as an upgrade, and it quickly became one of the most sought-after motorcycles to hit the road. It still has a bit of buzz surrounding it today, and you can pick one up for $5,000, making it a cheap but powerful option for the motorcycle enthusiast

6 1994 Ducati 916 SBK

This bike was lighter and considerably more powerful than the older models, making it a priority for many riders to get their hands on. It completely buried the 888 performance-wise. The maneuverability of the bike matched its speed perfectly. It made Ducati’s name on the track one that left many people knowing they were going to see a good show at the races. The model saw major success over its successors with only a few bikes topping it. The bike doesn’t come cheap and can cost over $7,000 for a cleaner model, though you can probably find a cheaper one online.

5 2004 Ducati Desmosedici RR- The Firebreather

The production of this bike shook the world of motorsports. This is one of the most affordable motorcycles on the market optimized primarily for racing, and that's if you think $56,000 is cheap. It was designed by GP6 MotoGP and started off at 990 ccs before being downgraded 800 ccs. This was to preserve its reliability.

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The RR’s V4 989 cc engine came with a 42.65 mm and 82 mm bore. This would later be upgraded by the desmo drive system and twin pulse firing order. It set the standard on the race track, and many race reps welcomed these models happily.

4 2005 Ducati 999

This is regarded as one of the best twins ever manufactured. It had a new and innovative design that made it instantly recognizable on the track. The idea was to have a Ducati Superbike that had an amazing design while offering the rider top of the line performance. Things like reduced complexity and low maintenance helped the bike to get as famous as it did. The running gear, mechanical and electronic components, chassis, and the aerodynamics were put into place before the designing even started. Each twin-turbine is set according to Euro2 environmental standards, and the bike sells for $7,800 to $15,800.

3 2007 Ducati 1098 S

The 1098S is said to be the most performance-driven bike that Ducati has ever produced. It may not be the most used Ducati on the race track, but it’s still one of the fastest they have. This is because the bike is lighter and every component was optimized to hone in on speed. Its suspensions achieve the max standards with the 43 mm FG511 Ohlins front fork, which is completely adjustable for the rider. It possesses a superior TiN surface to help you gain a good idea of what is happening between your front tire and the road. You can nab one today for $18,995

2 2008 Ducati 1198S

No motorcycle production company has a bike like this in their catalog. It’s 168 bhp at its stock, and it comes equipped with data recording, Ohlins suspension, and traction control. If they do have one like this, then it’s going to cost you way more than $19,000. The chassis is the main sweet spot of the design, and it leaves a long-lasting impression. It’s not the best in racing when it comes to Ducati bikes, but the name’s quality is still there and offers it to you for $16,000. Which is a steal for a bike of this caliber.

1 Ducati Multistrada 1200

Could you have envisioned a prettier bike? Could that even be possible? This bike easily adapts to any road conditions and the dirt bike appearance helps that. It uses only frontline technologies and can adjust to fit the rider's preferences on height and riding conditions. It's the top dog for versatile bikes that you can take on and off road, and still see a quality performance. It’s been featured in some pretty intense car scenes in action movies, and they certainly left an impression here. This powerhouse could be yours for $19,695 and you can rest assured that you won’t take frequent trips to the mechanic for this one.

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