25 Easter Eggs From Fast & Furious Movies Nobody Caught

Just take a look through our list of Fast and Furious Easter eggs to see how many most people might have missed.

The Fast and Furious movie franchise is one of most successful in all of cinematic history. Featuring lots of fast cars, tanks, and toys, coupled with a really solid cast, the franchise is worth several billions of dollars and doesn’t appear to be waning anytime soon. When you have multitalented stars such as Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, it’s hard to beat their box office appeal.

And then there are the cars. Did we mention the cars? It’s like a HEMI-power overload when you watch any Fast and Furious movie. Dodge definitely reigns supreme in these movies, where pure brute horsepower is a requirement, not a request—though earlier films trended towards JDM imports.

People also love the Fast and Furious movies because they have so many plot twists throughout each movie. Plus, there are the Easter eggs. There’s always a clue (or fifty) in these movies that gives a hint or detail about the characters—and even the actors that play the characters. This can be anything from characters being called different names, often from other movies they’ve been involved with, or a reference to different types of jewelry, and even to the cars themselves being seemingly resurrected after being destroyed several movies ago. The list goes on and on. Just take a look through our list of Fast and Furious Easter eggs to see how many you might have missed.

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25 Rock, Paper, Sack - Dwayne Johnson and Football

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In Furious 7, Dwayne Johnson’s character, Luke Hobbs, at some point ends up in the hospital having his arm put in a cast. Why he even wasted time having one put on is a mystery, as he breaks it off quite quickly by just flexing a muscle or two. As he’s already in the hospital, Hobbs is checking out a football game. He watches intently as a player sacks the quarterback. Most people still don’t realize the player in the game sacking the quarterback is none other than Dwayne Johnson in real life, when he played for the Miami Hurricanes.

24 Not When I’m Angry - Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

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The 2018 Challenger SRT Demon made its film debut in the Fate of The Furious movie. Vin Diesel’s character was the lucky owner of this fire-breathing beast. With a 6.2-liter Hemi Demon V8, the SRT produced a staggering 840 hp and 770 ft-lb. of torque. All this was from a street-legal production car, mind you. So far, the Demon is the most powerful muscle car ever produced. Guinness awarded the car a world record for the longest wheelie from a standard start for a production car at 2.92 feet. The car also produces the highest amount of g-force by a production car, at 1.8g. That’s absolutely ridiculous. The Dodge is also recognized for a 9.65-second quarter-mile time at 140 mph.

23 Beetle Power Baby - Herbie Is Inside The F&F Universe

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Disney’s most famous Volkswagen Beetle, known only as Herbie, has a very deep history and a huge following in the movie world. It was inevitable that the car would eventually meet up with the Fast and Furious franchise sooner or later. This meeting of the cars occurred inside of a scrapyard of Disney’s Herbie: Fully Loaded. Dom’s destroyed Dodge Charger from the very first Fast and Furious movie looks to have been brought there for its final resting place. It’s quite fitting to merge these cinematic universes and the fans seem to love it too.

22 I Know That Ferrari - Ferrari Man’s Revenge

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In the first Fast and Furious movie, there were a couple of races involving a Toyota Supra driven by Brian and a guy in a Ferrari. But the Supra got its revenge later in the movie—although by then, it was so modified we’re not sure it could be called a Supra anymore. Anyway, during the sequel, called 2 Fast 2 Furious, there was a police chase involving Brian and believe it or not, one of the policemen chasing Brian is the same guy from the first movie who raced him in the Ferrari. This was no mistake or coincidence, as it was revealed that the “Ferrari Guy” was really Neil Moritz, a producer of both of the movies.

