Which Electric Car Should You Buy, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Type?

Your car can say a lot about your personality. Based on your MBTI, which electric car should you go for?

The automotive industry is slowly but visibly making the switch to pure electric vehicles. Not only are these modern cars conducive to a more sustainable environment, but they also provide more comfort and performance due to instant torque delivery. And frankly, with countries issuing regulations for petrol vehicles, buying an EV is becoming a smarter choice every day. For all of you careful planners out there, we've devised a list to help you choose the best electric car for you, based on your Myers-Briggs Type. To find out which electric car is right for YOU, keep reading!

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10 ESFP - Tesla Roadster

The long-awaited Tesla Roadster is almost here, bringing with it some of the most advanced technology and ridiculous performance numbers. We're talking a 250-mph top speed and a 1.9-second 60-mph dash. For your ESFP personality type, spontaneous and living in the moment, the Roadster is definitely the way to go. Given you also love spending time with other people, the Roadster is one of the most inviting electric supercars you'll find - with a removable roof for extra fun - so feel free to invite your buddies to tag along.

9 ENTJ - Mercedes EQC

For the 2019 model year, Mercedes-Benz has released their brand new, fully-electric luxury SUV dubbed the EQC. The car embodies everything that makes a great Mercedes - luxury, class, competence, and looks - and we can't think of a better model to make a true ENTJ happy. As a "Commander," you have the competence and decisiveness to make changes. People look up to you for your charisma, and you're confident enough to take charge whenever necessary. This is because, as an ENTJ, you have no problem communicating and dealing with people. In fact, you find joy in it. Some may even find you too assertive or insensitive, but they'll still come back to your for guidance. Given that individuals with your personality types often end up in leadership positions, the EQC is the kind of EV that leaders ride in.

8 ENFP- BMW i3

Also known as "Champions," ENFP personalities are some of the most charismatic, warm, and communicative individuals. If you're lucky enough to possess this personality type, you're probably also the life of every party and someone all your friends come to for advice and fun. While outgoing, you also have a very pronounced creative side that makes you a spontaneous, free spirit. The BMW i3 is the perfect car for you.

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It's incredibly entertaining and inviting to other people, in fact it just begs to be taken for a ride. The company's first fully-electric car, the i3 still produces a decent 186 horsepower from its electric motor, and will happily seat 5 passengers inside.

7 INTJ - Porsche Taycan

INTJs are some of the most interesting and unique personalities out there. They're huge perfectionists with a strong competitive side who love to master new skills and abilities. And, despite their reserved and emotionless appearance, their minds are brimming with new ideas and plans that span far into the future. In fact their ability to notice complex patterns in the world, paired with their strategic way of thinking about the future is the reason why INTJs are also called "Masterminds" or "Strategists." If this sounds like you, the ideal EV for you would probably be the all-new Porsche Taycan. Combining state-of-the-art technology with German luxury and impressive performance, this upscale vehicle makes sure to cover everything that makes a perfect car. It packs technology, speed, luxury, and cargo space all into one aesthetically pleasing package.

6 ISFP - Tesla Model S

By now, the Tesla S has become synonymous with the term "EV," and for good reason. The car was first electric vehicle to outperform even the most advanced petrol counterparts. The P100D variant is a sleek and spacious modern sedan, yet it hits 60 mph faster than ANY other production car in the world.

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It's also the perfect car for an ISFP - someone who likes to live in the moment and and notices even the smallest details. If you're an ISFP, you have a keen awareness of your environment and like to keep to yourself. You enjoy smart, practical things, and the Model S offers some of the best performance-to-practicality ratios in the EV industry.

5 ISTP - Rimac Concept_One

Though introverted, ISTPs are confident and resourceful individuals who prefer hands-on experience to boring books or classes. If you share this personality type, you're the kind of person who'd likely find themselves engaging in extreme sports like racing or base jumping. With that in mind, we present to you the most extreme electric supercar released to the public - the Rimac Concept_One. Hailing from a Croatian electric hypercar company, the Concept_One boasts over 1220 horsepower which allows it to hit a top speed of around 227 purely on electricity. There's no electric car that's faster or more exciting than this one, which is perfect for people like ISTPs.

4 ISFJ - Mustang Mach E

Mustang has always been a reliable and trustworthy brand that delivered some of the greatest cars in American history. Recently, they announced their jump on the EV bandwagon with their all-new Mustang Mach E. As a reliable person yourself, as well as someone who likes to stick to tradition rather than trying out new things, the Mach E seems to be the ideal first electric car. It's a crossover that will satisfy both your strong eye for detail and your practical side. Aside from spaciousness, the Ford's EV will also offer the performance of a true mustang - 459 horsepower and 3.5 seconds to 60.

3 ISTJ - Tesla Model 3

ISTJs, often referred to "Logisticians," are some of the most practical and logical people you'll ever meet. They possess the uncanny ability to ignore emotions and look at a problem from a strictly objective and realistic point of view. However, they have values that are deeply rooted in tradition, and are averse to breaking established rules or laws. If this sounds like you, others probably describe you as a dependable, collected, and down-to-earth person. The best EV for you represents the ideal ratio of cost, practicality, and performance - and that's why we suggest the Tesla Model 3.

Arguably the greatest Tesla ever made, this car was created for the masses, and sports an affordable price tag while still impressing with technology features and performance. A sleek five-seater, the Model 3 will have plenty of room for endless comfortable rides and long trips, while the gas pedal will always be there waiting to shoot the car to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds.

2 ESFJ - Nissan Leaf

Also known as the first electric four-door production vehicle in the world, the Leaf definitely has the formula for success. The car was conceived back in 2009, and continues to be present in dealerships as a competitive EV to this day. Why? It's cheap, practical, aesthetic, and comfortable ...and it's a car every ESFJ will like.

If this is your personality type, the world is lucky to have you. You are an extremely warm, kind, and loving individual who extracts personal joy from helping others. Because of this, people both look up to you and genuinely enjoy spending time with you. In fact, your focus on others makes you prone to self-neglect. You don't need a super-fast or expensive EV if you can use those means to help others. You need something practical, inviting, and with plenty of space to comfortably seat at least 5 - and the Leaf is a brilliant choice!

1 ENFJ - Jaguar I-Pace

Are you the kind of person to lend their bus seat to a stranger or spend hours helping your friend get over a break up? Do other people come to you for guidance and encouragement and thoroughly enjoy your company? Chances are, you're an ENFJ. Also known as "Givers," ENFJs are extremely empathetic, warm, and supportive individuals who draw others to them like magnets. You probably have a huge social circle of friends who like you and look up to you. Your ideal EV is something stylish, yet roomy and practical - like the new I-Pace. This gorgeous British SUV has been ranked among the greatest cars to come out of 2019, sporting a powerful 400-hp engine and plenty of room for all your friends. Yet, it's one of the most luxurious and comfortable EVs currently on the market.

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