21 I’ll Show You How To Do It - The Drift Fisherman

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When making movies like Fast and Furious franchise, it definitely counts to have the right people on board to keep things fresh. Naturally, you can’t please everyone. In the movie The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, there’s a funny scene where some fishermen were watching some of the characters drifting their cars. The fishermen were left more than underwhelmed. One of the fishermen was Keiichi Tsuchiya, better known as the “Drift King” in his homeland. Keiichi basically started the drifting craze as a way to keep people interested when he raced because he always kept winning his races. It was such an honor to add him to the movie.

20 No Cameras Were Harmed - On Purpose

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It takes a lot to make a modern movie and the Fast and Furious franchise is no different. Camera tech is now so advanced that for all intents and purposes, you sometimes feel like you are in the movie scene with the actors. Modern movies are truly immersive experiences and the cameras that bring you all of the action don’t come cheap. One Easter egg from the Fast and Furious DVD set is on disc two. Look for South of the Border: Filming in Mexico and you’ll see a destroyed camera. Pressing it will show a type of memorial dedicated to the cameras that were sacrificed in order to make the film. It’s hilarious attention to detail about things like this that make true fans of the film appreciate the franchise all the more.

19 It Wasn’t Me - Vin Diesel's Dodge Charger

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Domenic Toretto’s love of the Dodge Charger is as iconic as the Fast and Furious films themselves. Even though the franchise's very first film featured the destruction of the 1970 Charger, the car seems to keep showing up in the sequels. Actually, the first car wasn’t destroyed but the car’s stunt double certainly met its end during filming. As a matter of fact, the Charger had no less than four stunt doubles, all of which were destroyed in the making of the first Fast and Furious movie. This goes to show you how important cars, especially the signature cars like the Charger, are to the franchise. Plus, what else but a HEMI would Dom drive?

18 Who’s The Man? - The Rock, Marvel, Even DC

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There’s a huge amount of Marvel superhero references in the Fast movies. The characters seem to love The Avengers. In Fast 6, there were quite a few mentions about Dwayne Johnson’s character Hobbs. At least three times the other characters in the movie referred to Hobbs as Hulk, Captain America and even as Samoan Thor. We’re not sure if this is leading up to a potential major crossover within their respective cinematic universes, but hey, in the movie world nearly anything is possible. We doubt if anyone would object to a mashup of these two titanic franchises.

17 R.E.S.P.E.C.T. - Dom’s Race In Cuba

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Fate of the Furious kicks off with Dom racing in Cuba, against a man known as Raldo. Not being the star of the movie, naturally, Raldo loses the race. But instead of taking Raldo’s car as was his right, Dom simply tells him, “Your respect is good enough for me.” This leaves Raldo with a bit of dignity and of course, makes Dom a new friend down the road. Dom pulled this trick out of his hat from the first Fast and Furious movie, recalling how the character Brian O’Conner successfully won Dom’s respect by treating him the same way after a race.

16 Like The Energizer Bunny – Dodge Ice Charger

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Much like a phoenix from the ashes, Dom’s 1970 Dodge Charger keeps coming back for more, even though the car was seemingly destroyed in the very first Fast and Furious movie. It’s interesting that in Fate of the Furious, Dom is once again operating a heavily modified 1970 Dodge Charger. It’s armored to the hilt and rocket-powered, now nicknamed the Ice Charger. Yep, it’s the one with the rocket exhaust coming out of the rear. But it still seems to be every bit the original Charger from the first Fast and Furious. But how can that be if it was already destroyed?

15 I Got Your Tank - History Of The Ripsaw

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In Fate of the Furious, the character Tej, played by rapper Ludacris, is handed an “appropriated” tank to make a few modifications on. Tej always wanted a tank to toy around with and the ever-growing technical genius spares no detail in loading up the Ripsaw with all sorts of goodies. But wait, there’s something about this particular tank that looks mighty familiar. The Rock could tell you all about it since it’s the same type of tank he drove in the military movie GI Joe: Retaliation. That’s right, Dwayne Johnson played the character called Roadblock in the action movie.

14 Walker Has Left The Building - Paul Walker Tribute

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Everyone is well aware of the tragic end that actor Paul Walker met, and his fame came mostly from playing the character of Brian O’Conner in the Fast and Furious movies. Naturally, there were several instances of dedications and memorials throughout the last movie to honor him as both a person and actor. When you spend so much time together in a franchise as large as Fast and Furious, the actors, as well as the team behind them, become a real family—through the good and the bad times. Although Furious 7 gave fans a wonderful sendoff for Walker, it extended to the eighth film as well. While not officially an Easter egg, the last scene in F8 highlighted Walker. A real family never forgets you but is still able to move on.

13 Don’t Cross Me - Why Would Dom Risk It All?

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As far as Dom’s cross, nobody better mess with it. Fans of the Furious movies often ask why Dom is willing to go through so much for the necklace. Well, it did belong to the character named Letty, who was involved with Dom. In Fast Five, Dom broke into a house to retrieve it, thinking that Letty was long gone. As the franchise progressed, we learn that Dom and Letty were actually married. We also learn that the cross is actually a version of a wedding ring. Letty eventually comes back into the franchise but had lost her memory, then regained it, while Dom had moved on. But now Dom’s a dad and Letty is back as of Fast 8. Is anyone else confused?

12 Enter The Cohen - The Bruce Lee Connection

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The Fast and Furious movies love a good throwback. In much the same way a Tarantino movie has all sorts of weird references to past Tarantino movies, the Fast and Furious franchise always seems to reflect on all sorts of things. For instance, at the barbeque in The Fast and the Furious, everyone is having a great time and they decide to watch a movie. It was called Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. This is a movie directed by Rob Cohen, most famously known as the guy who directs the Fast and Furious movies. It’s a pretty cool Easter egg. Cohen even managed it again by squeezing in The Boy Next Door, a film he produced.

11 Who’s That Drifter? - Rhys’ Pieces

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Drifting a car might seem effortless but that's only when the right people are doing it. It takes a load of skill when doing it for a movie, which is why the Fast and Furious franchise only relies on the best professional drivers when it comes to things such as drifting through crowds of people or other dangerous scenes. One of the best drifters is Rhys Millen, who seems born to do this. The professional racer is so well known that he was actually shot on film for The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift scenes without any sort of face covering. This is a real honor because most of the time stunt doubles’ faces are covered, digitally or otherwise.

10 B-Movie Paradise - The First Fast and Furious

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For any DVD collectors out there, there’s an interesting bonus clip about the original Fast and Furious movie. That’s right, the modern movie's title came from a 1955 movie of the same name. It was, of course, based on people driving fast and furious while drag racing down by the Mexico border. It seems the current movie’s producers purchased the 1955 movie name but nothing else, according to What Culture. At the time, there were several names thrown into the ring for the first movie's title but The Fast and the Furious turned out to be the best one.

9 Pimp It Real Good - Dom’s Road Runner

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If you don’t know the name “Hammer” or what it has to do with the Fast and Furious movies, then you’re in luck. Hammer is the name of the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner that Dom appears in at the end of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Neither the car nor the actor were supposed to appear in the movie but Vin Diesel was personally asked to make an appearance. Diesel was originally out of the series before making the cameo. Fans loved him and wanted him in the movies, so Universal made it so, according to What Culture. Sometimes it’s best not to disappoint everyone and this is one of the few times that a movie company actually listened to their fans.

8 Fast And Furious vs. X-Men - Interesting Release Dates

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This might not be so much an Easter egg as it is interesting. For those who’ve never noticed, the Fast and Furious films always open on the exact same day as the X-Men films. The only time this hasn’t happened is when Furious 7 was delayed due to Paul Walker's demise. Whatever the true reason behind this, it seems to work so far, with Fast and Furious movies opening to extremely large audiences for every sequel to date. We’re not sure if this is just plain superstition or what, but it’s still sort of creepy. What would mutants have to do with cars? Does anyone have a guess? We’d love to hear a theory or two about that one.

7 Conjure Up Some Drink - Ludacris and his Drink

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Why is it that all the iconic movies and shows have a favorite drink? Star Trek’s Captain Kirk and crew had their Romulan Ale, Brian from Family Guy had whatever he could get his hands on, and in the Fast and Furious movies, the drink of choice is cognac, at least as far as Tej is concerned. Tej and company enjoy a cognac. But a lot of people didn’t realize that the cognac, called Conjure, that featured in the films is actually a real brand, created by the rapper-actor known as Ludacris. He actually flew to France to create the blend, with help from a master cognac blender. This man does not play around when it comes to his drink.

6 Get A Bigger One – The Vault and Fast And Furious

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In an original take on truck drivers stealing and dragging ATM’s down the street, in Fast Five movie, you’ll see Dom and Brian yanking out an entire bank vault filled with money with their cars and rocketing down the freeway with the entire Brazilian police force in rapid pursuit. What’s less known is that the vault actually had a truck inside if it. The truck was actually driving the tank down the road, giving the illusion that the cars were actually pulling the thing down the highway. Now, that’s some stone-crazy special effects when you actually think about it.

5 That’s a Big Ball - Famous Escape Scene

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The wrecking ball scene—we don’t need to say much more than that. It’s never been expressly said, but we feel that the scene was entirely a Miley Cyrus tribute if there ever was any. Sure, we know it’s really a tribute to Nicolas Cage and Gone in 60 Seconds but we seriously doubt that there wasn’t one person in the audience at the theater that wasn’t thinking Miley’s music video. The only thing different it needed was to have Tej holding on and screaming for dear life when the ball was released. Now, that would’ve been cool.

4 Fast Music - The Baby Scene

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If anyone was around to watch the movie called Face/Off way back in 1997, they’ll recognize the scene with the kid listening to music on his headphones while the grownups fight each other. The exact same scene gets played out in Fast 8, this time featuring Dom’s baby. Even the part where Nicholas Cage turns up the music all the way in Face/Off mirrors what you’ll see in Fast 8, where the music is turned up to the max, apparently to keep the baby from being traumatized. Strangely, no one thought about the kid’s hearing—but hey, it’s only a movie.

3  Bust A Move - The Rock Dances

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The Rock can bust a move when he has to. All the way back in 2005, in the movie Be Cool, starring John Travolta, Dwyane Johnson’s character performed a Polynesian dance routine. Flash forward to Fast and Furious 8 and the Rock is once again performing a Polynesian dance routine, this time while training a young girls’ sports team. It’s pretty cool when things come back around full circle for an actor because you never know when you’ll be called upon to surprise people with your experience.

2 The Italian Job

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Olek Krupa is probably most famously known as playing an absolutely ruthless, hatchet-wielding Ukranian character in the iconic 2005 movie The Italian Job, alongside Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, and Edward Norton. The actor plays a lot of characters from Russia or the Ukraine but was actually born in Poland. He has way too many acting credits to list here but we find him to be an incredible actor. In Fast and Furious 8, he just so happens to play another character from Russia. He portrays the Minister of Defense during one of the movie’s scenes in New York. When you know you’re good at something, stick with it.

1 Fast And Furious Friday  - Tej And Roman Reference

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If you’ve never watched the movie Friday, we suggest you do. There’s a very memorable scene involving a young lady known as Ms. Parker and her interaction with two of the movie’s stars. In The Fast and the Furious, the same reference is made towards another young lady named Ramsey, this time by Tej and Roman, who are attempting to attract Ramsey’s attention. Ramsey gives them both a very simple challenge of telling her what her last name is. It’s even more hilarious when the two fellas can’t remember Ramsey’s last name, so, of course, they default to “Hey, Ms. Parker.”

Sources: fastandfurious.com; whatculture.com, usatoday.com

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